(Last Updated On: June 3, 2023)

In an exciting turn of events for Indian anime lovers, the record-breaking anime film “The First Slam Dunk” is set to grace cinemas across the country on July 7, 2023, as per listings on the Book My Show website.

The film, which is a product of Toei Animation’s creative prowess, has taken the global anime community by storm. After its release on December 3, 2022, it has become the fifth highest-grossing anime film globally, placing it firmly in the spotlight of the international film scene. It has also earned a coveted spot as the 19th highest-grossing film in Japan’s cinematic history.

The First Slam Dunk Hits the Indian Theaters: Film Set for 7th July Release!

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The box office figures tell a tale of success – “The First Slam Dunk” boasts an impressive gross income of 13.53 billion yen (approximately US$102.91 million). This remarkable feat is attributed to the film’s warm reception across 10 territories in Asia, including China, South Korea, and Taiwan. The film’s phenomenal run in China alone accounted for a staggering US$82.52 million in less than two weeks.

Outpacing “One Piece Film Red”, “The First Slam Dunk” has risen to global acclaim with a total gross income of US$251.52 million. This extraordinary accomplishment positions the film as one of the most successful anime releases in 2022.

The First Slam Dunk Anime Film Makes its North American Premiere at Anime Expo

“The First Slam Dunk” is a spin-off from the beloved Slam Dunk TV anime that aired from 1993 to 1996. It brings to life the story of Ryota Miyagi, point guard for Shohoku High School’s basketball team, and his teammates’ fierce confrontation against the reigning champions, Sannoh Kogyo High School, at the Inter-High School National Championship.

Ahead of the film’s much-anticipated release in India, fans can catch a screening at the Anime Expo event on July 3, at 12:00 p.m. PDT, in the Main Events Hall at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Notably, the first 2,500 attendees will be gifted a complimentary souvenir booklet as a token of the film’s celebration.

Indian fans, brace yourselves! The hardcourt drama of “The First Slam Dunk” is about to unfold in your local theaters. Don’t miss out on the chance to witness this global anime phenomenon!


Source: BookMyShow Listing

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