Toei and La Cachette Join Forces for Le College Noir Animated Project

On Tuesday, Toei Animation revealed its collaboration with France’s Studio La Cachette for the upcoming animation project Le College Noir. This venture marks Toei Animation’s strategic efforts to cultivate and broaden the European market.

Le College Noir Animated Project

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Le College Noir

The project brings to life the captivating comic of the same name by Ulysse Malassagne, co-founder of Studio La Cachette. This thrilling adventure tale follows a group of five young individuals as they embark on a quest to unravel the perplexing disappearance of their friend amidst the expansive and ancient forests that still cloak the mountains of central France to this very day.

Malassagne, the brilliant mind behind the original comic, takes on the roles of both writer and director for this extraordinary endeavor. Studio La Cachette, renowned for their exceptional creations such as the Emmy-winning series Primal, Love, Death & Robots, Malassagne’s own Kairos, and the enthralling “The Spy Dancer” short featured in Star Wars: Visions Volume 2, is at the helm of this remarkable production.

ADN, a prominent streaming service recognized for its wide array of captivating anime titles, has unveiled its plans to bring this animated masterpiece to audiences across France this upcoming fall. Not only serving as a co-producer of the project, but Toei Animation has also acquired a portion of the project’s video release and merchandising rights, further solidifying their involvement in this extraordinary venture.


Source | Toei Animation website / Comic Natalie

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