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Top 15 Anime/Manga like Kaiju No. 8 (Monster #8)

(Last Updated On: March 4, 2022)

Kaiju No. 8 a.k.a Monster #8 is an action manga that debuted in 2020. The creator of Kaiju No. 8 is a 39 years old man named Naoya Matsumoto. It contains 5 volumes and it is still publishing new chapters every week. You can read this on the Manga Plus application which is part of Shonen Jump, and it is only available in digital form. 

It is one of few manga series which got popular in recent years even without extra promotion or anything like that. Well, if you are reading this blog then it means you already catch up with the latest chapters and want something similar to read. Well, below you will read about some anime and manga recommendations like Kaiju No. 8 or Monster #8. 

Anime/Manga Like Kaiju No. 8 (Monster #8)

Below you will get a mixed recommendation of anime and manga which is similar to the Kaiju No. 8. Each manga or anime has its uniqueness but they will give you the same feel as Kaiju No. 8. So, Let’s start our list without further ado…

#01. Chainsaw Man

Kaiju No. 8 follows the story of a man who gets the ability to transform into a monster. And he slays monsters to protect humans and fulfill his dreams as a Hero. The same goes for Chainsaw man who gets the ability to transform into a Chainsaw Man or monster. The protagonists of both series are amazing and the same goes for the supportive characters. Moreover, the Chainsaw manga will end in 2020. 

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#02. One Punch Man

The next recommendation on the list is not similar to Kaiju No. 8 but also one of the best manga of all time. Moreover, it is also available in anime which contains 2 seasons and 24 episodes in total. The theme of both series is the same where the protagonist gets or earns special powers and is the strongest character in the world. Last but not least, the One Punch manga is still getting new chapters every week. 

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#03. Attack on Titan

Well, the Attack on Titan is not fully similar to Kaiju No. 8 but it matches with some expectations. The first reason to recommend reading this manga is that it’s the best and most complete. And the second reason is that the life of the protagonist is almost similar to their personality. Like in both worlds humans have some dangerous enemies and both protagonists get their powers accidentally. 

#04. Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen

Now, you should read the Jujutsu Kaisen if you like Kaiju No. (or Monster #8). In both worlds, humans are fighting against some dangerous type of creatures, cures, or monsters. And our main characters in both series are amazing when it comes to character development. Moreover, here you get to see the top-class action scenes of the time. By the way, it is also available in anime and is getting its 2nd season next year. 

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#05. My Hero Academia

The next recommendation which is similar to Kaiju No. 8 is My Hero Academia. Have you ever watched Marvel or One Punch Man? The theme of all three shows is similar when it comes to the life of the protagonist. The protagonist of this show gets super special powers from a former hero. It is available in both formats and still in publication (soon going to end). The anime contains 4 seasons and is also available in English dub. 

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#06. Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul

When we talk about one of the best manga of all time then Tokyo Ghoul always has a place in that list. The theme is similar to Kaiju No. 8 where the protagonist fights with monsters and humans. Moreover, Like Kaiju No. 8, Keniki (protagonist of Tokyo Ghoul) also hides his identity from the rest of the world. The good thing is the manga is completed and the same goes for anime series. 

#06. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

FMAB is the highest-rated series on My Anime List and one of the highest-rated shows on IMDB. In both stories, the protagonist gains super-special abilities and fights with evil. Moreover, they both are part of an organization that deals with monsters or evil. FMAB is available as manga and anime with 64 episodes. If you are searching for an anime and did not watch FMA then you should watch it. 

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#07. Iron Knight

Iron Knight like kaiju no.8

Are you searching for something short and complete? Then you might like Iron Knight which only contains 18 chapters in 3 volumes. It is a fantasy and horror manga where the Earth faces a monster’s apocalypse. Moreover, the protagonist of Iron Knight has the same ability as Kaiju No. 8, yes he can also transform into a monster. Or you can say one of the most powerful monsters. However, it is only available in Manga and does not have any anime adaptation. 

#08. Black Clover

Black Clover is one of the New Gen Big Three (Demon Slayer and Jujutsu Kaisen). It is a shonen manga that also has an anime adaption. The story follows a boy who wants to become the strongest and save what he cares about. Moreover, like kaiju No. 8 he fights with monsters and becomes stronger. The chapters are released every week and anime is also available on Crunchyroll. 

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#09. Hakaijuu

Hakaijuu like kaiju no.8

The next manga recommendation on the list is Hakaijuu which is also one of the best horror manga of 2010. It contains the best combination of action, horror, mystery, and monsters. The manga follows the story of a boy, whose school student is killed by some monsters. You will get the vibes of Jujutsu Kaisen in it where the group from an organization kills a monster. 

#10. Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling is not a manga or anime but a Manhwa (the South Korean Comics). If you did not know then it is one of the highest-rated graphic novels on My Anime List. It follows the story of a hunter who is quite weak. Hunters are those people who kill monsters in exchange for power and fame. The series has now ended and many fans are requesting an anime adaptation. If you liked the Kaiju No. 8 then it’s a must-read for you. 

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#11. Fire Force

Here comes one of the most hyped manga of 2021, Fire Force. It’s not just an awesome manga but also similar to kaiju No.8. Moreover, when it comes to the best animation in anime TV shows then Fire Force always takes the top stop. Well, it is a long read with 305 chapters and 34 volumes. The personalities of both protagonists are the same and both are different from the majority of people in the world. 

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#12. Gantz

gantz manga like kaiju no.8

The next recommendation in the list is not for a light-hearted reader (or weather) because it’s going to be a little violent. It is a game theme manga where the main protagonist of the story died and found himself in a game. In this game, he needs to keel over monsters and fight to keep himself alive. Well, the manga is finished and contains 385 chapters in 37 volumes. 

#13. Dandadan

dandadan manga like kaiju no.8

Do you know about the Magna which is one of the most trendings in 2022? It’s Dandadan. When it comes to new generation action manga then Dandadan is on the top of the list. It is about two High Schooler who face an unnatural phenomenon where a monster (or ghost or alien) starts to appear out of the blue. If you are tired of all the old recommendations and want something new and interesting then it might be a good pick. 

#14. Fire Punch

Fire Punch

Another manga recommendation on the list is a short read and similar to Kaiju No. 8 Magna. It follows the story of two boys who have a special ability to regenerate their bodies (like Kaiju No. 8). Moreover, the Magna is already ended and has only 83 chapters and Volumes. The main characters of both series are amazing and engaging with lots of action scenes. 

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#15. Eden no Ori

Eden no Ori manga like kaiju no.8

The last but not least recommendation on the list is Eden no Ori which has the same dark theme as Kaiju No. 8. In this manga, some high schoolers are trying to survive on an island. Both sites are similar in many ways like both protagonists are weak at first and trying to save themself or the world. Moreover, they both have some trustable and powerful supportive characters in the background. 


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