Toei Animation Announces Plans for Office in India

Toei Animation, the renowned Japanese animation studio behind beloved series like Dragon Ball, One Piece, and Slam Dunk, is set to further expand its global footprint to meet the surging demand for anime. The company is planning to establish an office in India, signaling a strategic move to tap into the country’s burgeoning anime fanbase.

This expansion initiative comes on the heels of Toei’s broader global outreach, which includes the imminent opening of an office in Italy as its first foray into Europe. The decision to potentially extend operations to India and South America underscores Toei’s commitment to catering to its worldwide audience.

Already boasting a presence in various parts of Asia, North America, Africa, and the Middle East, it makes logical sense for Toei Animation to complete its global coverage, given the immense popularity of its content in these regions.

Satoshi Shinohara, an executive at Toei Animation, emphasized the significance of establishing a sales division in India, deeming it a “hugely significant” move. Additionally, serving the Latin American audience is seen as a potential game-changer for the studio.

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While Toei Animation’s global revenue has seen a remarkable surge of over 40% since 2012, net income has been impacted by expenses related to licensing and distribution. By setting up its own offices in new markets, Toei Animation aims to trim intermediary costs, potentially bolstering its bottom line.

In India, the anime series Dragon Ball and One Piece have garnered a massive following. Dragon Ball, with its various regional dubs, became a household favorite in the early 2000s. One Piece, after an initial stint on Cartoon Network, gained a dedicated fanbase through online streaming platforms. Today, anime enthusiasts in India have easy access to these series, with platforms like Crunchyroll actively promoting One Piece. Cartoon Network continues to view Dragon Ball as a cornerstone of anime in the country. Moreover, both series have seen successful theatrical releases due to high demand. This move by Toei Animation to establish a presence in India is poised to further solidify its position in this thriving market.


Source: IGN India

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