Three Actors Join the One Room Angel Live-Action Series

The staff of the live-action adaptation of Harada’s One Room Angel boys-love manga has unveiled three new cast members for the series. Kōki Tanaka, portraying A-kun, a crucial character in the dynamic between Kōki and the angel.

Kyōko Hasegawa takes on the role of Arisa, Kōki’s mother, while Oda Oideyasu steps into the shoes of the convenience store’s manager where Kōki is employed.

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Shūhei Uesugi, known for his roles in One Week Friends and River’s Edge, stars as Kōki, while Kansai Johnny’s Jr. member Takuya Nishimura embodies the character of the angel.

The series is scheduled to premiere on October 19 as part of MBS’ “Drama Shower” programming block. The manga’s narrative revolves around Kōki, an indifferent convenience store worker, and an angel he encounters. Their journey commences when Kōki is unexpectedly attacked and, in his dying moments, encounters this angel.

One Room Angel Live-Action Series

Expecting to be ushered into the afterlife, he miraculously heals and returns home to find the same angel awaiting him. As the angel grapples with amnesia and the inability to fly, Kōki takes him in out of compassion.

Yuka Eda, known for her work on the live-action Play it Cool, Guys series, helms the series with scripts penned by Aya Watatane.

Harada serialized the manga, a reinterpretation of the 2013 short story “Tomarigi” (Perch), in Shodensha’s On Blue magazine from 2017 to 2019. A single compiled volume was published in 2019. futekiya secured the license for the manga and released it in English on Manga Planet in December 2020.

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KUMA recently published Harada’s Happy Crappy Life manga in English on May 2. They also released Harada’s The Song of Yoru & Asa manga in March 2022, followed by its sequel, The Song of Yoru & Asa Encore, in October 2022. Denpa has likewise licensed Harada’s Yata-Momo manga.


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