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The Mysterious Girl is Shanks’ daughter, “ONE PIECE FILM RED” is Special News!

(Last Updated On: April 14, 2022)

It is revealed that the mysterious girl who holds the key to the story of the movie ” ONE PIECE FILM RED ” based on Eiichiro Oda is Shanks’ daughter Uta. At the same time, a special video and a setting image were released.

The stage of “ONE PIECE FILM RED” is an island where the world-famous diva Uta will perform for the first time in front of the public.

Uta’s singing voice, which is transmitted while hiding her identity, is described as “another dimension”. Luffy’s Straw Hat Pirates, who came to look forward to her singing voice, learned that Uta was Shanks’ daughter while fans all over the world filled the venue.

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The story of Shanks, who is still a mysterious person, and Uta and Luffy are unfolded. The teaser video starts with Shanks’s line, “Uta, you’re my daughter for the rest of your life,” with a back view of young Uta and Shanks standing side by side.

A young Uta sheds tears, a grown Uta stands on the live stage as a diva loved by all over the world, and Luffy calls Uta’s name and gets angry. And in the setting picture drawn by Oda, along with Uta and Shanks, another important person in this work, Gordon, appears. Gordon, who also appears in the newsletter, is a large man with a big scar on his head, who seems to know Uta and Shanks.

“ONE PIECE FILM RED”, the fourth in the “ONE PIECE FILM” series for which Oda is the general producer, will be released on August 6th. The director is Goro Taniguchi of the “Code Geass” series, and the script is Tsutomu Kuroiwa, who also worked on “ONE PIECE FILM GOLD”.


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