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Top 10 Best Female Anime Villains Of All Time

Anime characters have a special place in every weeb’s heart. They have motivated them more than any motivational speaker. The protagonists and antagonists both affect the viewers. As kids, the heroes seem to be more likable, but as adults, the villains become more relatable. Most of the villains have a tragic backstory that justifies their actions.

Top 10 Best Female Anime Villains Of All Time

Moreover, the character development of some villains turns out to be more superb than others. These villains are responsible for some of the best stories, fight scenes. Some are even responsible for the whole storyline of the series.

10. Himiko Toga

Best Female Anime Villains

Himiko Toga is a villain in the anime My Hero Academia. She is a major antagonist and a member of the League of Villains. She was the main antagonist in the Forest Training Arc, Provisional Licensing Arc, and Shie Hassaikai Arc. Her Quirk allows her to transform into anyone by injecting herself with his/her blood. She is able to transform perfectly by even imitating the voice. The more blood she injects, the longer she remains transformed.

Himiko Toga is a petite, skinned girl who is always shown to be smiling or blushing. She is a cheerful girl, flashing a smile even when killing someone, thus showing a sadistic personality. She is an unstable, mental girl as shown during her fight against Tsuyu and Uraraka. She, like other villains, finds the current society difficult to live in. She admires Stain, desires to kill, and later “becomes” him.

9. Echidna

Best Female Anime Villains

Echidna is the Witch of Greed in the anime series Re: Zero. She has been referred to various times, before introducing her as a supporting character in Arc 4, later becoming a secondary antagonist. Subaru met Echidna for the first time at her Tea Party, where she invited him. She is shown as an incorrupt, polite, childish woman when Subaru met her for the first time. But, she is a greedy, black-hearted woman, devoid of any affection. She got worked up when Subaru starts going back without asking her anything.

Echidna is shown as a tall maiden with long white hair. She is the Witch of Greed, having curiosity in everything. She is interested in Subaru’s Return by Death and extends her hand to form a contract with him, becoming his advisor in the various possibilities with his Return by Death. She is said to be quite clumsy by the other Witches, having burned the forest to warm herself. She revoked Subaru’s eligibility to enter her Castle of Dreams as her revenge for declining her contract. Although, she shows hostility and hatred to only two characters – Emilia and Satella in the anime.

8. Lucy

Best Female Anime Villains

Kaede, also known as Lucy in her mad form, is the main protagonist and the anti-hero of the anime series Elfen Lied. She is also the Queen Diclonius, an evolution of the human race. Kaede suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder, resulting in having three different personalities, Kaede/Lucy, Nyu, and DNA voice.

As her original personality, Kaede is shown as a timid, depressed, and frustrated kid. She has always been discriminated against due to her horns. Even in the orphanage, she has been bullied due to her horns. She developed hatred and agony for Humans when her dog was murdered in front of her by the orphanage children. She would kill the whole family, without any guilt or regret, just to use their house.

7. Rize Kamishiro

Best Female Anime Villains

Rize Kamishiro was the first antagonist of the anime Tokyo Ghoul. She was the ghoul under the name Binge Eater. She was killed in a Steel beam Incident, where her kakuhou was later transplanted into Ken Kaneki making him a one-eyed ghoul. She was later captured alive by Dr. Akihiro Kanou, who used her kakuhou to transform more one-eyed ghouls.

Rize Kamishiro is introduced as a slender-looking girl with chest-length hair. As a ghoul blending in human society, she deceives people and later preys on them. She was one of the illegitimate children of Tsuneyoshi Washuu, the chairman of CCG. She fled from there and the organization V and came to Tokyo. After using her to make more one-eyed ghouls, she was used as the host for Dragon, indirectly responsible for the tragedy in Tokyo. She was later put out of her misery by Ken Kaneki.

6. Junko Enoshima

Junko Enoshima is a student in Hope’s Peak Academy’s Class 78th, and a participant of the Killing School Life in the anime series Danganronpa. Her title is the Ultimate Fashionista. Danganronpa originally came out as a video game, but due to its high success, various spin-offs were produced, including an anime adaptation and Danganronpa/Zero, a series of two novels. She is titled Ultimate Fashionista and the founder of Ultimate Despair. Junko has a hidden talent, known as Ultimate Analyst.

Junko is a young woman who had shaken the country with her charisma and taste. Her popularity was due to her being “not fake”. She has an alternate personality, Ryōko Otonashi who has the true talent, known as Ultimate Analyst. Overall, she is a psychotic, sadistic, and pitiless creature who cares nothing more than creating despair and misery for the people in the world.

5. Annie Leonhart

Annie Leonhart, also known as The Female Titan, was a major antagonist in the early stages of Attack on Titan. She, along with Reiner, Bertolt, and Maurice, infiltrated Paradis to reclaim the Founding Titan for Marley. During the Female Titan Arc, she was responsible for numerous deaths, including the gruesome murder of Levi Squad.

Annie Leonhart is an Eldian, residing in Marley. She, along with Reiner, Bertolt, and Maurice, was tasked with the mission to retrieve the Founding Titan residing in the Walls. She has always been an isolated, shy, uncompassionate child, due to her harsh upbringing. While Annie has shown no emotion, she does feel some guilt and regret, as she talked to a corpse after the battle of Trost and was hesitant in eliminating Marco when he learned about their identity. Deep inside the warrior Annie, is a little girl who just wanted to finish the mission and go back to her father. Whenever she failed to capture Eren or failed to flee, she would be seen with tears in her eyes, having failed to return back home.

4. Isabella

Isabella is the main antagonist in Season 1 of The Promised neverland. Isabella is the Mother of the orphanage that took care of the orphans. Initially, she is shown as a compassionate, loving Mother who loves and cares for her children, but the real she is a twisted-natured lady with no attachment to these children. Isabella is shown to be quite ruthless, having broken Emma’s leg to avoid her from escaping.

Isabella, originally, was an orphan herself. After a year she was born, she was shifted to an “orphanage”. When her one and only friend was shipped, his absence caused her so much grief and melancholy that she attempted to escape the orphanage by climbing the giant wall. However, her hopes were shattered after seeing the huge cliff on the other side, returning back to her Mama. When Emma, along with Ray and 13 other orphans escaped from Grace Field House, she accepted her defeat and wished them farewell as she watched her children leave.

3. Lust

Lust was the only female antagonist in 2003’s Fullmetal Alchemist. Being a Homunculi, she had many abilities like regeneration and much more. She is the embodiment of Father’s lust and serves as a weapon to lure and trick others. She is shown to be quite sadistic, having pleasure in torturing others. She is usually partnered with Gluttony, with whom she shared a special relationship.

Lust is the only Homunculi who did not show any personality traits according to her name. While Greed was greedy, and Gluttony was always hungry, she was never prurient, having no attraction to someone else. However, she did seduce others and flirt with others to lure them according to Father’s plan. She, somehow, accurately predicted that Mustang would lose his vision after opening the Gate of Truth, as she said, “I look forward to the day when those eyes will be wide with agony”.

2. Esdeath

Best Female Anime Villains

Esdeath was a major antagonist in the anime Akame Ga Kill. She was a high-ranking general in The Empire. As Night Raid became more effective in the assassination, she was appointed as the leader of Jaegers by the Prime Minister. Esdeath was quite deadly as an enemy, but as a superior, she was the best superior, loving and caring for her subordinates greatly.

Esdeath is a true fighter, who loved to fight. She held people in high esteem whom she would deem worthy. She was a sadistic woman, living under her father’s saying, “The strong survive and the weak die”. She was deeply in love and obsessed with Tatsumi, as she fed him one of her specialties even after he rejected her. She wanted Tatsumi to join her, becoming her subordinate, to save him. When he rejected her offer, she said that if he can’t be hers, she will kill him herself so that he can’t be anyone else’s.

1. Medusa Gorgon

Best Female Anime Villains

Medusa Gorgon, also known as Dr. Medusa, was a major antagonist in the anime Soul Eater. She was a snake witch who wanted to study her black blood and wanted to revive the Kinshin. Despite being a witch, she was also quite skilled in hand-to-hand combat style. She had great observational skills and was very intelligent, adapting to situations instantly.

She was the mother of Crona, who was a major element in her master plan of destroying the current world order to return it back to track. She is the middle child of the three Gorgon Sisters. Lacking empathy for others, she views everyone as a specimen or as a tool for her purpose. Medusa has been proven as the vilest individual in the series, even more than Asura. . In the series, Maka’s Majin Hunt technique, a technique based on erasing all evil, is the only thing capable of killing her, as she is pure evil.

Sometimes, it is the Antagonist that carries the show, being the fan’s favorite or by topping the popularity polls. There have been many anime villains, with such a marvelous backstory that their actions are justified. These female villains are the ones responsible for giving us some of the best fights and the saddest deaths.


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