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Top 15 Best Anime By Madhouse Studios (Ranked)

(Last Updated On: October 4, 2021)

Madhouse Studios – One of the best animation studios in Japan. It is an animation studio and production enterprise. Ex–Mushi Pro animators and other 4 creators founded Madhouse in 1972. This studio is now 49 years old by the time of writing this article.

This anime studio has made some of the best anime of all time like Hunter x Hunter, Death Note, Monster, and much more. In this blog post, we are going to rank Top 15 Best Anime By Madhouse Studios. These rankings are based on My Anime List scores. So, Let’s start the list of:

Best Anime By Madhouse Studios

Top 15 Best Anime By Madhouse Studios

Every anime on this list is worth your time. And even must watch for every anime fan. At least one anime in this list is watched by most anime fans.

15. Ace of Diamond

Top 15 Best Anime By Madhouse Studios

We are going to start this list with Madhouse Studios – Ace of Diamond or Diamond na Ace. It is a Sports anime that features Baseball. Baseball is quite a popular sport in Japan and the US. The story is about a High Schooler named Sawamura who wants to become the best pitcher.

The protagonist has his importance but other characters are also well developed. The next best thing about this show is its Soundtracks and Background music.

14. One Outs

Top 15 Best Anime By Madhouse Studios

Another Baseball – Sports anime by Madhouse Studios is on the list. One Outs is one of the best sports anime. Even if you did not like sports or baseball this one is a must-watch. A great combination of sports and psychological genres is One Outs.

This anime is best for those who want mental strength, talent, and gambling-related stuff. The protagonist is a risk-taker with a positive attitude toward winning. One of his lines is “Nobody wins, but I”.

13. Parasyte -the maxim-

top anime like jujutsu kasien

Parasyte -the maxim- is an action, horror, and sci-fi anime series. An interesting and intense storyline with a unique concept. Where the whole world is attacked by aliens – The parasites. This anime series by Madhouse Studios is just amazing.

Did not expect any type of comedy from this show. The soundtrack and background of this show are amazing. It’s not just about the story or series but this show also teaches you some valuable life lessons. One of its quotes is “Life is a valuable thing, we have to respect of human and creature life”

12. Hellsing: Ultimate

Top 15 Best Anime By Madhouse Studios

Every Hellsing anime series is produced by different anime studios. Hellsing: Ultimate is produced by Madhouse Studios. And far better than the previous version of the Hellsing anime series. Now you can think why Madhouse Studios are great.

This show has 0% fillers and 100% cannon. This show is best for those who like Vampire and anime with the overpowered main characters. The episodes of this show are 49 minutes long.

11. Nana

Top 15 Best Anime By Madhouse Studios

We have a shojo (female protagonist) anime on the list by Madhouse Studios. Some anime are relatable and Nana is one of them. Nana is a slice-of-life anime series with a touch of romance and comedy in it.

The Hardships and mistakes of young people are well portrayed by Nana. It’s not just a regular anime series – it teaches a lot of new things when it comes to the real world. If you are a Shojo lover, add Nana to your watching list.

10. Chihayafuru

Top 15 Best Anime By Madhouse Studios

Chihayafuru is fascinating with its different types of storylines. Well, it is a sports anime series with 3 seasons by Madhouse Studios. Most people did not watch it because it is not a mainstream anime but in reality, it’s next level.

The story is about a girl who has no dream but then she is introduced to a new type of spot called “Karuta”. Now she is a Karuta freak who has the potential to become the best in Japan. It’s not a romance anime that is unique about it.

9. Rainbow

Top 15 Best Anime By Madhouse Studios

Want to watch a breathtaking anime series? Rainbow is a drama suspense anime series about prisoners. Friendship among four prisoners and their efforts to keep themself alive. The prison is pretty harsh and violent.

Most people binge-watch this show. Because in every moment your mind thinks what will happen next? Rainbow is among the top releasing anime of the year 2010. The show is not for people with weak hearts.

8. Perfect Blue

Top 15 Best Anime By Madhouse Studios (Perfect Blue)

Perfect Blue is not an anime series but a movie. An outstanding movie by Madhouse Studios. A psychological horror anime that can scare your daylight. The only cons about Perfect Blue (it’s not that big) are its animation is outdated.

But the intense story of this movie is amazing. Every single detail about this movie feels like a spoiler so do not readjust go and watch. Perfect blue is a story about a pop singer who wants to become an actress but then unexpected things start to happen.

7. One Punch Man

Top 15 Best Anime By Madhouse Studios

One of the highest-rated and most popular anime series created by Madhouse Studios – One Punch Man. The story is about a super overpowered character who is “Hero For Fun ”. His life is boring because no one in the whole universe can beat him. The animation quality is fascinating and pretty detailed. Sometimes you want to hit your watching screen because of arrogant side characters. One Punch Man – Because he can defeat anyone with his single punch.

6. A Place Further Than The Universe

Top 15 Best Anime By Madhouse Studios

This anime is about getting and living the most out of your life. All characters are high school girls which makes it a great show for the female audience. But it’s for everyone.

Four girls plan to save money and go to Antarctica to find the mother of Shirase Kobuchizawa (one of them). They do not want to waste their life in high school so they desire to do something to make it exciting and memorable. With just 13 episodes you are going to love this series.

5. The Tatami Galaxy

Top 15 Best Anime By Madhouse Studios

There are anime series that contain meaning behind the story and teach you moral lessons – The Tatami Galaxy is one of them. This show is psychological with some addition of Romance and Comedy. The protagonist Watashi (means “Myself”) – did not have a name.

The Tatami Galaxy anime series is epic – The story tells you a very simple concept of life. Anime is “It’s intelligent without being arrogant, it’s stupid without being idiotic, and it’s appealing without being improper.”

4. Death Note

Top 15 Best Anime By Madhouse Studios

Extremely popular anime series and a masterpiece created by Madhouse Studios. Most people get into the anime world after watching Death Note. You will learn the real definition of plot twists in this show.

The two most intelligent characters in the whole anime universe – Light Yagami and L are the star cast of this show. This psychology makes you use your brain. Episodes are filled with excitement and every second of this show is worth your time.

3. Hajime no Ippo

Top 15 Best Anime By Madhouse Studios

Hajime no Ippo or Fighting Spirit in English is one of the highest-rated anime out there. This show inspires you to do something in your life. The story is about a boy who gets bullied every time in school but one day he is saved by a boxer.

And after that, he also wants to become someone who can defend himself and his family. Hajime no Ippo contains unexpected plots. In its first season, it has 75 episodes and has more than one season. It’s quite a long series but worth your time.

2. Monster

Top 15 Best Anime By Madhouse Studios

Monster is a Medical-Thriller anime series with a total of 74 episodes. The next level character and their development, storyline, relatable with the real world, and pretty much everything is perfect. Monster is one of the Seinen anime all over the anime universe.

A doctor has two patients at the same time for life-saving surgery. But if he saves one other person dies. The anime is quite confusing at first but you will understand it when it begins. You are going to love the Monster anime series from its first episode.

1. Hunter x Hunter (2011)

Top 15 Best Anime By Madhouse Studios

In the first place, we have the Hunter x Hunter anime series. There are two versions of this. The second and better Hunter x Hunter (2011) is made by Madhouse Studios. This Shonen show contains 148 episodes.

The story starts at a slow pace but soon it becomes interesting and more enjoyable than any other anime. The world of hunters who capture criminals to make the world peaceful and money for themselves. While the episode count is a little high, when you start watching it you will demand more.


Which anime by Madhouse Studios is your favorite? Mine is Death Note. Comment below!

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