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Top 13 Strongest Quincy in the Bleach Series

(Last Updated On: October 14, 2022)

2022 is the year of anime and manga, where we get lots of surprises from our all-time favorite creators. Shanks special film, Hunter x Hunter manga return, and now Bleach is also returning. Moreover, after its trailer release, Bleach becomes one of the highest-rated anime on My Anime List. BW arc is the final arc and it shows the fight between Soul Reapers and Quencies.

So, it’s good practice to revise which Quencies are the strongest in the Bleach anime (or manga). If you are also excited about Bleach and its strongest character then keep reading this blog post till the end.

#13. BG9

The first Quincy member on the list is BG9, the fact is he is really strong. BG9 fought with many Soul Reapers and was able to defeat them (even tho he lost in future fights). His appearance is like a knight who wears a helmet and armored suit. BG9’s most attractive battle is against sui Feng, who is one of the strongest Soul Reapers.

#12. Bambieta Basterbine

Our next most powerful Quincy on the list is Bambieta Basterbine, who is introduced in the manga in chapter 490. She is an overconfident fellow who thinks can defeat any Soul Reaper. The fact is she is one of strongest female character in Bleach series. Bambieta was not just able to invade Soul Society but also defeated many Soul Reapers with ease. Letter E, is the letter that is given to Bambieta and it’s means Exposition.

#11. As Nodt

Nodet, which has the symbol “F” and it means Fear. He makes his first appearance in chapter 493 of the manga. Furthermore, Not is one of Quincy’s who was able to invade the Soul Society in their first invasion. At the same time, he also able gravely injured Byakuya (Byakuya is the first antagonist of Bleach). However, he is dead. Sorry for the spoiler but during the second invasion As Not is killed by Rukia Kuchiki with her Bankai.

#10. Pepe Waccabrada

Pepe Waccabrada is a funny-looking guy who is one of the strongest Qunicy in Bleach. He was introduced in chapter 500 of manga and presented during both innovations. However, his real strength was revealed during the second innovation where he almost become destructive during the war. Pepe Waccabrada has the letter “L” which represents Love.

#09. Gremmy Thoumeaux

The next strongest Qunicy is Gremmy Thoumeaux, who holds one of the strongest power in the entire world. We are talking about the “Death in Vision” or you can say “Imagination.” Also, people believe that Gremmy Thoumeaux is even stronger than his leader Thatch. Letter V, it’s the letter given to Gremmy Thoumeaux which represents Visionary.

#08. Bazz B

Bazz B is the most aggressive fighter in the Bleach series, who is ready to defeat anyone. Along with their head, he also has an extreme level of strength and mind to execute quality attacks. Furthermore, he is also one of the Quincy who is not satisfied with the decision of Swatch about his supercross. However, he has been stopped by his dear friend to keep a friendly relationship with the team. Lette H represents Bazz B which represents the Heat. Also check other anime like bleach.

#07. Askinn Nakk Le Vaar

Our next strongest Quincy on the list is Asking Nakk Le Vaar, who was introduced in chapter 494 of Manga. Asking Nakk Le Vaar is not just strong but also deadly and brutal. Letter D represents Asking Nakk Le Vaar and it represents The Deathdealing. Moreover, his power is also deadly because he can do anything with his opponent. Because his special power is to manipulate anything around him or his enemy.

#06. Perinda Paenkgjas

Now, we are talking about some extremely mysterial and dangerous Quincy in Bleach. Perina Paenkgjas was the Left Hand of Soul King (and yes, he is no more because she’s defeated and killed by Nemu). Perina Paenkgjas represent the letter C which is representative of Compulsory. Moreover, Perinda Paenkgjas was also a member of the elite fighter of the Yhwach team.

#05. Lille Barro

A soldier-like character Lille Barro is one of the strongest Quincy. Moreover, he is captain of Schutzstaffel (it’s Yhawach’s one of the teams who are like Imperial Knights). Lille Barro is a disciplined and genuinely loyal member of Sternritter. Furthermore, Lille Barro represents the letter X and it represents The X-Axis.

#04. Gerald Valkyrie

Now, it’s time to introduce our muscle guy on the list Gerald Valkyrie. Gerald Valkyrie was introduced in chapter 599 of the manga and he’s one of the strongest Quincy in Bleach. Letter M represents or designation of Gerald Valkyrie which represents Miracle. Moreover, he is not just a strong Quency but also one of the strongest characters in the entire Bleach anime.

#03. Jugaram Haschwalth

Jugaram Haschwalth is one of the oldest, strongest, and most powerful Quincy in Bleach. Moreover, he was supposed to be the successor of Yhawch but was not chosen because of some reason. Jugaram Haschwalth is an example of loyalty who killed his dearest friend to protect his leader. Even though he is an antagonist but still one of the most popular characters in Bleach anime.

#02. Uryu Ishida

Uryu Ishida is the successor of Yahweh, one of the strongest characters in Bleach, and 2nd strongest Quincy. Moreover, Uryu Ishida is the only Quincy who was introduced in the early episodes of Bleach. The fact is he is a friend of our protagonist and has almost equal strength. He gave the Letter A which represents Antithesis. The fact which makes him one of the strongest characters is that he is the only one who survived Aushwahlen.


#01. Yhwatch

Now, it’s time to introduce our strongest Quincy in Bleach and one of the strongest characters of the series. Yhwatch is the leader (or father) of Quincy and the main antagonist of Bleach’s series. There is not much to say about Yhwatch because it will be a spoiler for anime fans. But one thing you should know is that Yhwatch is extremely strong and no one can defeat him in one – on – a one fight. He defeated squad 0 without much of an effort (or you can say single-handedly).

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