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The Prince’s Keeper’ Manga Drops in English on Manga UP!

Square Enix’s Manga UP! Global service kicked off the English release of “The Prince’s Keeper: The Cursed Prince is Too Fluffy to Resist!” (Japanese title: Ōji-sama no Kainushigakari: Norowareta Denka ga Mofu Mofu Body de Sasotte Kimasu) by Oto Nagatsuki and Himako Neko on a Wednesday.

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Manga UP! Global introduces the plot as follows:

Within the residential district of the royal capital resides Miranda, a reclusive apprentice witch tending to an enchanted apothecary. Her tranquil existence is abruptly disrupted when an invitation to a royal tea gathering lands on her doorstep.

Within the palace’s lush greenhouse, she encounters Prince Heinrich, yet there’s a twist—he’s been cursed to embody the form of an adorable feline! Astonishingly, he beseeches her to become his caretaker.

The Prince's Keeper' Manga

Thus unfolds the mildly tantalizing narrative of a witch paired with a charming prince turned fluffy companion!

The manga made its Japanese debut on Manga UP! on March 25, with Square Enix releasing the initial compiled volume on August 7.

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This manga is an adaptation of Nagatsuki’s light novel series of the same title. The entire story was initially shared on the Shōsetsuka ni Narō website by Nagatsuki in February 2021, followed by a supplementary chapter on March 25.


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