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Top 13 Must Watch Anime Like Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

Netflix’s Cyberpunk: Edgerunners is an anime series created by Rafal Jaki. As David Martinez discovers a military-grade speedware called Sandevistan among the things left behind by his recently-deceased mother, the plot revolves around him. Angry at the unfairness of his world, David installs speedware in his body and demonstrates an extraordinary level of tolerance.

A mysterious woman named Lucy, mercenaries, and feuding corporations take notice of this. It soon becomes apparent to David that if he wants to survive, he must join an edgerunner or cyberpunk group led by Maine. Here is the list for top 13 must watch anime like Cyberpunk: Edgerunners.

13. Akira

Released in 1988, Akira is still seen as one of the best anime movies of all time. It is definitely one of the most sigbificant cyberpunk anime out there, as many have since been inspired by it. Animation and music still hold to this day and were well in advance of their time.

Akira is an essential watch for people who love cyberpunk, science fiction or anime in general. It feeds on its dystopian aesthetics, and it is not afraid to throw grotesque visuals that really hammer the magnitude of the events that follow.

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12. Kill La Kill

Kill La Kill

Aired in 2013, Kill la Kill was Studio Trigger’s first animated TV series, Which is still regarded as one of their biggest achievements.

Although it is basically a school battle set in a rough world, it makes extensive use of cel -style drawings and backgrounds, and has a uniform and ego that gives the wearer a power beyond human knowledge. Cyberpunk elements are also included , such as the anime animation style & appearance of uniforms .

12. Gantz

The story of two high school students, Kei Kurono and Masaru Kat, is based on a series of Japanese manga written and illustrated by Hiroya Oku. Though they were dead, they were restored to perfectly healthy bodies and forced to participate in a “game” in which they had to hunt & kill aliens..

The series is known for its graphic violence, action, and similarly mature themes. Similar to ‘Cyberpunk: Edgerunners,’‘ this anime also explore dark themes & complex sci-fi elements.

11. Megazone 23

Megazone 23 is set in the distant future, in the early 24th century. Around this time, various environmental problems made Earth uninhabitable. Humans began to leave Earth in gigantic space colonies called Megazones . The animation focuses on the inhabitants of the Megazone 23 colony.

The first two parts take place roughly 500 years after humanity left Earth. The colony government is preparing for an almost endless war against the Delzag and needs the support of the citizens for the war. The government wants to hack into the colony’s central computer (Bahamut), and use its artificial intelligence (EVE) to convince the citizens to participate in the war that is about to begin.

10. Time Of Eve

“The future, probably Japan. It’s been a long time since ‘ robots ‘ were put into practical use, and it’s been a while since ‘humanoid robots’ were put into practical use.” Rikuo, a high school student, discovers an action he does not remember ordering in the action record of the household “Sammy” he owns. Along with his classmate Masaki, he followed GPS and arrived at a mysterious coffee shop called “Eve no Jikan”.

Rikuo and Masaki each had a past of being hurt by a robot. As he interacts with the store and the “people” who gather there, Rikuo gradually opens up to the “people” he meets there. Rikuo’s change has closed Masaki’s heart, and he no longer visits the store. Despite these two, the Ethics Committee’s investigation is about to reach the “Time of Eve”…

9. Ergo Proxy

A series of murders committed by AutoReivs infected with the Cogito virus has begun to threaten the delicate balance of Romedue City’s social order. Behind the scenes, the government has been conducting covert experiments on a mysterious human life form called the “Proxy”; These proxy beings are said to hold the key to humanity’s existence.

Re-l Meyer, the Regent’s granddaughter, is assigned to investigate the murders along with her AutoReiv partner, Iggy. She encounters two unknown and highly powerful humanoids. He later learns that these humanoids are behind the scenes. During the massacre of the commune by Raoul Creed of the Security Bureau, Vincent leaves the area for his birthplace Mosk in an attempt to recover his memories.

Re-l later joins him to try to discover the truth behind Proxy and the domes. Inter alia it is revealed that the domes are all created by proxies and cannot function without their presence within the domes.

8. Psycho-Pass

In the near future, it is possible to instantly measure a person’s mental state, personality and the probability that said person will commit crimes thanks to a psycho-somatic scanner that scans the functions of the brain and the other biological and chemical functions of the body, determining the Psycho-Pass, a number associated with a color in each person.

The story follows a Unit of the Division of the Public Security and Criminal Investigation Office, the equivalent of the police of the present time, directly responsible and administrator of the work of Inspectors and Enforcers.

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7. Battle Angel Alita

The story tells of Gally ( Alita in the Western version), an amnesiac cyborg who is found by Doctor Daisuke Ido among the junk dumped from Salem , the utopian floating city (renamed in the West as Tiphares ). Ido rebuilds Gally and adopts her as her daughter but as time goes by, it becomes clear that Gally hides combat abilities as great as they are mysterious.

Given this and as a way to discover his own past, he will test himself in situations that stimulate and make these abilities flourish, so that he can obtain answers about his origin. With this objective, she will face various enemies fulfilling roles such as warrior hunter, Motorball racer, security agent and many others that will put her life at risk. Later, her story will lead her to face even greater challenges and dangerous off- planet creatures .

6. Texhnolyze

In the neglected and dilapidated city of Lux, young Ichise, an underground fighter, left alone and crippled, embarks on an adventure where he discovers the dark secrets of the city and its government. Onishi is a young executive in charge of the Organ organization, with many enemies, he tries to run the city government in a small group of people. Ran is a little girl with a very important gift that affects the entire city.

Ichise is taken as a test subject by a young doctor, who uses him to practice the latest in technology called Texhnolyze , prosthetic pieces with biomechanical parts. The young fighter is now taken under the care of Onishi, who sees in him something of the future and uses him as a bodyguard. Among all the events, a visitor named Yoshii comes to the underground village, he claims to come from “above”. Yoshii tries to understand the current state of the city and discovers secrets of the powerful organizations that rule, causing chaos and endangering the fate of Lux.

5. No Guns Life

No Guns Life

Juzo Inui is a former soldier who works as a private investigator in the underworld of the city. Jûzô is an Extended, a person whose body has been modified to improve his abilities, but this is not something strange, a large part of the population is too. The weird thing about Jûzô is that he has a gun on his head and is extremely strong.

The story begins to get complicated when Jûzô decides to protect a boy who is being persecuted by the Security Agency, which will lead him to face his past, and Beruhren, the mega-corporation responsible for the improvements of the Extended.

4. Blame!

This manga tells us the story of Killy , the adventurer and his search through the City to find genes with connection to the network. The City, which is the place where the whole story takes place, is a construction that surrounds the Earth forming a sphere of unknown dimensions, made up of gigantic sectors or floors one on top of the other.

These large sectors, made up of thousands of levels, caverns, and structures, are separated from each other by impassable barriers known as mega-structures , completely impervious to conventional weapons and impossible to drill through or penetrate in any way. In addition to this, any attempt to approach one of these mega-structures triggers a massive response from the Security System. in the prequel from Blame! , NOiSE, Nihei shows us how the rampant construction of The City is about to completely engulf the Moon.

3. Ghost In The Shell

In the 21st century, after the 3rd Nuclear War and the 4th Non-Nuclear War, which was won by Asia, the world has become a “global unified bloc”, and the stage is Japan, where science and technology have advanced dramatically. Among them, is computerization technology an advanced system that adds robot technology to artificial arms and legs The cyborg technology developed and spread.

In a society where real people, computerized humans, cyborgs, and androids coexist, an aggressive public security police organization under the direct control of the Ministry of Home Affairs that detects crimes such as terrorism, assassination, and corruption in advance and minimizes the damage. A story depicting the activities of Public Security Section 9 (commonly known as “Ghost in the Shell”).

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2. Serial Experiments Lain

“Existence is defined by the connection of recognition = consciousness, and all people are connected. Memories are just records. A story about a 14-year-old girl, lain, unfolding under the world view of “. The existence of “lain” is omnipresent in the real world and computer network Wired, and this existence is the ” collective unconscious ” advocated by Carl Gustav Jung, the founder of analytical psychology was an incarnation.

It is a psycho-horror-like work in which the real world is eroded by lain through wires. The style is like a futuristic redrawing of the underground otaku culture of the 1990s, and there is a consistent gloomy atmosphere in all of his works.

1. Eden Zero

Granbell is a planet inhabited by machines . The only human being , Shiki Granbell , travels to the outside world, Sakura Cosmos, after meeting Rebecca and Happy , who belong to the adventurer guild Meteor Light on the planet Blue Garden .

Like Rebecca and Happy, Shiki, who became a member of the meteor light, feels nostalgic for Mother, who is said to be a legendary existence in the Sakura universe, and decides to go see Mother. The demon king battleship Edens, left behind by Ziggy , the parent who raised Shiki, who was once called the demon king.


The three who discovered her zero became crew members, gathering various companions such as the thief Wise , the swordsman Homura , and the android Pino while traveling through space. Running through.

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