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Toga’s Deep Love for Izuku Explained in My Hero Academia

(Last Updated On: July 18, 2023)

The latest chapter of the My Hero Academia manga has shed light on the perplexing love that Himiko Toga, one of the series’ villains, had for the protagonist Izuku Midoriya. In previous chapters, glimpses into Toga’s past revealed that her views on love were misunderstood and seen as monstrous by those around her. Her infatuation with Izuku, resembling a past crush, sparked a downward spiral as her advances were rejected.

My Hero Academia Explains Why Toga Loved Izuku So Much

However, in the recent chapter, a breakthrough occurs when Ochaco, one of the heroes, manages to connect with Toga on a deeper level. Ochaco confesses her own love for Izuku, which prompts Toga to open up about her feelings. Toga explains that Izuku reminded her of a boy named Saito from her past, whom she had similar intense feelings for. However, due to her unconventional desires, she was unable to pursue her affections, fearing social condemnation.

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Toga’s anger towards Izuku and Ochaco stemmed from their scolding, mirroring the judgment she had faced before. It wasn’t until Ochaco empathized with Toga and understood her emotions that a breakthrough occurred. Toga finally relented, signaling a step towards moving on from her unrequited love.

This revelation adds depth to Toga’s character and provides insight into her turbulent past. It highlights the complexities of her emotions and the societal pressures she faced, ultimately shaping her into a villainous force.

As My Hero Academia continues to explore the intricacies of its characters, this chapter offers a poignant moment of understanding between two opposing forces. It serves as a reminder that even in the world of heroes and villains, emotions and the pursuit of love can be powerful catalysts for change.


Source: ComicBook

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