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The Odor of Hiroshi Nohara’s Feet has been Resolved? Collaboration advertisement!

(Last Updated On: April 16, 2022)

A collaboration between the anime “Crayon Shin-chan” based on Yoshito Usui and “8×4 MEN Medicinal Body Wash” by Nivea-Kao. Traffic advertisements will be held at Kasukabe Station in Saitama Prefecture from April 18th to 24th.

“8×4 MEN Medicinal Body Wash”, which was launched in March, was touted as “cleaning the odor of the feet thoroughly. Blocking the odor of the whole body for a long time!”

There are five types of traffic advertisements featuring Hiroshi Nohara’s father, with messages such as “Thank you for all the odors on your father’s feet.” “The odors on your feet are proof that you worked hard.” It is attached.

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On YouTube, a collaboration video of “Crayon Shin-chan” and “8×4 MEN Medicinal Body Wash” is being released. The video will also be shown in the anime “Crayon Shin-chan” that will be broadcast on April 16.

Hiroshi also said, “I was skeptical because my feet were tough, but when I tried using” 8x4MEN Medicinal Body Wash, “the smell was gone and my feet became beautiful. The children were happy to make their eyes shine. I’m glad I got sick. It was the first time for me to bring my face so close to my legs (laughs). “


Source: Anime News Network

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