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Top 15+ Anime Character Who Live to Eat

Anime is undeniably one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the world. With its broad set of characters, compelling story, and eye-catching visuals, it appeals to a wide spectrum of audiences. The character personalities and overall vibes that anime characters produce are the most appealing aspects of the medium. Without a doubt, anime has given us some of the most incredible characters we’ve ever seen.

Anime Character Who Live to Eat |

Today, though, we’ll focus on the top anime characters who live to eat. These characters range in age from young to adults. There may be good and bad people in their own worlds. However, they have one thing in common: their appetites are so strong and vicious that they can easily consume a significant amount of food.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the Top 15+ Anime Characters Who Live to Eat.

16. Saki Hanajima (Fruits Basket)

Saki - Anime Character Who Live to Eat |

Saki Hanajima is one of the supporting characters in the anime and manga series Fruits Basket. She is also known by her nickname, Hana.

She does make a few appearances, and the majority of them involve her eating. Hanajima’s thoughts often seem to revolve around Tohru or food. During her class’s Cinderella performance, Hanajima is seen eating grilled pork and fried rice while on stage playing the role of Cinderella, which is perhaps the most amusing example of Hanajima’s appetite. She expresses how much of a food enthusiast she is by munching on food without consideration for the social situation.

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15. Kyoko Sakura (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

Anime Character Who Live to Eat |

Kyoko Sakura is a major antagonist-turned-protagonist in the anime series Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

She values food a lot and loves to eat. She may have experienced trauma from her parents’ and sister’s deaths, giving her an eating disorder of sorts, or erasing the memory of hunger. Kyoko’s psychological dependence on food causes her to eat constantly, and she is often seen with a snack in her hand.

14. Renge Inui (Airmaster)

Anime Character Who Live to Eat |

Renge Inui is one of the major characters in the Airmaster anime series. Renge is the stereotypical overexcited kid with a tendency to whine, but she serves as a cheerleader. She later acquires a kitten that she carries with her most of the time. She also has “psychic” powers. Renge is well known for eating obsessively. Anytime she even sees Sakiyama, she will demand that she buy food. Hell, in one episode, she ate an entire bowl of rice in mere seconds and outmatched several adults in a food-eating contest.

13. Choji Akimichi (Naruto)

Choji - Anime Character Who Live to Eat |

Choji Akimichi is one of the main supporting characters in the Naruto anime and manga series and the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime and manga series. He has been one of Naruto’s best friends since childhood.

He is easily motivated by the prospect of food. His love for food and his near constant hunger are also an annoyance to his teammates, as eating often comes before other necessities such as stealth and teamwork. Food can also make him over-react about silly things, such as who gets the last chip, or when Akamaru tries to take his chips, and he refuses to let anyone else eat the last chip in the bag, even in a battle-situation.

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12. Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon)

Anime Character Who Live to Eat |

Usagi Tsukino is the main protagonist of the manga and anime series Sailor Moon.
When it comes to food, she prefers to eat sweets and even though she despises carrots, she holds one to see if it is not corrupted or darkened. Throughout Sailor Moon, there are multiple scenes of Usagi eating a variety of foods, including street foods, candies, and even bowls of ramen. Usagi is a girl who adores eating and isn’t ashamed to admit it; in fact, she’s said that eating makes her happy.

11. Hei ( Darker than black)

Hei - Anime Character Who Live to Eat |

Hei is the main protagonist of the anime and manga series, Darker than Black. He is a human who gained contractor powers, particularly the ability to manipulate electricity or molecules, and a member of the assassin group known only as The Syndicate.

Hei cares about two things: his sister and eating absurd amounts of food. While masquerading as a Chinese exchange student, Hei is seen confusing the waitstaff with his giant orders of food and devouring more bowls of ramen in one sitting than most would eat in a year. Hei eats the most when he’s mentally stable, a rare occurrence for a contract killer.

10. Kagura (Gintama)

Anime Character Who Live to Eat |

Kagura is the main female protagonist of the anime and manga Gintama. She is a young alien girl from the powerful Yato Tribe, who are all gifted with superhuman strength and fighting ability.

Kagura has a voracious appetite that permits her to consume massive quantities of food without difficulty. Kagura has been seen in some Gintama episodes eating food that is bigger than herself. She even eats the big takoyaki ball.

9. Fuu Kasami (Samurai Champloo)

Anime Character Who Live to Eat |

Fuu is the main protagonist of Samurai Champloo.She tricks Mugen and Jin into accompanying her on her journey to find the “Sunflower Samurai.” She likes meddling in the business of other people, which is also why she was able to get Jin and Mugen to come with her.

Fuu is a young girl, but she has a big appetite, which she demonstrates during the eating competition. In the competition, she was able to eat over twenty-seven bowls of Anago-Don with ease. But twenty-seven bowls of Anago-Don is not her appetite limit; she quit the competition in the middle for some reason.

8. Sasha Braus (Attack on Titan)

Sasha - Anime Character Who Live to Eat |

Sasha Braus is a major supporting character in the anime/manga series Attack on Titan. She was part of the 104th Cadet Corps, and serves as a comic relief to the otherwise gloomy, despairing setting of the series.

Sasha Braus can’t resist stealing and eating a potato during recruitment (which gets her punished). She even steals meat, which could get her into solitary confinement just because she couldn’t resist her appetite.

7. C.C (Code Geass)

CC - Anime Character Who Live to Eat |

C.C. (pronounced “C2”) is the tritagonist and lead female character of the anime series Code Geass. She is an immortal woman and the one who gives Lelouch of Britannia his Geass.

C.C., like the rest of us, is human and enjoys a hot slice of pizza every now and then. obsession with pizza, especially Pizza Hut’s Cheese-kun, is so insane that she constantly orders pizzas to Lelouch’s house using his credit card. However, Lelouch’s tremendous financial resources enable her to surround herself with an endless supply of scrumptious pizza.

6. Beerus (Dragon Ball)

Beerus - Anime Character Who Live to Eat |

Beerus is an anti-hero in the DragonBall series, and the main antagonist of the film Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods and the first saga in the Dragon Ball Super adaptation.

The God of Destruction Beerus is the only character in the DragonBall universe who can compete with Goku’s appetite. Beerus appreciates Earth’s many foods, which is why he requires food as payment when characters seek his help and support. There is no doubt that food is the only thing that’s kept the earth safe from being destroyed by the Beerus. That is demonstrated during the Battle of God arc, where Beerus does not destroy the earth just because of the Earth’s unique cuisine.

5. Natsu (FAIRYTAIL)

Natsu - Anime Character Who Live to Eat |

Natsu is the main protagonist of the FAIRYTAIL anime series. Natsu is a dragon slayer and in the series these guys are know to have an impressive appetite.

Natsu and other dragon slayer can make sure the world starves to death, jokes apart there are multiple instances when we see them in action, before and after Natsu eats like crazy, he can surely give competition to some characters that are heavy hitters on the top of our list.

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4. Gluttony (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Anime Character Who Live to Eat |

Gluttony is a major antagonist in the Fullmetal Alchemist manga and two anime series. Gluttony, as his name implies, has a ravenous appetite for humans, particularly young girls.

Gluttony is a character whose personality is ditto to our article title because he is the only character who lives to eat, whether it’s food, people, or anything. Because he was born only knowing how to devour and consume food.

3. Toriko (Toriko)

Toriko - Anime Character Who Live to Eat |

Toriko is a renowned, incredibly strong, and skilled gourmet hunter and the titular main protagonist of the manga and anime series of the same name.

He is nicknamed “The Glutton” for his abnormally large appetite. Because the food service for 500 people could only get him 1/10 full. He also has the ability that allowed him to discover roughly 2% of the approximately 300,000 varieties of known ingredients worldwide, which is around 6,000 varieties, which is really incredible.

2. Monkey D Luffy (One Piece)

Luffy - Anime Character Who Live to Eat |

Monkey D. Luffy is the protagonist of the One Piece franchise. He is the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates and wants to find the One Piece treasure and become the King of the Pirates.

Luffy’s stomach is as stretchy as the rest of his Devil Fruit-enhanced body. He will easily empty out any unsuspecting restaurant’s pantry. That’s why he is also known to “sleep-eat”. Luffy even adjusted his wardrobe to cargo shorts in the Enies Lobby Arc just so he could carry meat in his pockets. That demonstrates how much of a food lover he is.

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1. Son Goku (Dragon Ball)

Goku - Anime Character Who Live to Eat |

Son Goku, born Kakarot, is the main protagonist of the Dragon Ball franchise. Born on the planet Vegeta to a race of powerful alien warriors, Kakarot was sent to Earth by his father, Bardock, upon discovering that the evil alien warlord Frieza was on his way to wipe out their civilization.

Goku will easily clear a whole table of food, and his appetite is so vicious that without food, he will not be able to fight properly. This is demonstrated many times in the DragonBall series, where Goku loses fights to opponents because he is hungry.


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