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The Vampire Dies in No Time TV Anime Announced its 2nd Season

(Last Updated On: December 21, 2021)

On Monday, the Twitter account of The Vampire Dies in No Time (or Kyūketsuki Sugu Shinu in Japan) manga announced that they are going to get a second season. Itaru Bonnoki is the original creator of The Vampire Dies In No Time manga series. He also confirmed this news and was quite happy about it!

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The director of 2nd season is going to be Hiroshi Koujina (known for Hunter x Hunter 2011) and Yuki Sugawara as a scriptwriter (known for Overlord, No Guns LIfe). The studio in charge of the anime production is none other than Madhouse Studios. Most of the cast of the series is the same and much more returning staff. 

The manga is about a Vampire or you say a Dracula who is quite powerful because of his rumours. Do you want to fight someone if you go by the name of Invincible? That’s the same case here in this TV anime series. However, the reality is quite different because this Dracula is the weakest vampire in all of them. 


Source: Anime News Network

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