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Top 15 Anime Characters with Godlike / World-Shattering Powers

(Last Updated On: June 5, 2023)

While some anime characters possess formidable combat skills, others wield such immense power that a single blow from them could potentially obliterate the entire world. However, it is important to note that destructive capability does not always equate to combat prowess.

Take Zeno, the ruler of the Dragon Ball multiverse, for instance; effortlessly erasing anything or anyone from existence, yet lacking in fighting prowess. On the other hand, certain characters possess overwhelming battle prowess—like Saitama from One-Punch Man—whose fists alone hold the potential to bring about world-shattering devastation. Regardless of the means through which these characters can unleash their world-ending power, one thing remains certain: it is inadvisable to incur their wrath.

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15. Kusuo Saiki from ‘The Disastrous Life of Saiki K’

 Kusuo Saiki from 'The Disastrous Life of Saiki K'

Kusuo Saiki possesses an astonishing assortment of psychic abilities, spanning from seemingly pointless ones like inducing an unpleasant taste in coffee to perilous ones capable of obliterating the moon. Each passing year, his powers escalate, but maintaining absolute control over them is a constant challenge. Consequently, unless he perpetually wears limiting devices, his powers run amok.

Even at the tender age of eleven, he possessed enough strength to annihilate the moon, instilling a sense of dread when contemplating his potential as a teenager. Fortunately, his primary aspiration is to lead a tranquil existence, harboring no intent to inflict harm upon others. However, should he misplace his limiter devices, all semblance of predictability dissipates.

14. Rimuru Tempest from ‘That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime’

Rimuru Tempest from 'That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime'

When Rimuru Tempest is initially introduced, he possesses only a handful of remarkable powers. However, within the Gluttony category, he possesses the capacity to assimilate and replicate innumerable other abilities, rapidly expanding his repertoire of powers.

Through a series of transformative stages that culminate in his ascent as a Demon Lord, Rimuru ultimately attains mastery over the manipulation of space and time, enabling him to effortlessly bring forth or annihilate entire universes. His journey from a seemingly feeble slime has truly been a remarkable transformation!

13. Koro sensei from ‘ Assassination Classroom’

Koro sensei from ' Assassination Classroom'

Koro-sensei’s predicament lies not in his ability to obliterate the world, but rather in the inevitability of its destruction if he prolongs his existence. Formerly an infamous assassin dubbed The Reaper, he finds himself under the custody of an unscrupulous scientist who modifies his physique using anti-matter. When an anti-matter-infused mouse inadvertently detonates on the moon, creating a colossal crater, it becomes evident that a similar fate awaits the Reaper. The resulting cataclysmic explosion will undoubtedly herald the world’s demise.

Under the sway of the scientist’s betrothed, who once served as a middle school educator, the Reaper undergoes a transformation into Koro-sensei—a middle school teacher endeavoring to assist a group of students in mastering the art of assassination before time runs out.

12. Saitama from ‘One Punch Man’

Saitama from 'One Punch Man'

Saitama’s reputation stems from his unparalleled capability to obliterate anything with a solitary punch, without exception. His immense power grants him the ability to potentially decimate the entire planet in one strike, should he choose to do so.

Fortunately, this formidable strength is coupled with an unwavering peaceful disposition. Saitama embodies tranquility and possesses a strong inclination to aid others, rather than cause harm. Razing the world holds no appeal for him as it lacks any personal advantage. Nonetheless, it remains imperative that no one ever incites him to reconsider his stance.

11. Zeno from ‘Dragon Ball Super’

Zeno from 'Dragon Ball Super'

Zeno, the supreme ruler of the multiverse in the world of Dragon Ball, stands unrivaled in strength. Surpassing even Goku, his might stems not from his combat skills, for they are lacking, but rather from his ability to effortlessly erase anything from existence. From individual humans to entire universes, Zeno wields this power effortlessly, as simple as a blink.

Additionally, Zeno possesses immortality, rendering any attempts to thwart his powers futile, regardless of his opponent’s might.

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10. Eren Jaeger from ‘Attack On Titan’

 Eren Jaeger from 'Attack On Titan'

Not only is Eren Jaeger capable of obliterating the world, but he actively seeks to do so. With the Founding Titan under his control, he wields authority over every Mindless Titan in existence. This includes awakening the dormant Titans within the walls. His intention is to utilize this power, unleashing an unstoppable wave of Titans that will leave destruction in their wake, sparing only the Eldians.

In his conviction, he believes that this is the sole means to secure the safety of Eldians, shielding them from the persecution of the outside world. However, his comrades, equally weary of the discrimination they endure, perceive his plans as malevolent. They are fervently striving to discover a method to thwart his ambitions.

9. Anti Spiral from ‘Gurren Lagann’

Anti Spiral from 'Gurren Lagann'

Realizing the perils of Spiral Power, a distinct civilization secluded itself within a secluded realm, cutting off their own progress and connection to Spiral Power. Over time, they merged into a singular consciousness and obtained mastery over Anti-Spiral power.

This power encompasses a vast array of extraordinary capabilities. Among the most fearsome is absolute dominion over the Anti-Spiral universe, including its annihilation, as well as the authority to eradicate individuals from existence and manipulate probability. As an entity surpassing humanity, the Anti-Spiral possesses the ability to obliterate multiple worlds.

8. Sailor Saturn from ‘Sailor Moon’

Sailor Saturn from 'Sailor Moon

While Sailor Moon holds the title of the most formidable member among the Sailor Scouts, her overwhelmingly cataclysmic powers lie within the realm of manga exclusivity, primarily manifesting in her future incarnation as the ultimate form. Consequently, let us now delve into the prowess of Sailor Saturn.

Sailor Saturn wields the Silence Glaive, a scythe with the power to bring an ultimate end to all life on Earth, including the planet itself. However, she harbors no joy in this capability; instead, she views it as an absolute final recourse, to be employed only in the direst of circumstances.

7. Misogi Kumagawa from ‘Medaka Box’

 Misogi Kumagawa from 'Medaka Box'

Misogi Kumagawa may not possess a formidable appearance, yet he wields a perilous ability capable of cataclysmic consequences. Known as All Fiction, this power enables him to negate any occurrence or circumstance, rendering it mere fiction. With this extraordinary capability, Kumagawa can reverse injuries or even defy his own demise.

However, the true danger lies in the potential for him to employ this ability to obliterate the entirety of existence. The gravity of this threat is amplified in the absence of Non-Fiction, an ability that allows him to resurrect entities erased from existence.

6. Shirahoshi from ‘One Piece’

Shirahoshi from 'One Piece'

Shirahoshi, believed to be the embodiment of the ancient weapon Poseidon, possesses a remarkable power to communicate with and command the Sea Kings. These colossal and formidable creatures inhabit various parts of the Grand Line.

Not only do they heed her deliberate summons, but they are also sensitive to her emotions. This aspect brings about a precarious situation as their response could potentially spiral into chaos. Otohime, Shirahoshi’s mother, warned of the dire consequence that her daughter’s ability carries: the possibility of submerging the entire world beneath the unforgiving depths of the ocean.

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5. Baby Beel from ‘Beelzebub’

Baby Beel from 'Beelzebub'

Baby Beel, dispatched to Earth by his father, the mighty Demon Lord Beelzebub III, holds within him the potential to annihilate humanity. Though in his infant state, his powers remain untamed, lacking the necessary control. Nevertheless, his father’s intent is evident, as he possesses tremendous capabilities.

His repertoire includes the discharge of a staggering 12,000,000 Volts, the capacity to merge or exchange bodies with his caregiver, the ability to expedite his own maturation, the potential to transform into a colossal entity, and the capability to generate a torrential volume of urine capable of submerging an entire town.

4. Tenchi Masaki from ‘Tenchi Muyo’

 Tenchi Masaki from 'Tenchi Muyo'

If you’ve only caught a handful of sporadic episodes of Tenchi Muyo during its Toonami run, you may have overlooked the fact that Tenchi Masaki is more than just an ordinary harem protagonist. He is, in fact, a divine entity capable of wielding extradimensional powers, making him the mightiest individual in his entire realm.

However, due to his immaturity and limited experience, he struggles to harness his abilities fully, leading to a perilous incident where he nearly obliterates the entire cosmos. Fortunately, his future self materializes to his aid, a version of himself who has achieved mastery over these powers and possesses the serenity needed to soothe him. This unexpected twist surpassed the initial expectations of many viewers and adds an intriguing layer to Tenchi’s character.

3. Haruhi Suzumiya from ‘The Melencholy of Haruhi Suzumiya’

 Haruhi Suzumiya from 'The Melencholy of Haruhi Suzumiya'

While Haruhi Suzumiya remains largely oblivious, she possesses the astounding ability to manipulate and even obliterate the world. This extraordinary power manifests through the formation of “closed spaces,” which intertwine with reality, potentially supplanting it entirely.

These spaces materialize when Haruhi experiences frustration, primarily stemming from an overwhelming sense of boredom. Kyon and the fellow members of the SOS Brigade bear the responsibility of ensuring these occurrences remain as scarce as possible, diligently orchestrating an existence replete with supernatural phenomena to satiate her restless spirit.

2. Lina Inverse from ‘Slayers’

Lina Inverse from 'Slayers'

Lina Inverse finds nothing more enthralling than the realm of magic. Her relentless dedication revolves around perfecting and crafting spells, exhibiting no reservations when it comes to delving into the enigmatic depths of black magic. This unwavering fixation has birthed a repertoire of exceedingly perilous incantations, with none more treacherous than Giga Slave—an invocation that harnesses the raw might of the Lord of Nightmares, the omnipotent architect and sovereign of the Four Worlds.

The utilization of Giga Slave demands an astronomical magnitude of energy, leaving an indelible mark on Lina’s appearance as her once-vibrant locks metamorphose into an ethereal shade of white with each attempt. Furthermore, should her command falter, the cataclysmic consequence looms large—a dire possibility of obliterating the very fabric of our existence.

1. Anos Voldigoad from ‘The Misfit of the Demon Academy’

 Anos Voldigoad from 'The Misfit of the Demon Academy'

Anos, the protagonist of the light novel turned anime “The Misfit of the Demon Academy,” defies all expectations as the true sovereign of demons, awakening and reincarnating after a profound 2,000-year slumber. As we delve into his character, it becomes increasingly challenging to discern whether he is yet another satirical creation. A concise overview of Anos’ extraordinary capabilities unveils a staggering repertoire.


His might allows him to effortlessly toss a castle as though it were a mere basketball, gracefully maneuver through suspended time, sustain his existence beyond the limitations of life’s wellspring, singlehandedly manipulate the moon to orchestrate eclipses, and unleash an apocalyptic devastation on an entire universe through sheer brute force. The captivating video above astoundingly showcases Anos obliterating his adversary with naught but the rhythmic pulsation of his own heartbeat.

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