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Toei Animation Establishes “Toei Animation Drawing Academy” Practical Animator Program

(Last Updated On: April 26, 2022)

Toei Animation, Japan’s largest production company for animation production, will introduce a new system for the new hiring of animators from the fiscal year ending April 2023. The “Toei Animation Drawing Academy” will be established for young aspiring animators, and after a year of intensive training, it will be decided to hire based on the results after the end.

About 10 participants of “Toei Animation Drawing Academy” will be selected from the applicants. Toei Animation will bear the entire tuition fee for the program. In addition, a monthly incentive of 150,000 yen will be paid to the students. Toei Animation says that it will provide an environment where one year can be concentrated on studying drawing techniques.

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If the student passes the exam that will be held after the training period, he/she will be hired as a fixed-term contract employee of Toei Animation’s animator. On the other hand, the recruitment of regular new graduates of animators, which has been carried out so far, will not be carried out.

It seems that the aim is to make the in-house training that has been conducted after hiring employees as independent as “Toei Animation Drawing Academy” and concentrate on acquiring skills during the period. Also, by setting a period of one year, it seems that the aim is to determine the aptitude of an animator.

As a countermeasure against the growing shortage of animators in Japan, major and leading animation studios are increasingly introducing in-house training systems to acquire skills before joining the company. Not only will they be free to attend, but they will also provide funds equivalent to their living expenses during the period. We expect that excellent human resources will join the company after the training.

At “Toei Animation Drawing Academy”, a three-month video training will be set up first. After that, it will be divided into an original picture course and a video course according to the aspirations and aptitudes of the students.

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The application deadline for 2023 is July 29, 2022 (Friday). Resume, portfolio, and designated task “In a children’s park with various playsets, 5 children, 3 boys, and 2 girls, in the 4th grade of elementary school are happily holding a strategy meeting. Please submit. ” After the documents are selected, the results will be announced after the practical test and aptitude test in mid-August 2022 and the interview in mid-September.

In the animation industry, which has changed rapidly in recent years, the way animators are trained is also changing rapidly. The challenges of each company, including Toei Animation, are drawing attention.


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