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Top 10 Anime Characters Who Lost Their Powers

(Last Updated On: May 3, 2020)

Welcome to and today we are gonna countdown our picks for the Top 10 Anime Characters who lost their powers.

For this list we will be looking at Heroes and the Villains in anime who found themselves stripped from their other worldly abilities either temporarily or permanently.

10. Shu Ouma (Guilty Crown )

Every King has to abdicate the throne at some point and in the case of this void manipulator, his time came when he managed to put an end to the fourth apocalypse courtesy of Mana’s Second demise.

shu ouma
Shu Ouma

While he may have fallen from the grace at one point Xu was still able to avert catastrophe and all it cost him was a few limbs oh and his sight it might seem like a bit steep price to pay. But at least he has an or he’s ghost watching over him.

9. Arita Harayuki ( Accel World )

He might have managed to reclaim them during his final boy thanks to the undying affection of his snow black princess. But for the longest time not only left the silver crows fightless but also robbed him of the will to fight.

Arita Harayuki
Arita Harayuki

Without the aviation aspect of his avatar Harayuki once against his anxiety consume his life going from hero to zero in the blink of an eye. It’s not until his inner circle slaps some cents tanks into him that he managed to snap out of it and get back to brain.

8. Pikachu ( Pokemon )

Pokemon well so much for the best wishes perhaps in a way to justify how this damn yellow Mouse pika seems to get deep powered at the beginning of each news series.

Pikachu ( Pokemon )
Pikachu ( Pokemon )

They had a legendary go out of its way to knock him down to size. Yeah that crime was apparently feeling very cranky one day and decided to mess Pikachu up by unleashing a bolt for the heavens when somehow temporarily erased all of his electric moves leading him to getting his ass handed to him later.

Down the line by a new trainer and his snippy a freakin sniffy and nobodies hands. Pikachu’s ass to him except Pikachu.

7. Yuichi Jin ( Wrold Trigger )

It takes a real man to see the horrors of the conflict lose someone to said conflict and yet remain adament that there are always good and bad on both sides. Jin is that kind of guy one willing to even give up something as precious to him as the Black Trigger.

Yuichi Jin
Yuichi Jin

Just so you may had the chance to get accepted into border in spite of the fact He is a neighbor so many scarifies.

6. Madoka Kaname ( Puelle Magi Madoka Magica the Movie Part 3 )

Nothing is strong than the power of the love even if said love results in the dismantling the godhood of a magical girl. Rewriting the laws of the universe and potentially dooming the humanity.

Madoka Kaname

The process was really too much to ask for the happy ending just asit looks like. Hemara is about to be carried off and reunited with her precious Madoka. She decided to flip the script have a breakdown became a rather adorable version of Satan. And strip away our best’s immense power.

5. Orochimaru ( Naruto )

Before this guy found redemption and the fatherhood he had to deal with the torturous affair of being rendered his assault on the leaf village may have ended the life of the third Hokage.


But it also came at cost of both his arms you know nothing big we’re not talking about them getting sliced or blown off instead the Geezer decided to punish his former student by slicing off his sole arm.

Which are apparently a thing taking away his dark dreams of unlocking anymore jutsu and without those arms you will never form another hand side ninjutsu is forever out of your reach look at it.

4. Chrollo Lucifer ( Hunter X Hunter )

The head of the spider just keeps on finding the ways to survive. The leader of the Phantom troops certainly had no shortage of deadly nen abilities hiding under his fluffy cloak as well as enough charisma and intellect to avoid getting.

Chrollo Lucifer

Slaughtered by likes of Zoldak clan and Hisoka. Alas not even he was slippery enough to avoid the confines of the judgment chain where Keroppi cannot only managed to ensure him but also sealed away his nen for the foreseeable future.

3. Ichigo Kurosaki ( Bleach )

When you’re battling against a self – Procliamed deity who came transform into a world ending butterfly sometimes. You’ve got to play the deus ex machina card. And in the case of this sword swinging strawberry that came in the form of the final Getsugatensho a one shot attack.

Ichigo ( Bleach )

That may have crippled Aizen But also drained Ichigo of his shinigami powers soon after. Sure he would later get them back alng with some sweet new thread because hey it’s anime. But, as far as we are concerned this was the end of his hollow hunting career.

2. All Might ( My Hero Academia )

Well he didn’t lose his powers as he did exhaust them the symbol of pieces last stand against his old nemesis all of one. It was about a biggest superhero sen off as you could ask for with the last ember of onefor all flickering away all might ends his era.

All Might

As the world’s greatest hero with one last punch hurting the league of the villains boss into a world of pain in the process. While it perfectly set the stage for Deku to step up we can’t deny we’re really gonna miss that perfect jawline.

1. Edward Elric ( Fullmetal Alchemist : Brotherhood )

Who needs alchemy when you’ve got friends like these he may have devoted his life to learn all he could about the ancient science in order to save his sibling. But Edward was more than willing to give it all up if it meant dragging Alphonse his body back from the other side.

Edward Full Metal Alchemist

While it’s kind of bummer he’ll never be able to let loose another transmutation the fact he restored AI’s body and even got Winry as a Wifely is a pretty sweet deal. It was perfect send-off through may be not ass classy as Sheen’s newest Emperor.

That was the whole list inspired be this video.

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