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The next 2 Live-Action Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan Episodes Air on December 26, 27

The 3rd broadcast date of the TV drama Rohan Kishibe doesn’t move based on Hirohiko Araki ‘s original is decided on December 26th and 27th. At the same time, new visuals, episodes, and guest performers were announced.

The drama Rohan Kishibe doesn’t move is played by Issei Takahashi as Rohan Kishibe, a manga artist who has the special ability Heaven’s Door. In the third installment following the broadcasts at the end of 2020 and the end of 2021.

In addition, Hot Summer Martha and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Diamonds are Unbreakable published in JOJO magazine 2022 SPRING released on March 19. Two episodes of the episode Rock-paper-scissors boy appearing in are delivered.

Kotone Furukawa will appear as Eve in episode 7 Hot Summer Martha, and Yota Hiiragi will appear as Ken Oyanagi in episode 8 Rock-paper-scissors boy. Takahashi, who plays the role of Rohan, commented, I hope you will continue to enjoy this strange world that may be possible.


Source: Anime News Network

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