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The Moment Endeavor Truly Becomes #1 | My Hero Academia

(Last Updated On: July 19, 2020)

Welcome back to , I’m sure many of you have had the chance to watch the season finale of My Hero’s season 4 which has gotten people quite fired up all over the world. The author of my hero made a couple of posts on Twitter before the airing and one after the episode aired . And thanked everyone which all got over 100,000 likes in the span just a day and people absolutely loved the final episode. This has got to be the best episode of My Hero academia so far.


At least for me (Tokyosaurus Guy) in terms of animation and just the overall emotional impact it wasn’t exactly a straight-up tearjerker, but you felt something at the end something different. You felt for Endeavor and his journey because you watched him grow into something better not just physically or as a fighter but as a better person.

Endeavor Number One Hero

Everything in this episode was going towards the climax of a build-up that was symbolic of an internal rebirth of his character and even though it may not redeem him as a person for everything he has done in the past nor did he ever expect to be redeemed at for his actions towards his children.

But though he is flawed he knows that and to see someone struggle through his own ambitions goals relationships both romantic and familial. And continued to move forward one step at a time and never hesitating always doing all that he can that in itself in my humble opinion is an endeavor worth pursuing.

And is exactly how Endeavor truly becomes the number one hero he always wanted to be and so let’s go through the episode and see exactly how it happened.

Last Episode My Hero

The episode starts off with Endeavor’s kids visiting the mom at the hospital they realize that endeavor has been sending flowers and visits the mom often. But never comes into contact with her because the doctors say that is not a good idea while she’s still recovering. We know that endeavor isn’t a person good with words he’s a man of action and through his actions the be mom understands that he’s trying to face his past and his family instead of trying to run away.

Nomu Vs Endeavor

This Nomu Endeavor is fighting is the exact personification of his inner conflict that he’s trying to resolve. When they know him a bit on to Endeavor’s fist and he says you who have been created to have multiple quirks who is obsessed with strength you are me from the past or from another future burn up and be put to rest.

Basically Endeavor acknowledges that he became a monster to his family obsessed with strength and becoming number one and when you become something like that you destroy everything that comes close to you just like the Nomu has demonstrated. And just as he himself has done to his own family and ever is very much fighting against his own doppelganger archetype that we see so often in classical literature.

The Moment Endeavor Truly Becomes #1 | My Hero Academia
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The Nomu didn’t look exactly like endeavor but as Endeavor himself said they were very much the same. Endeavor fight eventually gets him injured on the left side of his face that would leave a big scar on his face just like how his actions have led to Shoto getting scarred on the left side of his face. Is this symbolic retribution for his actions? I don’t know but they definitely want it Endeavor to have a new look to signify his rebirth after all this was finished.

And while we are on rebirth if it wasn’t obvious enough hawks is feather on the back of a flying endeavor shooting up into the sky to burst into a ball of flame in a typical story of the Phoenix . The Phoenix would set itself on fire when it’s near its death and rise from the ashes of the flame to become a new reborn. He literally does exactly that but instead of dying and coming back alive physically it was his inner self that was reborn from the ashes he is finally accepted that changes it need to be made that maybe some things were more important than just becoming the strongest person in the world but through that understanding is what truly elevates him to the position of number one maybe even without him knowing it.

To understand why you need to look no further than the word Endeavor itself endeavor means to attempt by exertion of effort to strive to achieve something basically an attempt to achieve a goal. Everybody knows the bigger the goal more likely the bigger the effort. Endeavor the hero is an extreme representation of the word his family keeps repeating that he never gives up no one is more stubborn than he is. And to illustrate this point they actually did this many episodes back when endeavor and all might had a private conversation and ever at age 20 had already achieved the number two spot and because he climbed there himself he understood that there was absolutely noway he could surpass all might and become number one.

From a very early point in his career he understood that but he still continued to pursue the goal to become stronger than anyone else. Which is why he became so fixated on surpassing All might but to end that conversation off all my told him to not copy the symbol of peace that all might was going for and that he should look for a way that suits him instead.

The Moment Endeavor Truly Becomes #1 | My Hero Academia
Image Source – Google Images

In this fight is where I think all might has finally accidentally stumbled on to finding it in this fight. We were shown constantly that people were doubting endeavor in his fight against the normal people were scared because endeavor kept getting beat up and injured and it was clear that he was at a disadvantage. He doesn’t say anything to reassure the crowd as all might probably would have he is not the flashy symbol of peace that everyone is used to.

But every time he fell he got back up and as cliche as it sounds he never gave up, but never giving up has a different meaning here. Because actually he did give up something the most stubborn man in the world at this point has given up something, something he held on to for decades his endeavor to surpass everyone in strength with no regard for collateral damage.

Not giving up is basic how to be a hero 101 but taking each honest step towards a goal you set for yourself no matter what comes in your way that is what endeavor truly represents. You will see all the bad and the ugly when you’re dealing with a never but you will also see it in an honest and transparent way. He deals with all its problems whether big or small by moving forward doing what he thinks will bring about the best outcome and next.

While he won’t become the next symbol of peace he will most certainly become a symbol of exactly what it represents. He may be battered broken or even blinded but you know the only thing that is on his mind is how to inch himself just a step closer to his goal. Anyways what did you guys think of the grand finale for season 4 of My Hero Academia.

What you think let me know in the comment section.

Please Check Out the Channel Tokyosaurus. This guys is one of my inspiration and make great videos.

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