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Top 15 Anime/Manga like My Hero Academia

(Last Updated On: September 29, 2021)

My Hero Academia is one of the breakout anime of this generation, and even considered as one of ‘The Big 3’ of this generation and I don’t disagree with it, even a little bit. My Hero Academia is the story of an underdog Izuku Midoriya, a.k.a Deku, who wants to become a hero but doesn’t have any ‘quirks’ but he is adamant and is acknowledged by his idol, All Might, thus his journey begins at the UA High, a training school for upcoming heroes.

Top 15 Anime/Manga like My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia is an anime which will definitely take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions, it will give you hope, that with perseverance and hard work one can achieve anything. There is a plethora of characters, each one unique in their own way, which makes it even more interesting. The dynamics of various characters is what makes it even more fun. So, here is a list of top 15 anime like My Hero Academia:

15. Concrete Revolutio

Looking for another anime involving superhumans? Well, here it is. Concrete Revolutio is set in a world of superhumans, aliens, witches, magicians and everything that can be possible. It is tonally different from My Hero Academia. In My Hero Academia superheroes are a common place and people love them, admire them but it is not the case in Concrete Revolutio.

In Concrete Revolutio superhumans are even hated, they have to keep their identities hidden, some just want to live normal lives like normal people while others threaten the existence of everyone, in middle of all this there is a Superhuman Bureau which keeps track of all superhumans and tries to protect them and they have a new recruit- Jirou Hitoyoshi.

Just like Midoriya he doesn’t have any powers but he is quite smart and intelligent and uses his will and brain to overcome the difficulties, just like Midoriya. Though tonally different, but you can actually give it a try, if you like My Hero Academia.

14. Gatchaman Crowds

Looking for a short yet satisfying superhero anime? Then you must checkout Gatchaman Crowds, it is just 12 episodes long. Gatchaman are the legendary superheroes of the Tachikawa city, protect it from alien invasions and other threats. Unlike My Hero Academia, the identity of superheroes is secret in Gatchaman Crowds.

Like Deku, Hajime gets her superpower under mysterious circumstances and then she joins the Gatchamn, but unlike him she didn’t have any ambition for that in particular, how would she, she wasn’t even aware about their existence until now. The songs are one of the most impressing things about this anime apart from the storytelling and execution.

13. Soul Eater

In Soul Eater, there is a school for teenagers which teaches them to use magical powers so that they can fight off evil, it is quite similar to My Hero Academia in that setting and also, it has many characters which are given a unique personality and traits. Animation in Soul Eater is also made by the same studio as My Hero Academia, so there will be similarities in the animation styles too.

Soul Eater is the story of a shinigami, Lord Death, running a school by the name of Death Weapon Meister Academy, in which students are taught to modify the ‘Death Scythes’, so that shinigami can fight evil beings. One thing I appreciate about Soul Eater, is the lack of fillers, it’s crisp and on the point, which enhances the experience. So, if you like the actions and also the humour of My Hero Academia, then give this a watch.

12. Charlotte

Well Charlotte and My Hero Academia have so much in common. Both of them are based on superpowers and children with superpowers coming to a school to hone their powers and learn some skills. That’s not all, both the shows have children dealing with pretty insane situations beyond their age or capabilities. The major difference between both the shows is that, in Charlotte the superheroes can’t reveal their identities and have to use their powers in secret whereas it is definitely not the case with My Hero Academia, they are quite open about that.

Like My Hero Academia, Charlotte also has a lot of characters and they all have their unique identities. The characters are very well written in Charlotte and are likable. This is the show which will give My Hero Vibes, way too much.

11. Yowamushi Pedal

This anime is a little bit deviation from the general shounen animes in this list. This anime is sports anime but I found it a bit similar to My Hero Academia. Both the animes have main characters that are quite similar to each other. Just like Deku, Onada is a sweet, kind, and loving kid. Both Onada and Deku have someone who they admire the most, in Onada’s case it is Makishima and in Deku’s case it is All Might.

Both of them are quite nerdy about the stuff they love. And a little fact: both Midoriya and Onada are voiced by the same person, in the Japanese version. Yowamushi Pedal is an inspiring anime and is about the journey of Onada and how he becomes the best cyclist there is. If you are into sports genre, then definitely try it.

10. Little Witch Academia

Yeah, the name sounds a little bit similar and so is the story. Little Witch Academia follows the journey of teenage girl Akko, who wants to become an influential witch but unfortunately, she lacks the magical abilities for that. Despite all the hurdles she is determined and enrolls herself into the Nova Witch Academy to learn more about magic. Her role model is Shiny Chariot and wants to become like her, just like Deku adores All Might. All this sounds very similar to My Hero Academia and it is.

Just like My Hero Academia, it also features an ensemble of characters given their own personality traits. It also has some good fight scenes and relationship between characters is beautifully portrayed. The journey of Akko is beautiful, we want her to achieve her goal and be the most influential witch.

9. Tiger and Bunny

Fascinated by the superhero world created by My Hero Academia? Want to know more about the commercial part of superheroes’ job, which My Hero Academia barely touched? Well, if your answer is yes to any of these questions, then Tiger and Bunny is the anime for you. Tiger and Bunny is the more dark, gritty, and more grounded version of My Hero Academia. It has some epic fight scenes like My Hero Academia but it also doesn’t shy away from discussing mature themes.

My Hero Academia was a little bit more lighthearted than Tiger and Bunny, but to its credit Tiger and Bunny too has its hilarious moments. In Tiger and Bunny heroes are known as ‘NEXT’ and they earn points on beating villains, which gets them appear on their own reality Tv show. If you liked the mature parts and want to go deeper than you must checkout this anime.

8. Black Clover

In the world of magic, there is a boy with no magical abilities, but he works hard, pushes his boundaries to achieve his one and only aim and is eventually granted magical powers. Sounds similar? It is. Black Clover is the story of an orphan boy Asta, who wishes to become the next Wizard King, though he doesn’t have any ‘mana’, he works very hard every day to reach his goal and also gains magical powers under certain circumstances, just like Midoriya.

Although morally both Deku and Asta are similar they have quite different personalities otherwise and handle situations in different ways. Asta’s journey and character arc are very satisfying and make you like the anime even more. The world-building in Black Clover is also done beautifully and you just immerse in the story and in that world. The animation lags sometimes but the story, the journey is what moves you.

7. Naruto

Well, Naruto is one of ‘The Big 3’ of older generations and My Hero Academia is one of ‘The Big 3’ of this generation. But that’s not the only similarity between the two, like Deku, Naruto is also an underdog, he doesn’t have any friends and is always alone. Like Deku, he also has a dream- to become the Hokage. My Hero Academia and Naruto are just set in two different worlds, My Hero Academia in modern world with superheroes and Naruto in older times but with ninjas. Once you get involved with Naruto, you can’t leave it.

It has everything, from romance to fights, from drama to melodrama, from hilarious episodes to the most emotional ones. One thing that is given most importance in Naruto is FRIENDSHIP, just like in My Hero Academia. Naruto is a heartwarming series that is bound to make you like it. So, definitely give Naruto a watch.

6. Food Wars

Food Wars is also about a specialized school, but this time this school doesn’t teach how to use your quirks, rather this school teaches you how to master your cooking. We have Souma Yukihira as our main protagonist, he is quite skilled at cooking and has been running a little restaurant with his father, for years now. Just like Midoriya, he is headstrong and just wants one thing- to be the head chef and beat his father at cooking. Like Midoriya, he also has a pure heart and wants to help people dear to him.

This show has quite a unique storyline, who would’ve thought to make a whole show about cooking and how different foods are cooked. This show also has some weird representation of how people enjoy food, to put it in words, it can be called ‘Foodgasm’. This show is quirky, fun and moreover full of delicious foods from various cuisines. The characters are also very well written. You will definitely have a ball while watching this show.

5. Assassination Classroom

Ever seen a person teaching a bunch of high schoolers how to kill him? And if they don’t, he will wipe out humanity. This sounds quirky and fun, right? It is. Like in My Hero Academia, we have a high school with normal kids, unlike My Hero Academia. There is a yellow octopus-like creature who has threatened to destroy humanity and has given 1 year’s time for humans to prepare for it. He then goes on to teach a bunch of kids, in a particular classroom, how to assassinate him. He is known as Kuro sensei and is very supportive and motivating for the kids.

Just like All Might Kuro sensei is inspiring, he helps his students in forming deep, unbreakable bonds with each other. This anime is one of a kind, with such a unique plot and excellent execution. There are some scenes which are hilarious and some scenes are bound to make you emotional. You must definitely give this show a watch and you won’t regret it.

4. Demon Slayer

top anime like jujutsu kaisen
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

Another anime touted to be one of ‘The Big 3’ of this generation and very well deserves the title. This anime is set in the world of demons and demon slayers, who are tasked to annihilate demons from the face of the earth. On one unfortunate night, Tanjiro’s whole family is annihilated and her younger sister is turned into a demon but she is a friendly demon and Tanjiro then sets out on a journey to bring her sister back to normal. Like Midoriya, Tanjiro to is not so powerful and is just figuring out stuff.

Tanjiro has great connection with his sister and would do anything to protect her, just like Midoriya and Eri had a connection. Tanjiro and Nezuko definitely reminds you of Midoriya and Eri. Demon Slayer has beautiful animation and sound design. The characters will make a bond with you on the first go and you will root for Tanjiro from the very beginning. Demon Slayer is a must watch.

3. One Punch Man

While watching One Punch Man, you are definitely going to get My Hero Academia vibes. One Punch Man is also set in a world where there are heroes and a hierarchy of heroes. Although Saitama in no way an underdog, he is rather the strongest hero of all, he never gets the recognition he deserves. Not that he cares about that. He just wants one worthy opponent, who can really give him a tough fight. One-Punch Man has some great fight scenes and great animation. The humor is silly but it definitely tickles your funny bone and you are going to laugh.

It also has some great themes and will also make you emotional at times. Overall, it’s a great watch, it’s a story of a super powerful superhero not being able to find his worthy opponent. Definitely give it a try if you liked My Hero Academia.

2. Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen is also touted as one of ‘The Big 3’ of this generation. Jujutsu Kaisen is about Yuji Itadori, a high school kid, quite good at sports but spends most of his time in club activities or visiting his grandpa in hospital. Like Midoriya he doesn’t have any special powers to fight the ‘Curses’ but unlike him, he doesn’t wish to have any and also doesn’t have an ultimate goal for his life. He is quite satisfied with his life, but this changes when he swallows a ‘cursed object’ and is now stuck in the world of curses. He then joins a Jujutsu High School to learn more about curses as well as how to deal with them.

Like Midoriya had All Might, Yuji has Gojo, his mentor. This show too emphasizes on the importance of friendship and like Midoriya, Yuji can do anything for his friends and has only goodwill for people around him. This show has some action-packed scenes with great animations and is a pure delight to watch.

1. Hunter x Hunter

Though the setting is very different in Hunter X Hunter and My Hero Academia, they are more similar than you would think. First of all, Gon and Deku both look similar, in both the animes there are tournaments for superheroes (in My Hero Academia) and hunters (in Hunter X Hunter). Both the anime emphasizes the friendship aspect more and the value of having friends. In both, the anime the main character has to fight with people way out of their leagues.

Despite all these similarities Hunter X Hunter is quite different from My Hero Academia and is an amazing anime to watch. There are some epic fight scenes and amazing action sequences. The characters are likable and you root for them. Hunter X Hunter is a must-watch anime, even if you didn’t like My Hero Academia give Hunter X Hunter a watch, you are sure to love it.


These were the most similar manga & anime series to my hero academia, in my opinion. MHA is one of the best new-gen series that holds a lot of potentials. What do you think about MHA? Tell us in the comments below. Also Check Out:

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