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The Witch and the Knight Will Survive Manga Ends in 3rd Vol

(Last Updated On: August 26, 2023)

The upcoming third compiled volume of the manga “The Witch and the Knight Will Survive” by author Dai Chikamoto and artist Gonbe Shinkawa marks the series’ final installment, scheduled to release on October 4.

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The English version of the manga, published by Yen Press, presents the following storyline

Upon his return from a prolonged hunt, Agredios, the son of the lord, is met with a jarring silence that replaces the once-familiar laughter and commotion in his village.

The Witch and the Knight Will Survive Manga

Uncovering that this sorrowful turn of events is attributed to a “witch” dwelling in the “Forbidden Forest,” he channels his anguish into seething anger, embarking on a quest for vengeance in honor of his cherished ones.

The collaborative efforts of Chikamoto and Shinkawa inaugurated the manga on Kadokawa’s Young Ace Up website in June 2021, and the second compiled volume was distributed by Kadokawa in November 2022.

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Alongside “The Witch and the Knight Will Survive,” Yen Press also brings English adaptations of Shinkawa and Shien Bis’ “The Wolf Never Sleeps” manga, as well as Shinkawa and Yuba Isukari’s “Yokohama Station SF” manga.


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