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Top 10 Easiest Won Anime Fights Ever

Welcome back to and these are Watchmojo’s the top 10 anime fights won without lifting a finger. For this list we’ll be looking at the anime victories where one of the opponents did next to nothing whether they were aware they were fighting or not doesn’t matter a win is a win.

Top 10 Anime Fights Won Without Lifting a Finger
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10. King Appears – One Punch Man (2015-)

Top 10 Easiest Won Anime Fights Ever
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Goes to show just how powerful rumors can be before a new monster of the week can leap out and attempt to bite Saitama’s head off along comes one of the most revered s-class heroes of them all the man known to all as the strongest mortal. Pure coincidence of course and as we find out later on he’s so weak even Mumen rider looks like a beast by comparison naturally the villain surrenders on the spot rather than face the non-existent wrath of a living legend. Lucky him otherwise Saitama would have likely splattered him across the sidewalk.

9. Automatic Phoenix – Cautious Hero: The Hero is Overpowered but Overly Cautious (2019)

Top 10 Easiest Won Anime Fights Ever
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Because why wouldn’t an OP(over powered) protagonist from Japan have a homing attack to take care of minor enemies. In his pursuit to save a fantasy world from a demon lord but in the most careful way possible, Seiya continues to stock up technique after technique that pretty much renders the rest of his group moot, which is kind of a bummer for Mash & Elulu who haven’t really been able to do anything since joining except be baggage handlers. Still can’t deny having a phoenix swooped down and incinerates any low-level threats in the immediate vicinity is kind of a chad way to flaunt your stuff.

8. Sawada vs. Julius…Or Not – Kengan Ashura (2019)

Top 10 Easiest Won Anime Fights Ever
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Turns out that shady business dealing sand behind the scenes Fiasco has come with the territory when death matches are involved. Before this match of the tournament can get and away the chairman of mid and music is threatened to the point where she is forced to forfeit the match allowing Julius the monster to progress while her precious beard of darkness is left if dwell in. Defeat needless to say he is not happy about it soon triggering a brawl of his own in retribution.

7. Oingo and Boingo fail at life – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders (2014-15)

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There have been many a stand user that Jotaro and company have beaten into the ground with zero difficulty. But only a certain duo managed to fail so hard exterminating them that they ended up kicking themselves to the curb. By relying on a book that reveals the future and cements the fate of all within its pages these murderous brothers believe their assassination attempt to be without faults. Until fate screws them over again and again to the point of incapacitation or without Jotaro ever really noticing their existence.

6. The Fall of Bandit Keith – Yu-Gi-oh (2000-05)

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Hey playing children’s card games as ado-or-die business where things can turn ugly at the drop of a hat, following his defeat at the hands of Joey in the Duelist Kingdom quarterfinals Keith demands that Pegasus hand him his fortune or risk getting a bullet to the head. Not that it matters since with but a click of his heel the eccentric billionaire sends the all-american bandits hurtling into the ocean thanks to some conveniently placed trapdoors. Have you enjoyed the view.

5. Job Interview Goblin Slayer Style – Goblin Slayer (2018)

Top 10 Easiest Won Anime Fights Ever
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Well at least he has an alternate career choice if he ever gets out of the Goblin killing business. As a favor to the beautiful Gil Gil the armored decimator of little green lime spot takes in an interview process to see if an up-and-coming adventurer is worthy of improving in rank. After getting shot down due to his illicit acts the dejected imp contemplates striking out early for goblin Slayers intimidation skill to be so high that he imagines himself getting punched out if he goes through with it. And this is why GS gets all the ladies.

4. Pitou’s Arrival – Hunter X Hunter (2011-14)

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That’s the problem with cats they’re always listening. After discovering just how strong his nannies Rama declares that he’s powerful enough to snatch the throne away from the king and become the ruler of the chimera ants. Well it’s always good to dream big his little monologue just so happens to overlap with the bit of pit Oh a royal guard with die hard loyalty to maro am caught in the act the wicked kitty decides to shatter this little act of rebellion by giving a quick demonstration of his own men. Given its immense magnitude it’s fair to say that Rama quickly gave up his dreams of being the new king in that moment.

3. Hail to the Chief – Dr.Stone (2019)

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With the power of science and a set of capable minions to do the actual punching everyone’s favorites exhilarating genius managed to elevate himself from outsider to the leader of Ishigami village and all he had to do was stand still and look pretty. The combat abilities of Kinro and Kohaku combined with Chrome’s flame filled surprise pretty much cleared the gauntlet and while he was originally going to let his science bro take the position he passed out making Senku inherit the position by default.

2. Luffy Vs 50,000 – One Piece (1999-)

Top 10 Easiest Won Anime Fights Ever
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if you want to point to a defining moment that demonstrated just how much stronger Luffy had become following his two years of training. Then look no further than the time he took down half an army of oncoming Fishman by Flexing his Haki. Having mastered the color of the Conqueror the captain of the Straw Hats was able to walk up to an oncoming kill squad and with his inner strength alone knock out 50,000 of them without even blinking. boom

1. He’s a Big Guy – Vinland Saga (2019)

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We don’t blame you Torgrim if we were facing down Thorkell the Tall we’d lose our heads as well after his little rebellion against Ashland ends up going south the traitorous henchman is offered a chance to die on his feet like a true Viking. However he’s so consumed by fear of said giant killing him that he snaps becoming nothing more than a husk from the fright alone. Kind of poetic how his cowardly actions ended up branding him for the rest of his life while an absolute unit like Thorkell is free to continue to slay his way to happiness.

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