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The Ten Commandments – Ranked! Nanatsu No Taizai

(Last Updated On: April 6, 2021)

Nanatsu no Taizai, or better known by the English translation The Seven Deadly Sins, is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Nakaba Suzuki. The manga received an anime adaptation in October 2014, and so far, Studio Deen Marvy Jack has created three seasons till now, and the fourth will soon hit our TV screen in summer 2021.

If you ever watched the show, you must know how these Commandments shape the characters and give them powers beyond human control. The ten Commandments consist of elite soldiers serving under the Demon King.

These Commandments are absolute, and they cannot be removed from the wielder as long as he/she breathes. You must be surprised at what these Commandments can do and how powerful each of the characters can be if they unlock their true potential. In regards to that, here are ten Commandments of Nanatsu no Taizai, ranked.

Galand the Truth – 27000

The Ten Commandments - Ranked! Nanatsu No Taizai

Galand the Truth is one of the weakest yet overwhelming demons with a combat class of 27,000. As weird as this number sounds, Galand the Truth had some rather distinctive abilities, including Critical Over. This ability allows Galand to raise his combat class to 40,000. However, Galand is not famous for this raising ability. As one of the top-level demons in the show, the Commandment of Truth allows him to turn people into stone. When raging in battles, and fighting against opponents, Galand’s ability turns people into stone whenever they become aware that they are lying.

Fraudrin – 31,000

Fraudrin is the most unusual demon from the demon clan. After losing his body, Fraudrin has been using Dreyfus’ corpse as a vessel for the past ten years and he is one of the weakest demons in The Seven Deadly Sins series. Even though he is the weakest demon of all, it doesn’t mean he can be beaten easily. His power allows him to cast a spell on selfish people that forces them to lose their sanity, mind, memories, and personality. Additionally, Fraudrin can grow 4x the size of an actual human being using his ability Full Size. Despite having so much potential, he was beaten badly by Meliodas, who is also the protagonist of the series.

Melascula – 34,000

The Ten Commandments - Ranked! Nanatsu No Taizai

When you thought the Commandments cannot be any weirder, we have Melascula. Don’t go by her cute looks because she is, in her true form, a shape-shifting snake. Melascula has only 500 points in strength that makes her extremely weak in physical battles. However, she has the Commandment of Faith, the extremely dangerous Commandment that burns people’s eyes. Within her radius of control, if anyone fails to show faithlessness in front of Melascula, their eyes burn to crisp, making them blind on the spot. Additionally, you don’t want to mess with her Hell Gate ability which allows her to create and use unworldly portals up to her convince.

Grayroad – 39000

Welcome to another “what the hell is going on with these Commandments”. Grayroad is often referred to as a female, however, her/his gender is not clear. Her Commandment is Pacifism, but not the kind of pacifism know by us humans. Her abilities include “Curse”, which allows her to inflict her enemies with ailments that bring them down and Grayroad can win her fights without lifting her finger. However, her Commandments are weirder than her mutated demon body. With the power of Pacifism, if any kills Grayroad in battles, her ability leaves a curse of her opponents that sucks the life of their bodies, leaving them at the brisk of life in a few days.

Gloxinia – 50,000

If you thought Grayroad had the most unique ability, then you should check out Gloxinia. He is the first legitimate king of the Fairly King’s forest and was later converted into the Commandment of Repose. Even though we know the name of his Commandment, it was not revealed what is the purpose of his Commandment and how exactly does it work. Apart from the hidden meaning behind his Curse, the Gloxinia combat class stags up to 50,000. 47,000 in magic, zero in strength, and 3,000 in spirit. His power includes Disaster, which is directly linked and shared with the current king of Fairy King, allowing him to manipulate the nature around him.

Derieri the Purity – 52,000

The Ten Commandments - Ranked! Nanatsu No Taizai

Derieri is one of the strongest Commandment holders in The Seven Deadly Sins universe. She rocks the typical Dragon Ball-like hairstyle and she is often seen covered in her darkness. Her main ability is called as Combo Star, which allows her to increase the force of every blow by an additional 200,000 pounds. This ability only activates if she continuously attacks without any interruption, and if she continues to trade blows in the battle, she would be unstoppable. With so much power and brute strength, the whereabouts of her Commandment “Purity” are still unknown.

Monspeet – 53,000

Monspeet is a gentleman demon at heart and the Commandment of Reticence. His powers are rather unique, and through Reticence, people who wish to express their inner feelings will have their voices blocked. While the Commandment doesn’t fit his overwhelming class, Monspeet has two aces up his sleeves. The first is, Hellblaze, a one-of-a-kind ability that allows him to create black flames. The second ability is Trick Star, a unique power that allows him to switch two objects in space and time. By using Trick Star, Monspeet can change the location of two objects that includes metal, land, human, demons, and everything present on earth.

Drole – 54,000

Standing at 2580cm (84’8 ft) tall, and weighing 2950kg (6504lbs), Drole is one of the strongest demons from the demon king’s demon clan. He was once known as the Balor and was recognized as the core founder of Giant Clan. After defecting from his position, Drole went on to become an elite warrior of the Demon Clan, and he services as the Commandment of Patience under the demon king. His core ability is the Ground, and he can manipulate nature, and the earth to create supersoldier dwarfs.

Zeldris – 61,000

The Ten Commandments - Ranked! Nanatsu No Taizai

Zeldris is the brother of Meliodas and serves as the leader of the Ten Commandments. As the second son of the Demon King, Zeldris has immense power and control over the elite demon force. While a lot of Demons are quite helpless against Meliodas, Zeldris can stand his ground against the likes of Meliodas. Zeldris is the Commandment of Piety and this power allows him to curse people into serving the Demon king. If any ally turns his back against him, Zeldris uses the power of Piety to make people his allies, and those who neglect his will gets sliced up by the unique ability known as Ominous Nebula.

Estarossa – 88,000

The Ten Commandments - Ranked! Nanatsu No Taizai

Infamous by the name Mael, Estarossa is the strongest of all the ten Commandments. He is the Commandment of love, and his ability forces people to no hate him. If they do, Estarossa can unleash damage on his opponents in the battle. As the middle son of the Demon King, Estarossa enjoys a higher status within the Demon Clan. His unique ability, Full Counter, allows him to deflect the weakest and, as well as the strongest of physical attacks. But Estarossa was not as powerful as he is now because he ranked higher on the combat class mark after absorbing Galand. After Galand’s demise, Estarossa’s combat class was increased to 88,000, making him an extremely powerful warrior and a multi-ability user.

Do you agree with this list of strongest commandments of the 7 deadly sins? Let us know in the comment section.

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And yet Escanor defeated Estarossa like he was a bug.

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