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Top 11 Animes Like God Of High School

(Last Updated On: August 12, 2021)

Hey Guys, welcome back to Anime India. The God Of High School anime is adapted from a webtoon manhwa titled Gat Obeu Hai Seukul, and the Japanese anime adaptation is titled in English as The God of High School. The premise of the God of High School is standard shounen things and thoroughly enjoyable to watch because of its beautifully choreographed fight sequences. Each stand-off will leave you anticipating what might play out with the next pair of opponents. If you are a fan of fascinating fight scenes in God Of High School, we have compiled a list of similar anime to watch while waiting for Season 2 to be released.

So we are hooked and can’t wait to watch more anime with awesome fight or battle scenes. Beyond doubt, some top recommendations are One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, Dragon Ball Z, Fairy Tail, Beelzebub, Attack on Titan, Hunter x Hunter, One Punch Man, My Hero Academia, Mob Psycho 100.

That being said, there are other fantastic anime that are very similar to God of High School. We will look for themes like participation of young adults, martial arts, borrowing supernatural powers from beings from other realms, and a grand prize in a winner-takes-it-all tournament setting. All tied up together by fantastic action sequences when opponents engage with each other which forms the heart and soul of the series. Hajime-maste

11. Hajime No Ippo

Hajime No Ippo was released twenty years back, entering our list as a timeless retro masterpiece. It captures the shounen anime genre extremely well, starting with an underdog lead character Makunouchi Ippo. It was one of the highest rated anime of that era and the manga is recognized as one of the greatest in martial arts/ sports genres.

God Of High School’s high points were the watching the fight scenes that viewers easily excused other shortcomings. Hence, Hajime no Ippo is undoubtedly a great suggestion for anyone looking for anime similar to that. Ippo begins his journey into professional boxing from a weak and bullied teenager from Kamogawa Boxing Gym. He shares the same naive characteristics with Mori from GoH , and wants to understand what it means to be stronger. The storyline admirably portrays trials and personal struggles in a very realistic pace. This makes characters very relatable and viewers easily get emotionally invested in how they are going to end up as a person further down the line.

The anime also underscores the importance of disciplined practice through internal monologues or backstories about boxers undergoing rigorous training in order to get stronger. It gives a lot of time to those training scenes for minor characters also without overdoing it. This setting up of characters is done so beautifully that often one wishes for the opponent’s win instead of Ippo. The fight scenes are epic and bound to give an adrenaline rush. It also showcases how the boxing sports world functions both inside and outside the ring. Hajime no Ippo is all about boxing, determination, ambition, glory and overcoming fears.. As one of those truly inspirational anime, with a high re-watch quotient, this closes our recommendation list with a bang

10. Darwin’s Game

Darwin’s Game was released in 2020 and aired 11 episodes for its first season. There will definitely be a second season as the manga has progressed but it is yet to be announced officially. The first season leaves many questions unanswered given the limited number of episodes, even so Darwin’s Game is interesting to watch.

The plot starts when Kaname Sudo, a 17-year-old high school student downloads a mobile gaming app named Darwin’s Game only to find himself in a deathmatch with other players. Players are given special abilities through “Sigils” and earn points that can be transferred as a real-world currency. That’s the reason why many players willingly entered the game, unlike Kaname who entered it unintentionally as the download link was forwarded by his friend. The showstoppers are various side characters with a wide range of sigil-derived abilities and how it can be exploited when life is at stake.

This anime has good battle scenes which can be enjoyed if one does not seek explanation and focuses on how each player manages to survive. Like much other anime, it isn’t all-around perfect but manages to be a good binge-watch.

9. Kill la Kill

Kill la Kill was released in 2013 and simultaneously it’s manga series was published which was inspired from the anime. The story has reached its conclusion and it is a binge worthy series with just 24 episodes.

Kill la Gill is loaded with fan service, has a promising lead heroine who faces an equally imposing antagonist, and youngsters getting absurdly stronger by donning an attire. Ecchi anime is usually passed off just because they belong to a certain genre. Kill la Kill rightfully makes it to this list based on the rambunctious fights and score points on being hugely entertaining. The lead heroine Ryuko Matoi joins Honnouji Academy to uncover the truth behind her father’s murder and in order to do that she has to fight other students. She is also given good character development in the story and her struggles are very relatable. Her emotional support is her best friend, Mako Mankanshoku, who is just as endearing as she is wacky. The characters often fall into nonsensical situations which are only fuelled by more unpredictable turns of events.

The extravagant fight scenes are the most prominent part of the anime, which makes one forget the fact that it is an ecchi anime. Brilliant fight sequences with rich animation brimmed with badass dialogues make it worthwhile to watch.

8. Kengan Asura

Adapted from manga, the anime version aired in 2018. It has received praise for how it handles the dynamics in each fight. It does not rely on overly complicated plotlines, and delivers what it aimed for. The japanese word kengen, if at all had an english cousin, the phrase “way of the fist” would come close to it. It’s not the literal translation but it satisfactorily captures the essence.

The premise of the anime is based on fighting matches that are held by rival companies to settle business disputes. The warring business organizations hire fearsome and monstrous fighters over businesses worth billions. The tension in the show never lets up and will have the viewer in its grip.

As mentioned earlier it delivers in grueling fights in an arena and sometimes leads to near-death circumstances of the participants. It is rated 18+ on Netflix due to gory and violent content. One of the best anime of its season, do not miss out on it.

7. Kenichi,The Strongest Disciple

Kenichi, The Strongest Disciple as a genre is out-and-out action comedy shounen anime. It aired between 2006 to 2007. It is a god sent anime with a perfect combination of comedy and martial arts. Like God of High School, this centres around martial art based fights.

It is a laugh riot with the main character Kenichi Shirahama, even the very well-defined side characters leave an impression. This anime is actually great without trying to be great. The plotline never feels forced even during tense moments. Characters develop in a very natural real-life space, which is contrasted by action-filled fight sequences. It flows very effortlessly between being wacky and tense. Kenichi, The Strongest Disciple has a way with its funny moments that sets you up to vigorously enjoy upcoming high spirited fight scenes.

Kenichi is a very lovable baka personality, dedicated to training in martial arts under eight masters in a dojo. This does not have a tournament setting, but there are always run-ins with hooligans who only get more powerful as episodes progress. This is by far one of the best action-comedy shounen anime based on martial arts and a highly recommended watch.

6. Fate/Stay Series

This series has one of the high-ranking famous lead characters, Saber. This character is also seen topping the polls in categories like most figurines sold, characters viewers want as bf/gf. Fate/Stay has had multiple sagas since it was first aired in 2006 and the latest series will be announced soon. The battle royal premise is consistent where beings from other realms lend their skill sets to humans.

The storyline of the anime is an intense drama, climatic high octane fight scenes, character development with meaningful backstories. In any case, Fate/Stay will take you by storm. Watch it. If I had to choose one series which is like God Of Highschool, this would be the one.

5. The Law of Ueki

The Law of Ueki (Ueki no Housoku) joins the list as a quintessential shounen genre which is an easy going watch. The main characters are middle schoolers, so the silliness runs rampant in the series. There is no reason why an anime which involves fighting cannot be non-gloomy, afterall the protagonist’s one of the powers is recycling trash into trees.

A middle schooler Kosuke Ueki with an idealistic sense of justice is the central character here, who joins the fray for a greater cause. This drive is more out of childlike innocence and simplicity rather than a deep moralistic point of view, the show is never meant to be preachy. He also makes friends on the way. Similar to God of High School, characters gain one or more abilities bestowed by celestial beings from heaven. Only middle schoolers, typically between 12 to 15 years old as per japanese education system, are given such abilities. The reason behind this age bracket as a mandatory requirement also forms a sub-plot point.

These kids represent celestial beings and fight each other in a tournament called Battle of Supernatural Powers. The last one standing gets one power of choice to keep forever and the celestial being represented rises to the leadership position in the other realm. The fights are always interesting to watch because we get to anticipate the kind of funny power and what goofy turn of events will follow. Many review this anime as mediocre at best, but still a memorable watch. If you enjoyed God of High School, this will certainly strike a chord with you.

4. Baki Series

This series has three arcs so far, Baki Grappler, Baki Grappler – Tournament and the latest installment is titled just Baaki. The author (mangaka) of this series practices martial arts in a dojo in real life. The storyline develops with Baki Hanam, who since the age of 3, has been training under various masters of different styles of martial arts. His goal is to defeat his estranged father Yujiro Hanma who is known to be the strongest of them all. In the second arc, Baki Grappler Tournament, he turns 16 and enters a tournament to finally have a showdown match against his father.

The latest installment titled Baki was aired in 2018, following the events one year after the conclusion of the previous arc. Baaki Hanma who is now 17 years old, has gained the recognition of being the new strongest after a face-off with his father. This attracts numerous powerful opponents wanting to fight him, who are equally bored as him. Excluding the first arc, subsequent arcs are rated as 18+ for violent content.

It is not entirely necessary to watch this series in chronological order. The episodes focus on fights with different styles of martial arts which can be enjoyed without any storyline development. What makes the Baki series unforgettable is the amount of detail it has delved into. How a simple move of landing a punch is distinctly different in various martial arts forms. You will get to know about 38 different martial arts. As serious as it is in taking inspiration from real forms of martial arts, the Baki series is super fun to watch. Sometimes over-exaggeration which borders on ridiculousness makes it utterly enjoyable. Strongly recommended, for anyone who is interested in watching bloodthirsty men fighting with each other.

3. Megalo Box

As the name suggests, Megalo Box is purely based on boxing but with a twist, and the manga was titled Tomorrow’s Joe (Ashita no Joe ). Megalo Box has a gritty color concept with fresher rendition of animation and unintentionally makes you want to watch some retro anime. Given the art style, it is a surprise that it was released in 2018. This aspect actually forms a stunning part of the appeal. With profound storytelling and deep characters it has all elements in the right amount which makes a brilliant anime. Megalo Box is one of those hidden gems which goes unnoticed during the initial days. But now it has a huge base of ardent fans and for all the right reasons.

The main characters Jin Mori from GoH and Joe from Megalo Box share the spirit of true sportsmanship or true fighting spirit. The motivation behind participating in fights for Mori is just for the love of it while getting stronger and cooler. Joe also sets foot in the ring to enjoy a good set of bouts. Megalo Box centers around Joe entering a world-level boxing tournament called Megalonia. It is pure adrenaline without any flashy animation while remaining faithful to technical aspects of boxing as a sport. Coming to the fight scenes, it draws special attention to nuances of fighting. It is astounding that each subtle movement is illustrated and you start to feel the level of skills required to become an actual boxer.

Add to it a genuine passion of the animators, which results in mind-blowing fight sequences. Background music is another core component that makes it even more thrilling to watch. To sum it up, we have great boxing sequences, amazing storytelling and super cool background music, and a lead who qualifies as an underdog. This is not a one-dimensional anime at all which talks about KOs and throwing fists. It also runs a commentary on the world and the narrative hits far too close home. One cannot stress enough that it’s definitely a must-watch for every anime fan. It’s rated 18 + on Netflix.

2. Zodiac War

Zodiac war (Juni Taisen) was adapted from manga and aired in 2017. The manga and the anime both have been concluded.

The story follows a battle royal that takes place every twelve years. There can be only one winner, who will be granted his or her wish. This anime is very interesting to watch as there are twelve fighters, each representing twelve animals of Chinese zodiac systems. As you can guess, the combat style is strongly influenced by the type and temperament of the animals a fighter is associated with. The way the story is delivered does a great job of building up the tension. There is equal emphasis on the background stories and the battle royal fights. With its own flaws, this is certainly one of those anime that doesn’t try to be exceedingly good yet successfully manages to keep you engaged.

Bonus suggestions because why not:- Noragami, The Saga of Tanya the Evil, Samurai Champloo, Demon Slayer, Katekyo Hitman Reborn.

1. Tower of God

Tower of God (Kamo no Tou) captivates you with its distinct animation style, with efforts put into intricacies of good character design. Which immensely adds to the viewing experience. Just like God of Highschool, it is adapted from manhwa serialized on webtoon.

Leading characters in both series are a bit naive and open even to their opponents. Mori has a reckless side while Bam of Tower of God has his sensitivity. Bam forms relationships with other characters which is not just limited to being rivals. Participants have their own strong reasons to be dedicated in the tournament and will push limits to come out as the ultimate winner. We see them harnessing their physical and mental capabilities to overcome each hurdle in order to get their wish fulfilled. The storyline progresses with a good amount of comic relief and draws in the viewer by steadily revealing more on GoT’s alternate universe. Moves and weapons are given specific names and are unique to every character which makes it more interesting. Fighting scenes just hit the sweet spot between exciting and gory. Anyone who enjoyed God of Highschool S1 should absolutely give the Tower of God a chance.


According to you which one these is most similar to god of highschool? which one is your favorite? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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