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Top 13 Strongest Characters in Baki

(Last Updated On: June 1, 2022)

Baki is one of the most popular manga series in Japan. The story follows a 19-year-old martial artist, Baki Hanma. He faces off against some of the world’s strongest fighters along the way. Baki aspires to defeat his father, Yuujirou Hanma, widely regarded as the strongest man.

Top 13 Strongest Characters in Baki

Baki’s ambition is to become strong enough to defeat Yuujirou, not to replace him as the strongest man alive. The strongest characters in Baki are some of the most feared and respected fighters globally. They have a vast arsenal of techniques and skills at their disposal, which they use to take on anyone who dares to stand in their way. Here are thirteen of the strongest fighters in the series:

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13. Pickle

Strongest Characters in Baki |

Pickle is a fictional character who appears in Baki the Grappler. He’s a prehistoric man who was discovered perfectly preserved in a saline rock formation. Pickle is presumably the only character physically stronger than Yujiro, which Baki specifically mentions before their fight.

This massive humanoid lived during the Jurassic/Cretaceous period. Pickle has been preserved for nearly 200 million years in a saline rock formation. He was born during the Cretaceous Era and used to fight T-Rexes before killing and eating them with his monstrous strength.

12. Kaoru Hanayama

Strongest Characters in Baki |

He is the Yakuza’s leader, a muscular colossus with a terrifying grip in the combat world. He was in command of one of Japan’s largest clans at 15. At this point, he decided to confront Hanma Yjir, the world’s strongest man. Hanayama underwent rigorous training to increase his durability to the point where his body became painless.

Despite his lack of reflexes, he leaves all attacks to deal with his extremely durable body. He has monstrous physical strength on which he primarily relies. He can grab his opponent’s arm and cause it to explode by constricting their blood flow with his powerful grip.

11. Kaiou Retsu

Strongest Characters in Baki |

Kaiou Retsu is a fictional character in the anime and manga series Baki the Grappler. He was a skilled Chinese Kenpo fighter and Katsumi Orochi’s friend. He began as an antagonist in the series before becoming one of the main characters.

Retsu was a skilled fighter who rose to the rank of Kaiou, strong enough to defeat Mount Toba in under a minute and Katsumi with a single punch. His punch was strong enough to permanently damage Dorian’s brain, reducing him to the mentality of a child.

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10. Izou Motobe

Strongest Characters in Baki |

Izou Motobe is a fictional character from the Baki the Grappler anime and manga series. He is a jujutsu master from Japan. Motobe begins training Baki for his fight in the first series. He once lost to Yuujirou and now works on new fighting techniques.

In a one-on-one match, he easily defeats Baki Hanma, though he claims that if he had struck with the intent to kill, Baki would have reacted more quickly. He also manages to flee Yuujirou, who is in a flying rage. Motobe is physically weaker than the majority of the other fighters, and he will undoubtedly lose in a fair fight.

9. Mohammad Alai Jr.

Strongest Characters in Baki |

Mohammad Alai Jr is a fictional character from the Baki anime and manga series. He is the famous boxer Mohammad Alai’s son. He competed in the Chinese tournament with the Japanese/American team. Alai is arrogant and serious during his fights. He claims to have mastered his martial art.

However, unlike other fighters, he was not prepared to face the possibility of his death during the fight. Muhammad Ali Jr., according to reports, has mastered all of his father’s skills, even though he did not learn them from him.

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8. Kaiou Dorian

Strongest Characters in Baki |

Kaiou Dorian, also known as Kaiou Durian, is a fictional character from the Baki the Grappler anime and manga series. He is one of five escapees tasked with tracking down Tokyo’s fighters. After being hanged, he escaped from Algardos prison.

Dorian has incredible endurance and pain tolerance: he survived being hanged for 10 minutes; he survived being burned by Katsumi and having his ear cut off by Katou; he has his left-hand bones shattered, knees broken, and rib-cage destroyed by Doppo during their fight, and he still gets out of the hospital later to blow up a bomb in his face.

7. Doppo Orochi

Strongest Characters in Baki |

Doppo Orochi is the head of the Shinshinkai Karate School, the husband of Natsue Orochi, and the adoptive father of Katsumi Orochi. He is one of the series’ most powerful characters, having practiced martial arts for 50 years.

Many consider Doppo Orochi to be the greatest living Karateka. He is the leader of the Shinshinkai, a Japanese dojo with over a million disciples, and a super-fighter capable of slaughtering tigers with his bare hands, as his name suggests.

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6. Jack Hanma

Strongest Characters in Baki |

Jack is Baki’s brother and the son of legendary fighter Yujiro Hanma. He had a childhood desire to defeat his father, and he trained relentlessly to achieve this goal. He became frail as a result of overworking and overstressing his body.

Even though he used excessive amounts of drugs, his body is strong enough to overcome them. Due to his super steroids, Jack tends to fight like a rabid animal and has a strong desire to finish fights to the bitter end, proving this further.

5. Biscuit Oliva

Strongest Characters in Baki |

Biscuit Oliva, also known as Biscuit Oriba, is a fictional character from Baki the Grappler’s anime and manga series. An assassin for the US government also works as a special jailer in Arizona State Prison. Sergio Oliva, Mr. Universe, and three-time Mr. Olympia.

During the fight between Oliva and Nomi no Sukune II in Baki-Dou, it is stated that Oliva can deadlift 500k. This is a reference to the famous strongman Eddie Hall, also known for being the first person to perform a 500k deadlift.

4. Kaiou Kaku

Strongest Characters in Baki |

Kaiou Kaku, the Kaiou of Kaious and current Raitai Tournament champion, is the greatest and most renowned Supreme Grandmaster of Chinese Kenpo in the last century. Kaiou Kaku was also the captain of the Chinese team that competed in the Raitai Tournament.

He can sever several human limbs with a simple chop of his hand and even injure and send Yuujirou flying himself, making him one of only a few people who can compete with Yuujirou. Kaku can also perform supersonic attacks that easily cut an egg like a sword.

3. Yuichiro Hanma

Strongest Characters in Baki |

Yuuichirou Hanma is Yujiro Hanma’s father and the grandfather of Jack Hanma and Baki Hanma. Apart from Yuujirou, he is the only other person to defeat the United States on a small island in Okinawa territory during WW2.

His throws have enough power that he can instantly kill almost anyone he hits. Its power is so great that when Major General James was thrown to the wood of the Iowa battleship, which is strong enough to withstand direct attacks from large weapons, his body pierced through it.

2. Baki Hanma

Strongest Characters in Baki |

Baki Hanma is the main character of the Grappler Baki or Baki Series martial arts anime and manga series. He is the half-brother of Jack Hanma and the second son of Yuujiro Hanma, the legendary Strongest Creature on Earth.

It is safe to assume that Baki is the second strongest character. On the other hand, Baki is vastly inferior to his father. Only after his demon reappears is he shown to be powerful enough to harm Yujiro.

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1. Yujiro Hanma

Strongest Characters in Baki |

Yujiro Hanma, also known as Yuujiro Hanma, is the father of Baki and Jack Hanma. He is the main antagonist of the Baki franchise. Yuujirou is the son of Yuuichirou Hanma and the series’ most powerful character thus far.

He is regarded as the most powerful creature on the planet, capable of defeating even the United States Military. Baki spends the majority of the series attempting to exact revenge on Yujiro by beating him after murdering his mother in front of him.


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