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Top 13 Manga/Manhwa Like Down To Earth

 As you can see from the title, you must be here to find a good reference for your favorite webtoon, “Down to Earth.”

But if you are not aware of this title above, we have your back. Before starting with our listicles, we will give you a short summary of the webtoon “Down to Earth.” 

So, without further ado, let’s start the discussion! 

Short Summary for the Webtoon “Down To Earth”:

The plot revolves around Kade, who is the main protagonist for the series. He is a normal boy living his normal life; he is shown to be kind of an introvert who doesn’t like to talk to people. 

But one day a spaceship crashes in his backyard, and as he goes and looks around the spaceship, he finds an alien who looks like a normal human girl, and her name is Zaida. He took her in.

As the story progresses, they become good friends and fall in love.It’s a good romantic story, and you will feel wholesome after reading this webtoon.   

1. The 9 Lives 

The story began with alien refugees who came to Earth and called themselves “9 Lives.”As their existence became known, humans started calling them “cat boys” and forcing them to be their collared pets.

But one of the alien refugees, named Conri, did not want to have the same fate as their other members, as she is a rebellious young woman, which is why she ran away to escape these atrocities.

But one day, humans discovered his destination and tried to catch him, but at last, she was saved by a human named Adrian.

And now Conri is stuck between his desire for freedom and another desire. It’s a sweet, romantic story about the struggle to get freedom.Simple yet sweet, you must try! 

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2. Fushidara Sei no Oujisama 

The story begins with a suitcase crashing into the ground in front of a college student named Terano Jin.

He found a boy inside that suitcase, who was sleeping inside it, and, cherry on top, he was an alien who had come to destroy the earth (ok, I know it sounds weird).

To stop Pike’s ultimate goal of destruction of earth, Jin tries to show Pike something more entertaining than the destruction.Even though he tries hard, nothing amuses Pike.So, what now? He asked him to try sex.

Maybe that will be fun for him.Well, the story sounds a little weird, but it’s fun to read as Jin struggles to stop Pike. 

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3. Have To Betray The Earth!

The story revolves around Lu Fan, who is a white-collar urban woman kidnapped by an alien who resides on planet Saturn. The alien tries to explain his invasion plan, which is for Lu Fan to fall in love with him and then betray the Earth.

Soon after, other aliens as well from various planets start coming to Lu Fan, each with their own motives. Lu Fan started to think that she was not an ordinary human being, and as the story progresses, she falls in love with the Saturnian. Now, she is confused about which one she should choose.

The story by description sounds a little awkward, but it’s really good as you read through the chapters!So, you better try it. 

4. Zapt!

The story starts with a typical boy named Armand Jones. He is from a small town in the U.S. and doesn’t like his own teachers, homework, bullies, or getting ZAPT. He is about to introduce himself to the Pan-Galactic Order of Police, where he has a duty to save alien races and outwit space pirates. 

At the same time, he has to behave like a good kid and follow everything on time.

Well, it sounds like too much work for a kid, but he has to do it anyway. 

5. Blue Drop: Tenshi no Itazura 

Blue Drop is a series of manga stories written by Akihito Yoshitomi.

The story is about Arume, a member of an alien race that has a human appearance, even though she is an alien from another planet, and their group consists only of female aliens. 

Unfortunately, they had conquered the earth, and they were said to be homosexual and attracted to earth women, which shows lesbian behavior on the part of the aliens. 

6. Mage and demon queen

The series revolves around an adventurer mage named Malori, and her only goal is to seduce the Demon Queen Velverosa from her RPG fantasy world. 

So, if you want to read something fun, this manga will work well, as it will hook you with its funny characters. 

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7. Cursed Princess Club

In a world where royalty rules and a princess is always considered beautiful, comes the story of a princess who has average looks but still doesn’t lose hope and appreciates herself.

It is said that if a princess is beautiful, then surely her kingdom will be wealthy and successful. She can get married to a handsome prince of a neighboring kingdom and bring protection to her own kingdom.

But the girl opposite Princess with average looks forms a community, and that is where the main plot of The Cursed Princess Club starts.For more details, you have to read manga.  

8. eV:-

The plot description says that twenty minutes from now, there will arrive visitors from another planet towards Earth’s orbit and request you for these “emissaries,” which is a single human being, who is to be selected as a representative for all of Earth in an intergalactic parliament. 

A scientist named Dr. Richard Wymond invents a ZETTA serum, which is a nano-biological cocktail that will increase its invention abilities.

But as the story progresses, Wymond’s daughter gets seriously injured in a sudden accident, and that day, seeing her daughter in pain, he injects his daughter with the world’s last sample of the ZETTA serum to make her survive.

Now she had to represent Earth in the intergalactic parliament. Will she be able to do it? For that, you need to read the manga. 

9. One Kiss A Day 

The story revolves around an alien who is diagnosed with HIV and needs to kiss someone of the opposite gender.

Well, the story is simple to follow and has a romantic touch to it.So it’s definitely worth a try!   

10. A Mission to Your Heart 

It’s a BL webtoon, where our alien is a human boy who comes from away to find his lost stone. His name is Orion, and throughout his journey to find the stone, he meets a very handsome college boy named Luka Nan.

Now he has two missions: search for his stone and win the heart of his crush. 

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11. The Mysterians  

The story is about five heroes who have been given a mission to save the earth from an alien invasion because they have supernatural powers.

The aliens had already destroyed everything on earth, and now only hope is left to save the future of the planet.

The heroes who are chosen for the mission are called Mysterians . 

12. The Last Dimension

The story of a young girl named Fei, whose vision comes true in reality, and now she saw something that she didn’t want to happen but it’s started happening.

Now, she and his friends try to stop any kind of atrocity. 

13. Age Matters

The story is about 29-year-old Rose Choi, who recently got dumped and cheated on by her boyfriend.

Even though she was having a hard time, she wanted to join a firm for employment.Very soon, she got a job with the help of her friend, and the job was to make a meal and deliver it to a mysterious person.

To know her identity, you have to read the webtoon.

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 Wrap Up:-

In the end, I would like you to try all of the above-recommended titles if you really want to find something wholesome, lighthearted, and romantic.

Some of them are based on more than just this genre.


So do check them out and let us know your views on our recommended list!

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