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Top 10 Best Manga/Manhua Like Martial Peak

(Last Updated On: September 9, 2022)

Are you looking for manga like martial peak then wait no more. In this article I’m going to share with you 10 amazing manga similar to martial peak.

Top 10 Best Manga/Manhua Like Martial Peak

Martial Peak follows the story of a boy named Yang Kai that hails from a powerful martial family. The story is set in a martial arts world where everyone dreams of reaching higher cultivation levels and the strength of a person determines his value. This manhua has already crossed 1200 chapters at the time I’m writing this article.

Now let’s have a look at the list of manga similar to martial peak.

10. Return of the Immortal Cultivator

The protagonist of this manga hails from a powerful family but he is from a branch family that is located in the countryside. One day while he was waking in the forest a portal appeared in front of him and he got sucked in it and transfers to another world. To return to his family he trains very hard and finally managed to become an immortal in that world. He uses his power to open a portal to return to his family but in the process, he loses all his power.

The time flow in both the world differed very much because of that 1000 years in the fairy world was only equal to 5 years of his original world. After returning back to his family he takes responsibility for his family and starts changing his life. It’s a pretty good cultivation manga like martial peak. Do Consider Checking It!!!

9. Martial Arts Reigns

The story focuses on the life of Ye Ming, who is the protagonist in this manga. His father and mother were killed when he was a child and his family did nothing to avenge them. He started training very hard hoping to get revenge for his parents but his family members destroyed his meridians and because of that he became a waste and everyone started to look down on him and whenever they saw him.

One day while he was passing through the road an old man attacked him hoping to possess his body. That action takes a toll on the old man and all his treasure passed to him. With the help of those treasures, he changes his life just like in the manga martial peak.

8. Turn The Tide

Just like any other martial arts manga where the strong are respected and the weak are bullied. The same thing follows up in this manga. The protagonist starts in the countryside where several dominates the place. He was the son of the head of the family and the family invested all of the resources in him. But despite all that he never showed any progress and was stuck at the same level.

One day when he was getting cursed by everyone a spirit comes out from his body. This spirit was the reason for him not showing any progress in martial arts. Now with the guidance of the spirit, he starts his journey in martial arts. It is a great manga like martial peak. Do consider checking it.

7. Against The Gods

Same as manga like martial peak the protagonist never once showed any progress in cultivation. But his family supported him very much but one day something unexpected happens and he had no choice but to flee from the house. His brother poisoned his drink and he died later he gets reborn in another world and trains in medicine but also dies after that. After dying he finds himself again in his previous life when he just about to get poisoned.

After getting a second chance to relive his life he wants to change everything that was going to happen. He starts repairing his meridians and starts to train in martial arts.

6. Soul Land

Douluo Dalu 2: Jueshi Tangmen (Soul Land II)

This is more like a reincarnation manga where the mc reincarnates to a different world. In his previous life, the protagonist was one of the geniuses of the world. He managed to learn things that no one within the whole sect could do. Unfortunately, he was just an outsider in the sect, and learning all these things was forbidden to him. After learning all the things of that world he gave up his life because he didn’t have anything to do.

After dying he gets reborn as a son of a blacksmith. In this world everyone possessed a spirit and everyone’s value was dependent on it. The mc awakens a trash spirit and starts his journey in this new world.

“If you want to see more about this comics, you can check out here

5. Spirit Sword Master

The main character starts weak but this was his second life so he had his memory as his cheat skill. He starts training relentlessly hoping to get stronger. He was the only person that lived in his family. All his family members were killed when he was just a child. With the help of the memory from his previous life, he plans everything to have his revenge and save all the people that are still alive.

It is a very great cultivation manhua that follows a similar story pattern as of martial peak. He keeps on training and achieve greater results and also help others in their cultivation.

4. Apotheosis

The story follows the life of Luo Zheng who was treated as a slave by his family after the disappearance of his father. One day he manages to find a book left by his father. After opening that book 9 dragons including a cauldron enters inside of his body. Now the dragons start helping him in his cultivation. With its help, he manages to escape from his family and starts a new life.

It is one of the great cultivation manga like martial peak that was released at the same time. Both have them have a lots of chapters and mc in both starts off as weak and continue to get strong.

3. Swallow the whole world

The protagonist in this manhua was betrayed by his own brother and was killed. After several thousand years his soul managed to find a new body and he revives after that. After opening up his eyes he wanted to take revenge for the thing that happened with him. But because so much time went by he could not find them nor even find the whereabouts of his wife.

Now he is left alone in the world with immense hatred in his heart. It is a new manhua but has very less chapters because it is new. Overall I will highly recommend trying it out it’s a great manga like martial peak.

2. God of Martial Arts

As the title suggests this manga is mainly focused on martial arts. The main character of this manga transmigrated to a body of a cultivator in a martial arts world. He was the son of the sect leader with a week spiritual root. He was always beaten up by his cousins because he was weak. Now after the mc takes over his body his life changes completely. He turns into a strong cultivator that everyone praises from the trash.

It is a popular manga like martial peak that has a lot of readers worldwide. I’ll higher consider you checking it out if you have not read it.

1. Star Martial God Technique

Star Martial God Technique

Just like any other martial arts manga in this manga the main chapter hails from a weak family. But by chance he manages to meet the daughter of the minister who takes care of him in the sect. When the protagonist returns to his family he meets up with the blue carp fish that later changes his life. Now he starts his new journey in the world and increases his family reputation.

This is also a popular manga/manhua similar to the martial peak. It is an ongoing manhua with millions of readers worldwide. This manhua has been written by the same author of tales of demons and gods.

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