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The second PV of “Our Master Has No Tail” TV anime was Released! October Premiere

(Last Updated On: June 7, 2022)
The second PV of "Our Master Has No Tail" TV anime was Released! October Premiere
The second PV of “Our Master Has No Tail” TV anime was Released! October Premiere

From October 2022, the second PV of the TV anime “Uchi no Shisho has no tail”, which will be broadcast on TOKYO MX, MBS, and BS Asahi has been released.

In addition, as a new cast, Ayana Taketatsu will play the role of Kiri no Enshi, one of the big signboards of Kamigata Rakugo, “Four Tenno”, and the role of Ebisu family songwriter of the four Tenno. It was announced that Junichi Suwabe will be in charge of the role of Rakugoka Rakugoka, who is the master of Akira Ishida and Bunko Daikokutei.

In the second PV, Daikokutei Bunko (voice: Hibiku Yamamura), Tsubaki Shiro Keiji (voice: Eguchi Takuya), Kiri no Enshi, Ebisu family songbook, etc. The masters who are working on it, including the ones, are gathered together, and it is a video that makes you look forward to what kind of rakugo will be performed in the main story.

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Based on the theme of Kamigata Rakugo, “Our Master Has No Tail”, depicts the growth of Mama, the main character of a girl who aims to become a rakugo storyteller, and the love of his master and pupil with his master, Daikokutei Bunkitsune, was produced by Liden Films.

Directed by Hideyo Yamamoto. The original is being serialized in good! Afternoon (Kodansha) (author TNSK). The latest 8 volumes of the original comic will be released on June 7th! Please look forward to future updates on the TV anime “Our Master Has No Tail”.


Source: Crunchyroll

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