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Top 15 Best Manhwa/Webtoon Like Unordinary

(Last Updated On: February 4, 2022)

In recent years, the Manhwas are getting much more popular outside than Japan and South Korea. There are many Manhwas available which are even more popular than some manga and anime. For example, Tower of God and Solo Leveling is getting a lot of fame and reputation among western readers. Below you will read about one of those popular manhwas which are Unordinary. If you want to know about some similar manhwa like Unordinary then keep reading the blog. 

Webtoon Like Unordinary

Top 15 Best Manhwa/Webtoon Like Unordinary

#15. The Gamer

The Gamer

The first manhwa on the list is The Gamer where the protagonist suddenly gets a special power. Now, he can see the power level stats of normal human beings just like games. Moreover, just like games, he can power up by defeating monsters and increasing experience. The Gamer is a good manhwa with a great combination of humor, action, and supernatural themes. Like UnOrdinary, there is a High School life, an extraordinary student, and a lot of fun. 

#14. Weak Hero

manhwa Like Unordinary

Do you like the personal development of the Unordinary protagonist? Well, if yes then you are going to love this Manhwa the protagonist is similar in many ways. The story is also about a Highschool boy in and bullied environment just like UnOrdinary. But, instead of a weakling protagonist, the Weak Hero is a brutal fighter. The only difference between the Ordinary and Weak Hero is the protagonist is much more powerful than the rest of the school.

#13. Flow

manhwa Like Unordinary

Another similar Manhwa on the list is Flow which is quite amazing with a touch of racism. Have you ever watched DanMachi anime or read light novels? There is something similar where people are born under a God. However, there are two types of gods – Weak and Strong. If you are born under a weak god then you can attend High School and many more restrictions. The similarities between the two series are elite High School, Supernatural students, and extraordinary environment. 

#12. Ability


The next manhwa on the list of similar manhwa like UnOrdinary is Ability. As you see by its name it’s also about supernatural abilities like another manhwa on this list. Ability follows the story of Han Yu-Hwa, who can regenerate. Our protagonist suddenly gets his ability while saving a girl from a car accident. After that, he finds himself in an extraordinary world with super users. Similar to UnOrdinary, the protagonist is also a character who is different from the rest of the world and his adventure. 

#11. Code Adam

manhwa Like Unordinary

It’s time to read some underrated manhwa like Code Adam. It is an army-themed manhwa with an army of children and other supernatural abilities. The fact is that it is the most similar Manhwa to Unordinary. The story follows the lives of children who gain the supernatural ability and fight a war. Well, the war has ended but what about those children? Are they able to live with those powers or die because of their side effects? 

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#10. Lumine

manhwa Like Unordinary

The next similar manhwa to Unordinary on the list is Lumine. The similarity between UnOrdinary and Lumine is that both characters are extraordinary and different from the rest of the world. However, here is a little different theme from Unordinary which is quite good in many ways. The theme of Lumine Manhwa is a fantasy world instead of High School. Moreover, here you get to see a lot more action scenes than UnOrdinary Manhwa. 

#09. Dice: The Cube that changes Everything

Dice- The Cube That Changes Everything

The Dice is quite amazing Manhwa and also different than most of the Manhwas on the Webtoon. Instead of an overpowered character, the protagonist of the Dice is quite weak and always sticks to the bottom. However, the supernatural phenomenon of the Dice Manhwa is Dice. Yes, an extraordinary dice that has the power to grant user wishes like reborn. It is a highly rated manhwa on the Webtoon so you must give it a shot. 

#08. Zero Game

manga Like Unordinary

The protagonist of Zero Game manhwa is a sweet girl with a terrible past. Moreover, Zero Game is also a game theme manhwa like The Gamer. In both manhwas connect reality with gaming features but little changes. In Zero Game if a player dies in the game then it also means their death in the real world. While living a terrible life, the Zero Game protagonist gets an email where she gets an invitation to enter this game and improve her life. 

#07. God of High School 

The God of High School

Now, we have one of the best manhwas of all time, God of High School. If you like the UnOrdinary then you will love The God of High School. Both protagonists have something extraordinary in their bodies and that reveals over time. However, unlike UnOrdinary, the protagonist of God of High School, Jin Mori is quite cheerful and strong from the start character (overpowered). They both have an environment of High School and students with extraordinary abilities. 

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#06. Hardcore Leveling Warrior

manhwa Like Unordinary

One more similar manhwa to UnOrdinary with a Game Theme. Like other manhwas, Hardcore Leveling Warrior is also connected between game and reality. This Manhwa follows the story of a character who is the best player in the world. However, he gets defeated by someone and starts again starting from level one. Well, this manhwa allows players to play while they sleep or dream. Our protagonist aims to rest at the top level and find that person who defeated him. 

#05. I’m The Grim Reaper

manhwa Like Unordinary

Unlike other Manhwas on the list (except Zero Game) I’m the Grim Reaper is the only Manhwa with a female protagonist. I’m the Grim Reaper follows the story of a girl named Scarlet who is reborn after her death. The interesting thing is that she was born as Grim Reaper (as you can read by the name of this Manhwa). Her task is to kill at least one sinner daily to live a peaceful life. 

#04. Tower of God

manga Like Unordinary

Another popular Manhwa which is similar to Unordinary is the Tower of God. The main characters of both series are extraordinary and super powerful. The protagonist of the Tower of God sped over 12 years living under a tower that is filled with monsters. It tells the story of a boy named Bam and a girl named Rachel and both of them climbing the Tower. This Manhwa will give you some annoying characters and moments which make you punch on the wall. 

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#03. Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling is the highest-rated Manhwa and also most popular among both types of readers – the Manhwa and manga. The protagonists of both series are quite inspiring and relatable which is quite a good thing. Most people already have read Solo Leveling Manhwa and are waiting for the anime release. But if you have not read this Manhwa yet then must give it a shot and read till the end. Solo Leveling follows the story of a weak hunter who is on his way to becoming one of the strongest hunters in the world. 

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#02. City of Dead Sorcerer

manhwa Like Unordinary

Want to read an interesting Manhwa with fantasy and magic touch? The City of Dead Sorcerer is quite similar to the UnOrdinary when it comes to character personality. Moreover, Instead of the High School theme, City of Dead Sorcerer is an open world. The story is about power or element which is “Mana ” and its uses. It is more like a Robin Hood story where the protagonist kills the evil but the Government wants to get rid of him. 

#01. Gosu


Last but not least Manhwa similar to the UnOrdinary is Gosu Manhwa. Gosu is an awesome and engaging action Manhwa with an Overpowered protagonist. The goal of our main character is to avenge the death of his master which is going to be a little difficult. The theme of the Gosu is martial arts and lots of action scenes. The name of this Manhwa “Gosu” means “Someone highly skilled in something” who is our protagonist.   


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