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Top 15 Anime/Manga Like One Punch Man

(Last Updated On: November 6, 2021)

One Punch Man is a phenomenal action comedy anime series based on the manga of same name by author ONE. This anime is a basic parody of Super Hero genre which is quite famous around the globe. An over powerful person is super hero would who wants to be a hero for fun. Name drives from his ability to destroy his opponent with ONE PUNCH!!

Here today we are going to talk about some anime and manga which are share some similarities with One Punch Man. If you love OPM then you will are like these recommendations.

15. Bobobo-bo bo-bobo

Top 15 Anime/Manga Like One Punch Man

So, the anime is about that in the year 300X, the world is under the rule of the Maruhage empire. Their hair hunt troop attack innocent bystanders’ hair leaving them bald. Bobobo- bo bo-bobo is a rebel who fights the evil regime with his nose hair. Bobobo-bo bo-bobo is also a parody like one punch man with the only difference that Saitama uses punch whereas bobobo-bo bo-bobo uses his nose hair to beat people.

14. Punch Line

Top 15 Anime/Manga Like One Punch Man

The punch line is the story of a boy named Yuta, who after seeing the panties of a hero “strange juice” who saved him from a bus hijack gets excited and gets separated from his physical body. Now, with the help of a spirit cat Chironosuke, Yuta tries to get his body back. While this he realizes that if he sees panties twice in a short period, he would get too excited due to which he would destroy the whole earth with a meteor.

13. To be Hero

Top 15 Anime/Manga Like One Punch Man

The story is about Ossan a handsome and famous toilet designer who has a unique skill that he can tell the hip size of a lady by just seeing her. One day he gets sucked into the toilet and he disappears. Space Peace Republic Alliance Hero Committee gives him a real superpower. But the only problem is that he has become ugly and unable to reveal his real identity.

12. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Top 15 Anime/Manga Like One Punch Man

It is a mecha anime, I don’t need to say anymore but still. In a fictional future, the world is ruled by the spiral king, and humans are forced to live in underground villages. Simon and Kamina the main protagonist’s want to go to the surfaces. One day while excavating Simon finds a mysterious object which turns out to be the ignition key of an ancient artifact of war which they named Lagann. With help of Yoko Littner, plan a surprise attack on the surface.

11. God of Highschool

The God of High School

God of high school is a tournament in which South Korea’s high schooler fight each other and the winner will get any one wish granted. A taekwondo expert Jin Mo-Ri who is also invited for the tournament. Where he befriends a karate expert Han Dae-Wi and a swordsman Yu Mi-Ra.

10. The Disastrous Life of Saiki-K

Top 15 Anime/Manga Like One Punch Man

Psychic abilities might seem a blessing to ordinary people but not for Kusuo Saiki who has multiple supernatural powers. Saiki wants an ordinary hassle-free life where ignorance is bliss. Unfortunately, a psychic’s life is far from quiet. Though Saiki tries to keep his power a secret he ends up attracting a lot of odd characters like empty-headed Riki Nendou and delusional Shun Kaidou.

9. Gintama

Top 15 Anime/Manga Like One Punch Man

Gintama is quite famous for its mimicry of much famous anime like Naruto and Dragon Ball. The story is based on a futuristic world where samurais are forced to live under aliens. One such samurai Gintoki who would do anything to get a job. But along with his friends, they are just a group of trouble makers who lives their life to the fullest.

8. Kill La Kill

Top 15 Anime/Manga Like One Punch Man

The show is about Ryouko who wants to find clues about her father’s death. So, she sets out on a journey, in her pursuit she finds out about Honnouji Academy where the students have special suits called “Goku” which gives them inhuman abilities. Ryouko can cut through those suits with her scissor-like weapon. Ryouko aims to defeat the president of the student council Satsuki who might have some information related to her father’s death.

7. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures

Top 15 Anime/Manga Like One Punch Man

The story is about the Joestar family, who possess intense psychic strength, and adventures each member experiences throughout their life due to the cursed joestar bloodline. Well, this anime is similar to one punch man in the aspect of paced fight scenes and humor.

6. Assassination Classroom

Top 15 Anime/Manga Like One Punch Man

Well, the story of the assassination classroom is that due to an experiment going wrong world’s best assassin becomes an octopus-like alien and he is going to destroy the earth. So, to stop him a bunch of students is given the responsibility to kill him before their sensei destroys the whole world.

5. Boku no Hero Academia

Top 15 Anime/Manga Like One Punch Man

Izuku Midoriya is an ambitious middle schooler who wants to be a hero. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have a quirk leaving him powerless. But this changes when one day he met his idol no. 1 hero All Might and he chooses Midoriya as the successor of his quirk “one for all”. Later he joins UA high, a prestigious high school for hero program.

4. Naruto

Top 15 Anime/Manga Like One Punch Man

The story starts when before naruto’s birth when Kyuubi, the nine-tailed fox attacks the hidden leaf village and the fourth Hokage of the village sacrifices himself to seal the nine tail inside Naruto. Now, Naruto aims to become the Hokage of the village and in the process, he faces a lot of struggle and hardship.

3. Dragon Ball

Top 15 Anime/Manga Like One Punch Man

Goku vs Saitama is something every anime fan has wanted to see. So, the story revolves around Goku who came from another planet to earth. Now, together with his friend, he protects the earth from extra-terrestrial creatures who try to attack on earth.

2. Mob Psycho 100

Top 15 Anime/Manga Like One Punch Man

Eighth-grader Shigeo “Mob” Kageyama gets his psychic powers at a young age. But soon he realizes the potential danger in his skills, and he decides to not use his power. Except for impressing his long-time crush, Tsubomi, who soon grows bored of the same tricks. To have more control over his power he enrolls under Arataka Reigen, a con who claims to have psychic power too.

1. The Devil is A Part-timer

Top 15 Anime/Manga Like One Punch Man

Devil is a part-timer is the story of the demon lord Satan of Ente Isle who gets defeated by the hero and to escape he teleports on earth where he gets stuck due to lack of magical power on earth. Now, the demon lord is living in the name of Sadao Maou and works in a fast-food joint as a part-timer. After spending some time on earth, he decides to conquer earth along with Ente Isle.


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