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Top 13 Best Beach Episodes in Anime

The “beach episode” is so prevalent in anime that it’s almost synonymous with the medium. Viewers rise in any genre when there is fan service, and what better way to get some than to put everyone in a situation where they are barely dressed? While this may seem pointless in a series like High School DxD, where everyone is naked all the time, in other series, the beach is the only reasonable method to include some fan service.

Best Beach Episodes in Anime

While anime beach episodes might sometimes advance the plot, they are more often than not utterly unexpected. While the anime characters at the beach appear to be having a nice time, they aren’t doing anything particularly noteworthy in terms of narrative or character development. Sometimes you have to wonder if the episode was included for any reason other than fan service.

So, without further ado, here are the top 13 best beach episodes in anime.

13. Summer! Sea! Swimsuit Festival!! – Bleach

Summer! Sea! Swimsuit Festival!! – Bleach

This is Bleach Season 12, Episode 16. It aired on July 14, 2009.

The episode starts with women from Soul Society choosing their swimsuits. The women and Ichigo are at the beach on vacation because Byakuya destroyed the women’s association pool. Later on, Byakuya, Ikkaku, Renji, Ukitake, and everyone else joined them. Everyone seems to be having a good time until a watermelon-type hollow shows up and gets two vice-captains and Inoue.

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12. Shocking No Breathing! – Free!

Shocking No Breathing

Shocking No Breathing! is the sixth episode of the Free! anime series. It aired on August 14, 2013.

In this episode, Haruka Nanase and Nagisa Hazuki wake up and spot Makoto Tachibana and Rei Ryugazaki in the open sea in the middle of the storm. They rescue the two and find themselves on Mizushima Island. Makoto reveals to the group that he’s terrified of the ocean, Haruka reveals his first romantic encounter, Rei recalls an embarrassing school moment, and Nagisa acts like Nagisa.

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11. Island Time – Assassination Classroom

Best Beach Episodes in Anime

Island Time is the seventeenth episode of the Assassination Classroom anime series. The episode first aired on May 15, 2015.

In this episode, we show that it’s summer! A time for bugs! A time for erotic magazines! As a few Class E students are out collecting bugs to sell for some pocket money for their trip to Okinawa, they run into Okajima, who has set a trap for Korosensei. Will perversion save the world?

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10. Summer Day: Courtship Behavior – Guilty Crown

Best Beach Episodes in Anime

Summer Day: Courtship Behavior is the eighth episode of the Guilty Crown anime series. The episode first aired on December 1, 2011.

In this episode, Shu and Inori are requested by Gai to bring Souta Tamadate, Hare Menjou, and Kanon Kusama, classmates of the motion picture research club, to visit a beach resort at Oshima, though in the guise of a mission which will require drawing out Souta’s Void.

After having some fun on the beach with the others, Shu pays a visit to the grave of his late father, Kurosu Ouma, the leading expert on the Apocalypse Virus before his untimely death amid the Lost Christmas incident.

9. The Sun, The Sea, And The Host Club! – Ouran High School Host Club

Best Beach Episodes in Anime

The Sun, the Sea, and the Host Club! is the eighth episode of the Ouran HighSchool Host Club anime series. This episode first aired on May 23, 2006.

In this episode, we see During a visit to a real beach, the Ouran Host Club conducts a contest to see who can discover what Haruhi Fujioka fears most. During their stay, Haruhi and Tamaki Suoh argue that Haruhi eats too much shellfish and becomes nauseous at dinner. After utilizing one of the estate’s many bathrooms, she encounters Kyoya Ootori, who teaches her a lesson about her naiveté.

In an odd twist of events, her brontophobia is revealed to Tamaki, and she is comforted by him. Tamaki’s actions to help Haruhi are misinterpreted, causing the twins to accuse the blond of being a real “S&M pervert.”

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8. Song Of The Stars – Fairy Tail

Best Beach Episodes in Anime

Song of the Stars is the 153rd episode of the Fairy Tail anime. This episode aired on October 20, 2012.

In this episode, The Tenrou Team, having decided on their participation in the Grand Magic Games, scatters in various areas in order to train and be able to keep up with this era. As the Mages train, their magic power is slowly being restored, and they are hopeful that in three months they will be more than ready for the Games. However, Virgo’s sudden appearance demands that Team Natsu, Juvia, Levy, Wendy, and Carla visit the Celestial Spirit World immediately, as it is in a state of emergency.

7. Yoko, Will You Do Me a Favor? – Gurren Lagann

Best Beach Episodes in Anime

Yoko, Will You Do Me A Favor? is the 12th episode of the Gurren Lagann anime. It first aired on June 17, 2007.

In this episode, The Dai-Gurren arrives at the edge of the sea. While the mobile fortress is being modified, Team Dai Gurren takes this opportunity to relax and enjoy themselves… except for Yoko, who tries to outdo Nia at beach games without any success. Once the Dai-Gurren is seaworthy, the team sails on, but they are attacked by marine beastmen led by Adiane.

Gurren Lagann proves to be more than a match for Sayrune, forcing Adiane to grab Nia. However, Yoko manages to shoot at Sayrune through Nia’s hair, enabling Gurren Lagann to destroy it. Afterwards, a grateful Nia asks Yoko to trim her shot-up hair.

6. Trial in Open Water! – Free!

Best Beach Episodes in Anime

“Trial in Open Water!” is the fifth episode of the Free! anime series. It first aired on August 7, 2013.

In this episode, the Iwatobi High School Swim Club attends an unofficial training camp held on an outlying resort island to get each of them stronger by swimming in the open sea between several deserted islands. Rei Ryugazaki tries to practice on his own in the middle of the night. However, a big storm is coming his way.

5. Hair Stand – Another

Best Beach Episodes in Anime

Hair Stand is the 8th episode of Another It first aired on February 27, 2012.

In this episode, Kouichi and his classmates set off in Reiko’s car to meet her former classmate Matsunaga, the man who holds a clue to stopping the calamity, at the resort hotel where he works. As they spend the day at the beach awaiting his arrival, they run into Mei, who’s staying nearby at her family’s summer home. They all enjoy their freedom from the anxiety of being stuck in Yomiyama until… “I don’t want to spoil it.”

4. Drifters Of The DEAD – Highschool Of The Dead

Best Beach Episodes in Anime

Drifters of the Dead is a 16-minute OVA of the Highschool Of The Dead anime series. It first aired on April 26, 2011.

In this episode, we see After escaping the zombie-infested mainland, Takashi Komuro and the gang find themselves on a remote island off the coast of Tokonosu City. While scavenging around the island for supplies, they encounter a small seaside shack that provides them with clothing and a place to rest for the night. After a day’s work of collecting food, they begin to cook what they have gathered.

As they wait beside the campfire, a light haze begins to form around them and makes them nauseous. The group attempts to escape from the powerful odor, which is confirmed to be caused by hydrangeas—a type of poisonous plant that can cause hallucinations.

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3. Who Are You? – Fruits Basket 2019

Best Beach Episodes in Anime

Who Are You? is the tenth episode of the second season of the Fruits Basket 2019 anime. It first aired on June 9, 2020.

In this episode, Tohru Honda learns that the Soumas meeting with Akito Souma was not the happy occasion she’d imagined it to be. She overheard a conversation between Kyou Souma and Momiji Souma, and the reality terrified her. She quickly hid her fear under her usual aura of cheerfulness. Meanwhile, Akito was trying to deal with a rising rage at the influence Tohru exerted on the Souma family.

The rage boiled over, and Akito snuck out to pay a nighttime visit to the vacation house. Sensing what Akito was trying to do, Momiji Souma tried to protect Tohru — and incurred Akito’s wrath. What will Akito do to Momiji in order to get to Tohru? And just what does Akito intend to do to Tohru?

2. What Happens Twice Can Happen Thrice – Gintama

Best Beach Episodes in Anime

What Happens Twice Can Happen Thrice is Episode 217 of the Gintama anime series. It first aired on July 18, 2011.

In this episode, we see that in their spare time, the Yorozuya are helping out Hasegawa with his new job as a lifeguard, and in order to protect the children from drowning, the solution is to scare them out of the pool. And while Hasegawa isn’t too happy about this approach, Gintoki’s answer is simple, the public pool is a scary place, and it’s about time they learned this. Unable to use Inception to come up with a solution either, Gintoki (reluctantly) and Hasegawa take to watching over the pool and checking out girls in their swimsuits.

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1. Remote Island Syndrome – The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya

Best Beach Episodes in Anime

Remote Island Syndrome is the sixth episode of season one of the anime series The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.It first aired on May 7, 2006.

In this episode, we see A “distant relative” of Itsuki’s allows the SOS Brigade, along with Kyon’s sister, to stay at his newly built island villa. On their first day there, they enjoy the island’s facilities but are drawn inside by the arrival of a storm.

While waiting for the storm to pass, Haruhi and her friends play games indoors and have fun together. Later, the owner of the villa disappears, and everyone starts searching for him. Ultimately, the SOS Brigade members find him dead in his room.


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