Trailer Highlights Of Playable Characters In One Piece Pirate Warriors 4 Game

(Last Updated On: September 19, 2020)

Bandai Namco Entertainment started streaming a character trailer for the One Piece Pirate Warriors 4 game for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC through Steam on Monday.

The game will make a big appearance for the PS4, Xbox One, and Switch in Japan on March 26, and afterward will make a big appearance in Southeast Asia, Europe, and the Americas for similar consoles in addition to PC on March 27.

Bandai Namco Entertainment opened pre-arranges(pre orders) on January 21 for the game. The pre-request postings incorporate a Season Pass for the Digital Deluxe Edition of the game that will highlight nine new characters, including Charlotte Katakuri as an early open. The pre-request rewards are additionally posting Dynasty Warriors outfits for Trafalgar Law and Boa Hancock, and the Vinsmoke kin as an early open. Individuals who pre-request the physical game will get two extra ensembles and have the option to open Germa 66 individuals early. A Day One update will offer Wano Kuni outfits for Luffy, Zoro, Nami, and Sanji.

Playable characters in the game will include: Luffy, Zoro, Usopp, Sanji, Nami, Chopper, Robin, Franky, Brook, Crocodile, Ace, Boa Hancock, Jinbe, Buggy, Dracule Mihawk, Emporio Ivankov, Rob Lucci, Trafalgar Law, Smoker, Tashigi, Sabo, Bartolomeo, Cavendish, Katakuri, Carrot, Vinsmoke Reiju, Vinsmoke Ichiji, Vinsmoke Niji, Vinsmoke Yonji, Marco, Whitebeard, Eustass Kid, Basil Hawkins, Capone Bege, Big Mom, Kaido, Akainu (Sakazuki), Kizaru (Borsalino), Aokiji (Kuzan), Issho (Fujitora), Shanks, Doflamingo, and Blackbeard. The game will have a unique story that happens in the Land of Wano.

Namco Bandai Games discharged the first Piece Pirate Warriors game in Japan on the PlayStation 3 and later in Europe and America in 2012. The subsequent game dispatched in Japan for the PS3 and PlayStation Vita, and in Europe and North America for the PS3 in 2013. Bandai Namco Entertainment discharged One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 for the PS4, PS3, PS Vita, and on PC by means of Steam in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Australasia in August 2015. The game sent in Japan in March 2015 for the PS3, PS4, and PS Vita. The game propelled on the Switch in Japan in December 2017.

Soruce – AnimeNewsNetwork


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