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Top 15 Anime Characters with Badass Hairstyles!

When you talk about someone’s looks then that person’s hair plays an important role in it. The same goes for anime character (and their hair) when we compare two badass characters’ designs. Every anime character has a unique hairstyle and different hair colors. Even though they don’t have regular hair colors like black or brown but still, their hairstyle is amazing. Well, in this post you will read about the top anime characters with Badass hairstyles. 

Best Anime Characters with Badass Hairstyles!

#15. Alucard 

The first character on the list is from Hellsing, Alucard. Well, the reason why Alucard is on this list is not just because of his hairstyle but also for his badass personality. In the anime universe, this character is one of the most overpowered characters for whom fighting is like a game. Moreover, Alucard’s hairs are unique and have some special properties like it changes color according to the state of flight. 

#14. Tōshirō Hitsugaya

The next character with a badass hairstyle on this list is from BIG 3, Bleach. We are talking about Tōshirō Hitsugaya, the captain of the 10th division – Soul Society. White hair is a representation of ice and its length changes according to the power level of Tōshirō Hitsugaya. Again, not just hair, look, or body but this character’s personality and fighting ability are amazing. The author of Bleach spends a good amount of time designing its characters’ hair, and that’s the reason why most of the Bleach characters have amazing hairstyles. 

#13. Sebastian Michaelis

Black Butler is a popular anime, Sebastian Michaelis is popular for his personality, looks, and especially hairstyle. Among all female anime fans, Sebastian Michaelis is a popular character. Well, the author also describes this character as one of the best creations. To get the real feel of this character you must watch Black Butler because we can’t describe it in words. 

#12. Inuyasha

Now we have the most charming character from one of the most popular romance anime of all time – Inuyasha. Well, the entire series is based on his name, Inuyasha, a character with long white hair. Inuyasha’s face is unique because it’s a combination of a human face, cat-like ears, and long white hair. Moreover, its personality is more like an animal (like a fox). Also, if you are looking for a fun romance manga or anime then you must add Inuyasha to your watch (or reading) list. 

#11. Kakashi Hatake

One of the most popular characters in the entire anime universe – Kakashi Hatake on the list. Every list is incomplete without Kakashi Hatake because he fits in every comparison. Well, the reason he is on this list is because of his looks and badass hairstyle. Also, his headband plays an important role when you talk about his hairstyle and it’s amazing. Grey hair with a blue hair band fits a perfect combination (also when your entire face is covered with a blue mask). 

#10. L

L from Death Note is a unique character with a different personality and looks. In the anime universe, L is one of the most popular characters who’s famous for his intelligence and character design. Well, is a carefree person who doesn’t care about his looks (and hair too). If not for his hair but still L deserves a place in this because of his intelligence. Moreover, L’s messy hair is much better than any other anime character with stylish and fancy hair. He is one of the smartest anime character.

#09. Kanneki Ken

The next character on the list of best anime characters with a Badass hairstyle is Kanneki Ken from one of the most popular manga of all time, Tokyo Ghoul. Kanneki Ken is a teenage boy with some amazing white hairs and they are alive because he is not human anymore. Well, if you haven’t watched Tokyo Ghoul then it would be a spoiler for you but his hair is one of the best in all male characters. 

#08. Revy

Now we have our first female anime character on this list and its Revy from Black Lagoon. Black Lagoon is one of the best gangster anime with a badass female lead. Revy keeps her hair tied up (in a ponytail style) because she is a fighter who doesn’t want her hair to interfere. When we talk about badass characters then Revy is always on the list because she’s brutal, sexy, and amazing at the same time. 

#07. Naruto

Naruto is an anime that is popular among all anime fans, even though many of them started their anime journey with Naruto. In the entire series, character hairs are quite attractive and long. Regardless of gender, every character has a different hairstyle but still, Naruto has the best hairstyle of all of them. Not just hairstyle but also color because not many characters look good with Orange color but Naruto. 

#06. Afro 

Afro is a badass character who is from an underrated anime Afro Samurai. The unique combination of African and Japanese Samurai is amazing, anyone can tell by his looks. Afro is a badass character with a different hairstyle than any other anime character. Many people think his hair is different from other Afrikaans but that is not true because Afro’s hair is light and flies in the air and also changes its shape. 

#05. Kenpachi Zaraki 

Another character from Bleach is Kenpachi Zaraki with a unique hairstyle it represents his personality. Zaraki’s hair is like spikes that are made to hurt someone or even kill. His hairstyle is different from any other character because of its looks. Well, Kenpachi Zaraki is one of the strongest characters and is also popular among fans for his fighting skills. 

#04. Jessie 

Jessie is from Pokemon, everyone knows about it and that’s why we will get to the main topic of hair. Colour makes hair different but Jessie’s hair is more than that. Her hair not just stands out because of the dark pink color but also for its design. No matter how you look at this, she deserves a position in this post because of her effort on her hair. As a girl, she is quite serious about her looks and spends her entire day grooming herself. 

#03. Franky

One more character from Big 3 and it’s Strawhat’s Shipwreck Franky of One Piece. Like most character, Franky also has a unique hair color but there is more than that. Franky can do his style as he wants like a train, board, cannon, or anything. How amazing it is when you can change your hairstyle without much effort. The most popular Franky hairstyle is a ponytail with a bomb on his head (of hair of course).

#02. Asta

Asta's Swords Explained - Black Clover

The 2nd most popular and character with one of the most badass hairstyle is Asta from Black Clover. Black Clover is anime of the new-gen Big three which includes Demon slayer, Jujutsu Kaisen, and Black Clover. Well, Asta has quite amazing gray hair with cool hair stale. Also, he wears a hairband to keep his hair in a straight position. Moreover, Asta’s hair color change according to his power level and emotion in a fight. 


#01. Saitama

Yes, we are not kidding because Saitama deserves this place. Can you imagine a character with no hair but still having an amazing look, well that’s our Saitama from One Punch One. He’s a person who can kill anyone with a single punch, and in that process to become the strongest he losses his all hair. But still, without hair, Saitama is one of the best characters with a badass hairstyle. 

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