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Top 13 Anime/Manga Like Spy X family

Spy x Family is the hottest and most amazing manga of this year with over 10 million copies sold. If you don’t know then Spy x Family also gets a TV anime adaptation which is On Origin at the time of writing this article. 

Top 13 Anime/Manga Like Spy X family

But many people have already caught up with the latest episodes and chapters and are craving more. Or you can be someone who wants to read something similar just because you find some new type of Magna. 

Whatever be the case but don’t worry because I am going to help you with your problems. If you want to read or watch something similar to Spy x Family then keep reading this blog post. 

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Top 13 Anime & Manga like Spy x Family 

#13. The Millionaire Detective

The Millionaire Detective - Top 13 Anime/Manga Like Spy X family |

The recommendation in the list is The Millionaire Detective which is based on the same theme of Spy x Family. The Millionaire Detective is not about assassins and spies but they both contain comic adventure scenes. 

If you are looking for a fun-to-watch show where you don’t want to use your brain but your eyes then go for this show. It follows the story of two detectives who work together to solve the most complicated cases of the series. 

#12. Kaguya-Sama: Love is War

Love is War - Top 13 Anime/Manga Like Spy X family |

The next recommendation on the list is not just similar to Spy x Family but the best romance anime and manga of all time. If you haven’t watched this show yet then you’re missing a lot on your table (I mean anime watch list). In Kaguya-Sama: Love is War two high school students play mind games to confess their love. 

They both already love each other but because of their pride, they don’t want to confess first. The main characters of both anime Spy x Family and Kaguya-Sama: Love is War are similar in many ways, like using too much brainpower even in the simplest things. 

#11. Kakushigoto

Kakushigoto - Top 13 Anime/Manga Like Spy X family |

Which part or theme of the Spy x Family do you like the most? For me, it was the relationship between the main character and Anaya. If you are someone like me who adores the cute relationship which is based on lies then you must watch Kakushigoto. 

Kakushigoto follows the lives of two family members, a father, and his cute daughter. Well, if you replace the spy with mangaka (who draws manga) then there is nothing different. Both protagonists hide their true work because of the secret and dirty work they do behind the scenes. 

#10. Hinamatsuri

Hinamatsuri - Top 13 Anime/Manga Like Spy X family |

Like Spy x Family, Hinamatsuri is also a supernatural anime where a little girl possesses superpowers. The only difference is the girl is taken care of by a Yakuza instead of a Spy. This anime is quite fun to watch where the protagonist tries to use that girl for their selfish desires but ends up helping her.

 If you are looking for a show that gives laughter and comedy then Heinamatsuri is waiting for you. There are quite major differences between Spy x Family and Hinamatsuri but still is one of the best recommendations for all Spy x Family fans. 

#09. Bungou Stray Dogs

Bungou Stray Dogs - Top 13 Anime/Manga Like Spy X family |

Do you know that Bungou Stray Dogs is not just one of the most popular but also a high read manga? Well, the best thing about this manga and also anime is that they follow quite similar protagonists. Like if you are the protagonist of the Spy x Family then you fall in love with Osamu Dazai. 

Both protagonists are fine in their work, working for a secret government organization to make the world a better palace. Moreover, they also deal with some supernatural stuff in the series and I am sure you are gonna like those action scenes. 

#08. Princess Principal

Princess principal - Top 13 Anime/Manga Like Spy X family |

Let’s imagine Spy x Family with a different scenario where all the main characters are female. If you like the idea then you will love the Princess Principal anime where all main characters are not just female but spies. 

Like Spy x Family, the setting of the show is outside Japan or the United Kingdom specifically. The main character works under the government or Queen and they spy on or kill the enemies. The setting of the Princess Principal is quite similar to Spy x Family along with the character designs. 

#07. GoSick

GoSick - Top 13 Anime/Manga Like Spy X family |

The next recommendation on the list is GoSick anime where you get some intelligent characters. Yes, just like the main characters of the Spy x Family the two main characters are quite the detective and super intelligent. 

Unlike Spy x Family spy theme, GoSick is more like The Millionaire Detective. In this anime two characters solve crime mysteries, murder cases, and other random but deadly cases all around the city. Last but not least, along with many hilarious scenes the GoSick anime comes with many dark scenes. 

#06. Sweetness and Lightning

Top 13 Anime/Manga Like Spy X family |

There is one more anime like Spy x Family and Kakushigoto where the main theme of the anime is the father-daughter relationship. The anime I’m talking about is not any other random anime but Yoshiki. In order words a healing anime, which helps the reader or water to give something normal and amazing to watch. 

In Sweetness and Lightning, the anime follows the life of a single father and his daughter. Furthermore, the theme is food where our protagonist is terrible when it comes to cooking.   

#05. The World’s Finest Assassin

Top 13 Anime/Manga Like Spy X family |

Another anime on the list where the protagonist is not just amazing but super talented. But the setting of The World’s Finest Assassin is quite different when it’s an Isekai anime. Yes, our protagonist of the anime gets killed by its allies and then reincarnated into a fantasy world. 

Even though there are millions of differences between Spy x Family and The World’s Finest Assassin, still they are similar. These two series are similar when it comes to characters, intelligence, and comic scenes. 

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#04. Sakamoto Days

Top 13 Anime/Manga Like Spy X family |

Bored of sweet and nice comedy scenes recommended in the list above? Then get yourself ready for an action-packed manga that is going to make you addicted. As previously suggested, How about we replace the protagonist of the Spy x Family with an old Granny? 

Well, that’s what Sakamoto Days is all about where an old granny is a deadly assassin. Assassination is her part-time job where she deals with drug lords, deadly gangsters, and even prime ministers. 

#03. Barakamon

Barakamon  - Top 13 Anime/Manga Like Spy X family |

Barakamon is an anime and also manga about a super talented man but also a little arrogant. In this series, you will get sweet and light heart scenes like Spy x Family between two different types of characters. 

The addition or you can say the difference is unlike Spy x Family, Barakamon’s setting is countryside. If you remove spies, assassination, and supernatural things then the product is Barakamon. If you are done with Spy x Family then you must check out barakamon anime or even read the manga. 

#02. Yotsubato!

Top 13 Anime/Manga Like Spy X family |

Yotsubato! Is not just based on the same theme as Spy x Family but it’s one of the highest and most popular manga of all time. The only downside of this manga is not adapted into anime or live-action. Even after years, it’s one of the best light read manga out there like Spy x Family. 

The theme of both series is the same where the main character’s quite weird. Moreover, in both series, the father adopts a girl as a daughter and takes care of her. Chapters of Yotsubato! Are episodic and quite long. 

#01. Aishiteruze Baby

Top 13 Anime/Manga Like Spy X family |

Aishiteruze Baby is quite a heartwarming story unlike other recommendations on the list. In both series, the love and relationship between Forger and his adoptive daughter Anaya are amazing. Aishiteruze Baby is not different but a little sad start where the girl is abandoned by her parents. 

Now, our protagonist, who is just a High School boy, is taking care of her and becoming her father. If you loved the Spy x Family and Anaya part of the story then you are gonna love it too.


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