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Tōgane! Omatsuri-Bu TV Anime, Premieres on 4th April

(Last Updated On: March 6, 2022)

The local animation “Togane! Festival Club” set in Chiba and Togane will be broadcast on April 4th in the Ciba Tele program “NEXT TV Chibadokoro”. Haruka Kudo and others were also released.

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In the “Togane! Festival Club”, the main character, Minori Tochino, who loves festivals, and his friends revived the festival that had disappeared from the city, and the former culture remained and was the center of Togane’s commerce. 

A story of struggling to liven up the west side of the station again. With the actual landscape photograph of Togane in the background, the style is similar to the FLASH animation that develops only by the difference in facial expressions of the characters.

As a friend who plays Minori and struggles to liven up the shopping district with Minori, Hinaki Kudo plays the role of Subaru Kamidai, Himari Hazuki plays the role of Iona Okada, Yume Shinohara plays the role of Rian Nanohana, and Okamoto plays the role of Yurika Kagekatsu. 

Mai appears. A local mascot, Yassa-Kun, who secretly watches over Minori’s activities Tomokazu Seki Played by

He has directed and directed Kamen Rider series such as “Kamen Rider Kuuga” and “Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger”. Nobuhiro Suzumura is the director, Takatora Shiomi is in charge of the series composition, and Yu Tokiniwa is in charge of the character design.

Hiromichi Nakajima, known for “Peeping Life” and theatrical animation “Music,” will be the planning manager, and Ryo Deguchi will be in charge of the opening theme and music production. 

“Odoryanse” sung by Minori was used as the opening theme, and “Tougane Time Capsule-Kokoro no Himitsu-” sung by TЯicKY was used as the ending theme.


Source: Crunchyroll

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