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The Top 10 Strongest Pirate Crews – One Piece

Hey guys welcome back to . And today we are gonna rank Top 10 Strongest Pirate Crews in One Piece World. For this list we are looking at who were the strongest among them through out the history of the Pirates in One Piece ranking them on their combined strength and infamy across all four oceans. Keep in mind we won’t be including militarized organizations like the Revolutionary Army and no crews from movies .

Top 10 Strongest One Piece Crews
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This is going to get exciting, get your selves together we are undocking this Ship for adventure.

10. Fire Tank pirates

Fire Tank Pirates - One Piece

Pirates and mafia may seem like they’re on opposite ends of the criminal spectrum, but as Capone Bege and his gang proved they can fall together rather seamlessly especially if you have a devil fruit that turns your body into a fortress complete with a whole slew of cannons. With a dumb persona that’s not just for show Bege‘s familiar are some real tough customers they can certainly hold themselves in a gunfights and while they originally had the backing of Big Mom they just couldn’t resist trying to take her out to climb the pirate ladder.

9. Heart Pirates

Heart Pirates - One Piece

Fitting name really on account that Trafalgar D. Water Law has melted many hearts in his time and removed a few from his enemies. The surgeon of death may not be the most bombastic pirate to stem from the worst generation, but he sure as hell is one of the deadliest having one of the most sought after devil fruits of the modern era. Allowing him to take his enemies aparts and reattach them instantly as well as grant eternal youth at the cost of his own life, we also can’t forget he’s got a yellow submarine full of rapscallions who know how to bring the pain especially as kung fu polar bear pal Bepo.

8. Donquixote Pirates

Donquixote Pirates - One Piece

With friends like these taking over a kingdom is child’s play by himself Doflamingo stands as one of the strongest among the seven warlords of the sea, capable of ripping his foes apart with his threads or turning them into his puppets. Acting out his depraved will are his elite officers one of whom can literally become a moving Mountain. Even the regular officers under them can’t be considered week since likes of Lao G and Gladius wrecked numerous combatants by themselves, while Sugar’s ability to turn her foes into dolls and erase their public existence what’s the stuff of nightmares.

7. Straw Hat Pirates

Straw Hat Pirates - One Piece

It says a lot when even the main characters are low down on this list though we have no doubt with time and training Luffy and his companions will soon catch up. As it stands now this motley crew are nothing to scoff at. Even the so-called weaker members like Usopp, Chopper and Nami have managed to excel in recent years ,combine that with Sanji’s mad kicking skills the ungodly badassery of soon-to-be master swordsman Zoro plus the recent addition of Jinbe well almost and you’re looking at a bad time if you pick a fight. That’s all before you consider the monumental power of the Straw hat fleets as for Luffy himself every time you gets knocked down he just snaps back up with even greater force.

6. Blackbeard Pirates

Blackbeard Pirates - One Piece

In the beginning Marshal D. Teach was nothing more than a murderer with a couple of loyal allies and an insanely powerful devil fruit at his disposal, a killer pain in the backside but not exactly a threat that could turn the world on its head and then he hopped into impel down freed the most dangerous criminals they had and made them his crew. it’s still amazing that a giant as large as a Navy base the most infamous female pirate ever imprisoned a disgraced Navy Jailer with a passion for murder and a slew of other nut jobs all banded together under one guy. Then again he does have to devil fruit powers over the time-skip they’ve only gotten more powerful taking down the remnants of the white beard crew and even stealing the abilities of whomever they choose .

5. Big Mom Pirates

Big Mom Pirates - One Piece

Make all the jokes you want about this sadistic old bats having over 40 kids the truth of the matter is the majority of them are so proficient with hockey their leagues above your average pirates. Acting as the enforcers for her vast empire running into any one of Linlin Charlotte’s offspring is practically a death sentence especially if it’s one of the three suite commanders even more so if his name is Katakuri. Of course mama ain’t no slouch either since his size and strength allow her to rip through anyone who disturbs it tea parties and if she’s feeling particularly nasty she’ll rip out your soul .

4. Red Hair Pirates

Red Hair Pirates - One Piece

They are always up for a drink and a good time they’re all fundamentally decent people and if you try to hit someone they care about they’ll send you to a watery grave before you can even blink, Even missing an arm Shank’s strength is something else able to go toe to toe with White beard and basically ended a war just by showing up. The caliber of his crew is also astronomical with Usopp’s father Yasopp of making every sniper out there crap themselves thanks to his marksmanship skills. While Benm Beckman made fricking keys arou nervous just by holding him at gunpoint. Here’s hoping we get to see them rampage in the near future.

3. Beasts Pirates

Beasts Pirates - One Piece

Not even sure why a man like Kaido even needs a crew on account that the bloke is nigh unkillable the fact he is unkillable. He can shrug off multiple executions and suicide attempts with little to no damage would make anyone trepidatious. But then you’ve got his raw power that’s capable of knocking out Luffy like he’s pre times gift Kobe. Topping it all off is his mythical zone devil fruit that can turn him into one beastly looking Dragon the fact he’s got such vast underworld connections all of Wano in his back pockets as well as subordinates as deadly as King, Queen and Jack it’s all honestly just the icing on the cake by this points you can see why Orochi came to power with this crew in his corner.

2. Whitebeard Pirates

Whitebeard Pirates - One Piece

While it’s true that the power and influence of these legends has vastly diminished following the tragic deaths of White beard and Ace we are choosing to look at these guys when they were in their prime. Even well into his twilight years pops was a Titan of the sea the only thing more impressive than the tremors he could cause with his fists being the respect and love he garnered from his crew-mates. Explains why he was able to gather such immensely talented sons like Marco the Phoenix, Diamond Jozu, Oars Jr. and the one and only Fire fist Ace the world will never know another crew like them.

1. Roger Pirates

Roger Pirates Crews - One Piece

There’s oh gee pirates and then this called the Gol D. Roger the pirate king who kick-started a whole new era the original owner of the straw hats, the man who hears the voices of all things and arguably had the greatest mustache the world has ever seen. Well his deeds and legacy forged the very foundation of one piece we can’t forget about his crew. Shanks and Buggy found their start in life on board the decks of the Ora Jackson and we all know how they turned out. Not to mention Rogers partner in crime legendary right-hand man and Luffy’s future mentor The Dark King Rayleigh. They were likely at their strongest when Odin was in their ranks able to claim the prize that Noah the pirate has managed thus far finding joy boys treasure. They’re on a level yet to be surpassed.

So which of these crews do you think is the strongest let us know in the comments below.


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