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“The Maid I Hired Recently is Mysterious” Manga Gets TV Anime Adaption!

Wakame Konbu’s ” The maid I hired recently is suspicious ” will be made into TV animation. From July, it will be broadcast on the ABC TV / TV Asahi affiliated 24 stations nationwide “amazing !!!” frame.

“The maid I hired recently is Mysterious” is a story about the relationship between Lilith, a maid who works in a rural mansion, and Yuuri, a maid who can’t help but worry about such a maid. It is serialized in Gangan JOKER (Square Enix), and the cumulative number of copies has exceeded 450,000.

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In the anime, Saori Hayami will play the role of Yuuri and Rie Takahashi will play the role of Lilith. Animation production by SILVER LINK. And BLADE, general director/series composition by Minato Mirai, director by Misuzu Hoshino.

Character design by Manchi Yoshino, and music by Koji Fujimoto and Osamu Sasaki. Comments from Hayami and Takahashi, and comments and illustrations from Wakame Konbu. In addition, key visuals and a teaser PV will be released. The visual depicts Lilith and Yuuri gently looking at her.

The PV begins with a scene where Lilith comes to Yuuri, who lives alone in the mansion left by her parents, and is finished in a video that gives a glimpse of the lives of the two. You can also listen to the character voices of Yuuri played by Hayami and Lilith played by Takahashi.


Source: Anime News Network

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