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The Live-Action Movie “Whisper of the Heart” Will be Released on October 14th!

The live-action movie “Whisper of the Heart” will be released on October 14th! Rina Yasuhara plays the role of Shizuku in junior high school, and Tsubasa Nakagawa plays Seiji.

In the special news video, in addition to items that symbolize the story such as the earth shop, book cards, and bicycles, the important character Baron of this work appears.

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The promises he made when he was a junior high school student and the appearance of two people who became adults and rushed toward their dreams while being separated from Japan and Italy were expressed.

The last narration was performed by Yoko Honna, who was in charge of the voice of Shizuku Tsukishima in the animated film.

There are two types of teaser visuals, one is in junior high school and the other is in adulthood, based on the catchphrase “There are people I want to meet.”

The back view of Baron, who keeps watching over them at the earth shop, and the figures of Shizuku and Seiji are drawn.

Furthermore, as an additional cast, it was announced that Rina Yasuhara will play the role of Shizuku in junior high school students, and Tsubasa Nakagawa will play the role of Seiji.

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“Whisper of the Heart” was announced at Ribbon (Shueisha) in 1989 and made into an animated film by Studio Ghibli in 1995. It consists of “that time (past)” based on the original story and “10 years later (present)” of the original story.

The release date of the live-action movie ” Whisper of the Heart” based on the original work by Aoi Hiiragi has been decided on October 14. At the same time, a special video and a teaser visual were released.


Original: Aoi Hiiragi ” Listen to your ears ” (Shueisha Bunko )
Director / Screenplay: Yuichiro Hirakawa
Distribution: Sony Pictures Entertainment / Shochiku


Source: Anime News Network

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