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Tiger Shroff Partners with Crunchyroll as Brand Ambassador

(Last Updated On: July 14, 2023)
Rahul Purini, President of Crunchyroll

The vibrant world of anime is making significant inroads in the Indian market, and Crunchyroll, a global leader in anime streaming and content distribution, is further bolstering this trend.

In a landmark announcement, Rahul Purini, President of Crunchyroll, revealed that Tiger Shroff, one of Bollywood’s brightest stars, is joining forces with the platform to amplify the reach and influence of anime in India. This strategic partnership marks a significant milestone in Crunchyroll’s mission to establish a more profound and authentic connection with India’s young and burgeoning anime community. Crunchyroll recently has been adding a lot of anime in hindi dubbed for Indian audience.

Shroff, widely loved and admired for his roles in action-packed films, is expected to enhance Crunchyroll’s brand visibility, connecting with fans all across India, from major cities to the smallest of villages. His personal affinity for anime, particularly for action-filled titles—a key segment in Crunchyroll’s extensive library—makes him a perfect fit for this partnership.

An interesting facet to Shroff’s love for anime is his long-time fandom of “Dragon Ball Z” (DBZ). The actor often cites the character Goku as his mentor and inspiration for his action roles. His passion for DBZ has been well-documented in several of his social media posts, revealing a deep and personal connection to the anime universe.

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Crunchyroll aims to utilize this collaboration to bridge cultural gaps and foster a sense of community and shared experiences among diverse audiences. “We are excited to welcome Tiger Shroff to the Crunchyroll family,” said Purini. “With our shared passion for anime, we look forward to promoting the anime experience to millions more across India and beyond.”

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Shroff echoed these sentiments, expressing his honor to partner with Crunchyroll. “Anime has the power to inspire, educate, and entertain,” he stated. “I look forward to bringing the fandom closer to this vast and captivating world.”

Known for his daring stunts, mesmerizing dance sequences, and soulful singing, Shroff’s association with Crunchyroll represents the convergence of his professional achievements and personal passions, fulfilling a childhood dream.

This partnership heralds an exciting new era for anime in India, signifying not only the growing popularity of this unique art form but also the potential for new cross-cultural exchanges and shared fandom. With Shroff’s involvement, the stage is set for anime culture to reach unprecedented heights in India.


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