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Tomoya Nakamura and Kento Kaku in SPY×FAMILY: Code White Film

(Last Updated On: September 13, 2023)

The official website for the Gekijōban SPY×FAMILY Code: White film unveiled two fresh cast additions for the upcoming movie on Tuesday. These newcomers will portray key members of a special reconnaissance unit hailing from a military intelligence agency, tasked with unsettling the fragile peace between the Eastern and Western factions. The two new cast members are integral to this plot twist, adding depth to the narrative.

The film is scheduled to make its debut on December 22, promising an entirely original storyline. Tatsuya Endō, the original manga creator, is credited with conceptualizing the film and contributing to the character designs, assuming a supervisory role over the project. Notably, WIT STUDIO and CloverWorks are once again collaborating on the animation.

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The film’s direction falls under the capable hands of Takashi Katagiri, with Ichiro Okouchi serving as the scriptwriter. Kazuaki Shimada handles character design, supported by sub-character designer Kana Ishida. Kyoji Asano takes the reins as chief animation director and provides the stunning visual art. Animation supervision is entrusted to Kazuhiro Furuhashi. The music production falls to [K]NoW_NAME, while Shōji Hata takes on the role of sound director.

SPY×FAMILY: Code White Film

Furthermore, fans can anticipate the anime’s second season premiering in October, set to air on TV Tokyo and various other channels. Kazuhiro Furuhashi, the series’ seasoned director, returns to helm this new season, backed by the combined efforts of WIT STUDIO and CloverWorks.

As for the script, Ichiro Okouchi (known for works like Code Geass and Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury) takes on the role of series script supervisor, taking over from Furuhashi. Daishiro Tanimura and Ayumu Hisao join as assistant series script supervisors.

SPY×FAMILY: Code White Film

The character design responsibility remains with Kazuaki Shimada, while [K]NoW_NAME continues their role as the music producer, ensuring a captivating soundtrack. Shōji Hata retains the position of sound director.

To provide context, the first season’s initial half graced screens in April 2022, with Crunchyroll streaming it in real-time, including an English dub. The second half debuted in Japan on October 1, again simulcast by Crunchyroll. Notably, Kazuhiro Furuhashi, known for works like Mobile Suit Gundam UC and Rurouni Kenshin, directed this anime venture, brought to life through the collaboration of Wit Studio and CloverWorks.

Character design was executed by Kazuaki Shimada, while [K]NoW_NAME lent their musical prowess.

For English-speaking audiences, Viz Media offers the original manga penned by Tatsuya Endō. The story revolves around master spy Twilight, who excels in perilous undercover missions for the greater good. However, his most challenging assignment yet involves marriage and parenthood.

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As he embarks on a mission to infiltrate an elite private school, he unwittingly selects an assassin as his wife and adopts a telepathic child. The manga is also available through Shueisha’s MANGA Plus service in English, and Viz Media includes it in its Shonen Jump subscription. Print editions of the manga are also available.

Additionally, a stage musical adaptation of the manga took the stage in March-May 2023.


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