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Top 15 Best Anime Cosplayers On Instagram

(Last Updated On: August 2, 2023)

Cosplay influencers are avid enthusiasts of movies, books, video games, and more, delighting in transforming into a plethora of beloved characters. From superheroes to villains, these creators breathe life into these fictional personas using elaborate costumes and skillful makeup.

Explore this compilation of top cosplay influencers, who wholeheartedly share their passion for turning fantasy into tangible reality on various social media platforms.

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15. Milky

Meet Milky, a 21-year-old cosplayer from Austria with a Middle Eastern ethnicity. Standing at 5ft 3 inches, she boasts 171k followers on Instagram. With 5 to 6 years of cosplaying experience, her favorite anime is HunterXHunter.

Although she shies away from selfies, her naturally black hair complements her stunning cosplay photos. Milky also dabbles in Genshin Impact cosplay and adores looks from Hunter X Hunter, Naruto, and the new Netflix show, Spy X Family. Follow her Instagram for captivating cosplays and more!

14. Rinn

Meet Rinn, an extraordinary Chinese cosplayer with a massive following of 86.2k on Instagram. Her favorite character to portray is Seiba from Fate Grand Order, but she also stuns as Jeanne Alter and Mashu. Rinn’s cosplays are incredibly realistic, thanks to her skillful makeup and Adobe Photoshop techniques.

Beyond her passion for cosplaying, she proudly identifies as a foodie and enjoys collaborating with other artists at anime cosplay conventions. Rinn’s talent and love for both cosplay and food make her a captivating presence in the community.

13. QiYao QiYin

Meet QiYao and QiYin, the dynamic cosplaying duo with 18.2k followers on their Instagram, Twitter, and Weibo accounts. Their captivating content is tailored for adult anime enthusiasts, showcasing incredible cosplays of characters from Genshin Impact and Demon Slayer, like Zenitsu and Agatsuma.

Their chemistry and creativity shine through in every photo, enhanced by stunning backgrounds. Prepare to be amazed by their mesmerizing portrayals!

12. Seeuxiaorou / SeeU

Xiao Rou, a talented Chinese cosplayer and illustrator, gained viral fame when K-Pop fans discovered her striking resemblance to GFriend’s Eunha. Despite being 31 years old, her cute anime cosplays of young female characters captivate fans worldwide.

With nearly a million followers on Instagram, her unique approach to cosplaying, taking on 16 costumes in a single video, showcases unmatched dedication and creativity.

11. Bri Sakura

Meet Bri, a talented dancer and passionate cosplayer who brings Anime characters to life with her amazing cosplay looks. With over 39.1k followers on her Instagram and a popular YouTube channel named “Sakurabrii,” she has garnered a dedicated fanbase.

Among her favorite cosplays is Korone, and she has also rocked the Marin Kitagawa bunny suit looks on her Insta page. Despite being relatively new to the cosplay scene, Bri’s skills and creativity are already making a significant impact.

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10. Pam

Meet PAM, an Austrian cosplayer with a passion for Dragon Ball Z. Standing at 164cm, she captivates her 33.1k Instagram and 3k Tiktok followers with incredible transformations.

Gohan is her favorite character, but she’s not afraid to explore new horizons, as evidenced by her outstanding Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad look. Beyond cosplay, PAM collaborates with fellow artists, showcasing her dedication to the craft.

9. Tessa

Tessa is a multi-talented professional Cosplay model, cos maker, and photographer, known for her immersive photoshoots. From enchanting underwater captures of Rei from Neon Genesis Evangelion to exotic desert zone adventures, her creativity knows no bounds.

With a strong presence on Instagram (21k followers) and Tiktok (32k followers), she captivates fans worldwide. Catch her at various Cosplay Katsucon Conventions, where adoring fans flock to meet her.

8. Luna

Meet Luna, the 19-year-old Arizona cosplayer standing at just 5ft 1 inch tall. With a flair for creativity, she plans and showcases her incredible anime cosplays, ranging from adorable bunny girl to caring nurse and charming schoolgirl looks.

Luna’s talent has gained her a massive following, with 17.1k Instagram fans and an impressive 273k TikTok followers, where she delights her audience with cute cosplays and fashionable content.

7. Aru.rinh /Zekia

Zekia, a Taiwanese native raised in California, stands at 5’4″ tall and boasts an impressive Instagram following of over 688k. Her meticulously organized page features a range of content, from freelancing modeling and self-directed photoshoots to merchandise options and a thriving Discord community.

On TikTok, she amasses 168k followers, captivating audiences with her ingenious cosplay ideas for anime conventions. Backed by a talented team of makeup artists and photographers, Zekia offers her followers the opportunity to own her captivating looks through stickers, pin designs, and a stunning photobook collection.

6. Yelihina

Meet Yelihina, the talented Mexican cosplayer with a thriving online presence. Her Instagram boasts an impressive collection of anime cosplay costumes, captivating over 71k followers.

On Twitter and TikTok, she has already garnered 65.6k devoted fans, with her Naruto character cosplay being a fan favorite. With a special love for Naruto, she has also cosplayed as Hinata, Sakura, and Tsunade. Follow her journey and be mesmerized by her fantastic creations!

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5. Lauren

Meet Lauren, a talented NJ cosplayer and YouTube star with a massive following of 42.7k on Instagram and 147.5k on TikTok. She captivates her fans with engaging tutorials, anime-inspired skits, and mind-blowing “Genshin Impact” cosplays, especially her beloved character, Lisa. HT recognizes her influence, sponsoring her for merchandise endorsements.

Lauren’s TikTok fanbase adores her captivating Cosplay content, making her a sensation at conventions too.

4. Lalenabee

Lena is a multi-talented artist, excelling in music, streaming, Esports driving, and goth modeling. Her passion for cosplay shines through as she effortlessly embodies her favorite characters with a unique gothic twist.

With 26k Instagram followers, she’s celebrated as one of the best anime cosplay artists, constantly exploring new looks and captivating her audience.

3. Cris

Meet Cris, a remarkable 21-year-old male anime cosplayer and video creator. With over 12.2k Instagram followers, he’s a prominent figure in New York’s anime conventions and beyond.

His heart belongs to Gojo from Jujutsu Kaisen, a series that captivated the entire anime world. Impressively, he effortlessly embraces female characters like Cherry Blossom from Sk8 the Infinity.

2. Monymoni

Monymoni, a talented Cosplay artist and streamer, boasts 18.6k Instagram followers. Hailing from Samarinda, Kalimantan Timur, she runs a successful rental business for her impressive Cosplay costumes.

Her favorite themes include bunny characters and schoolgirls from Anime. Engaging her audience on both Discord and two streaming platforms, she offers delightful Cosplay and gaming content.

1. Mariyam

Meet Myriam, a multifaceted video creator, and cosplayer with a massive following of 155k on Instagram and 1.2M on Tiktok. As a Twitch partner and creator at ‘ggnocturnal,’ she dazzles the Cosplay community with her talent.

Join her Patreon to access exclusive Cosplay, set pictures, and behind-the-scenes content from her amazing shoots and convention adventures. Don’t miss out on her creative Anime videos!


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