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Top 10 Anime That Will Awaken Your Inner Musician!!

The very first music anime I ever saw was Your lie in April. And it was so good and the story was so beautiful that it left an impression on my mind. It is one of my favorite animes. Music plays a big part in everyone’s life and people love stories of their favorite artists. Still, the musical anime genre is one of the most underrated. In this list, we will provide some good and underrated anime that you should watch. You will definitely love these anime.

1. Your lie in April

Top 10 Anime That Will Awaken Your Inner Musician!!

Your lie in April is the story of a prodigy pianist Kousei Arima. Once a famous name is now unable to hear the sound of his own piano. Later, Kousei while still avoiding piano and leaving the world and his friends unknown about his situation continues a normal life.

But then he meets a beautiful violinist, Kaori Miyazono. She changes his world and makes him recover from his fear of playing the piano. She changes Kousei’s perspective of playing each note perfectly and realizing that music is more than a note.

2. Hypnosis mic

Top 10 Anime That Will Awaken Your Inner Musician!!

The world is now dominated and governed by women. weapons are of no use in this new world and are banned. But this does not mean the difference of opinion is finished. Humans being humans found other ways to fight. Fight through words. Now instead of weapons words are used to solve conflicts. Even was are fight with words now. What a dream world, right?

The “Hypnosis Mic,” is a technology by which words can cause real damage to opponents. Now words are used for fierce battles everywhere. Words affect more than weapons is just not a saying anymore.

3. Nana

Top 10 Anime That Will Awaken Your Inner Musician!!

Nana Komatsu, a 20-year-old who falls in love with anyone around her. She went to Tokyo to find his boyfriend Shouji Endo. Nana Osaki, who is completely opposite of Komatsu, is proud, and she is the vocalist for a punk rock band and she has a similar background, she comes from a ruler area like Nana Komatsu.

They both meet on the same train and also end up renting the same apartment. As their friendship deepens, the two attempt to support each other through thick and thin, their deeply intertwined lives filled with romance, music, challenges, and heartbreaks that will ultimately test their seemingly unbreakable bond.

4. Kono Oto tomare

In an attempt to make up for his naivety and understand the words of his late grandfather, Chika tries to join the Tokise High School Koto Club. Even though the club is in dire need of members, new club president Takezou Kurata is unwilling to easily accept Chika’s application due to his bad reputation. Nonetheless, after seeing Chika’s seriousness and enthusiasm, Takezou allows the problem child to join, along with koto prodigy Satowa Houzuki and three of Chika’s energetic friends. Kono Oto Tomare! follows the merry band of musicians as they aspire to play at the national competition.

5. Vivy

Top 10 Anime That Will Awaken Your Inner Musician!!

Nederland—an A.I. complex theme park where dreams, hopes, and science intermingle. Created as the first-ever autonomous humanoid A.I, Vivy acts as an A.I. cast for the establishment. To fulfill her mission of making everyone happy through songs, she continues to take the stage and perform with all her heart. But the theme park was still lacking in popularity.

One day, an A.I. named Matsumoto appears before Vivy and explains that he has traveled from 100 years into the future, with the mission to correct history with Vivy and prevent the war between A.I. and humanity that is set to take place 100 years later. Will they stop the upcoming war? Will music be enough to stop a war in the future?

6. Love live! SUPERSTAR!!

Top 10 Anime That Will Awaken Your Inner Musician!!

Kanon Shibuya due to her stage fright fails to make it into a popular girl’s High School music program and instead ends up in the general curriculum. Her friend Keke helps her even when she makes the conscious decision to quit music.

When they try to form a school idol group, they were objected to. But the director allows them to set up their school idol club under one condition that they must win the Yoyogi School Idol Festival.

The resilience of these girls is tested as they face the challenges that come their way. Through their journey, they meet new friends and gather new members for their club.


Top 10 Anime That Will Awaken Your Inner Musician!!

IDOLiSH7 set a date for a live tour to express their gratitude toward their fans on their debut anniversary. Also, they have to defend their title as the winners of last year’s competition. They make a name for themselves and meet big names of the industry. Also, they have to worry about their image as some rumors were going on about them which would be scandalous if came out in public, and also they have to test how strong their bonds are through their journey of fame.

8. Legend of Black Heaven

Oji Tanaka has a wife, a child, and a mundane job as a salaryman in Tokyo’s modern society. But life wasn’t dull for him to begin with; 15 years ago, he was known as “Gabriel”, leader of a short-lived heavy metal band called Black Heaven. Oji’s life gets a sudden change in direction when he is invited by a mysterious blonde woman named Layla to pick up his Gibson Flying V and once again display his “legendary” guitar skills, not knowing that his music generates power for a massive weapon in an intergalactic war.

9. Those snow white notes

Top 10 Anime That Will Awaken Your Inner Musician!!

Setsu Sawamura heads to Tokyo after the death of his grandfather, the legendary shamisen master to find his own music. But he was disappointed after seeing Tokyo defied his expectations. He found noise instead of his sounds in the busy life of the city.

Setsu’s mother forced him to enroll in school. At school, setsu was convinced to teach members of the shamisen appreciation club by his friend. Now, will setsu will be able to fall in love with shamisen again and find his love for the art back and find his sound, his original goal?

10. Angel beats!

Top 10 Anime That Will Awaken Your Inner Musician!!

In the realm of the afterlife, Few teens fight to keep from being taken to the next level. Otonashi awakens and learns he is dead and he can only remember his name. And meets with a girl named Yuri explains that they are in the afterlife. Yuri leads a group called Shinda Sekai Sensen which fights against a girl named Tenshi.

Otonashi decides to join the SSS and battle Tenshi, but he finds himself oddly drawn to her. While trying to regain his memories and understand Tenshi, he gradually unravels the mysteries of the afterlife.


These were some of the musical anime which I thought were the best from this genre. I hope you will like them. If you have any suggestions or any anime which I missed from this genre that could be in this list please leave a comment and help your fellow weebs by recommending them some good anime. And me too!!

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