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Top 15 Best Spy Anime Series

Anime has a diverse range of genres and themes that appeal to people of all ages. It contains all of the content that any type of person could desire.

In all of anime’s diverse genres, the spy genres are the most thrilling and mysterious.

The spy anime story is a perfect blend of action, drama, and suspense, making this style of story a great fit in the world of anime.

Best Spy Anime Series

If we talk about what kind of character a spy is, then a spy is a highly intelligent, critical thinker who can handle stress and extreme adversity, is very adaptable, physically fit, and most importantly, has the ability to blend in no matter what the environment.

Here are a few of the most well-known and incredible spy anime that every otaku should watch.

15. 91 Days

91 Days - Best Spy Anime Series

91 Days is a crime-drama anime series written by Taku Kishimoto. This anime debuted in 2016 on Crunchyroll and various JNN stations. This series takes place in the Lawless District of the United States during the Prohibition era of 1932.

Angelo Lagusa is the main character of the series. His family was killed by a don named Vincent Vanetti. He wishes to take revenge on the Vanettis. This family controls the Lawless District and runs a mafia.

Angelo is a skilled spy who was able to infiltrate the mafia and take his revenge. This series perfectly depicts spies’ strategies and abilities.

14. Future Diary

Future Diary is a 2011 mystical-thriller anime series created by Studio Asread. This show is based on a diary game that is a deadly battle royale. In this game, there are 12 different individuals taking part. Each of them has a future diary that helps them to predict the future.

This game is being played by an unsocial boy, Yuki Amano and an infamous spy, Minene Uryu. There’s also a brilliant teen detective, Aru Akise involved. They’re all hoping to win this battle royale and become the successors of the God of Time and Space.

This series is full of mysteries and thrills that keep the viewer’s attention on them at all times.

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13. Spy x Family

Best Spy Anime Series

It is an action/spy anime series produced by Wit Studio and CloverWorks that debuted on April 9, 2022 and is currently airing.

The plot revolves around Schedules Agent Twilight, the best spy for the nation of Westalis, who is tasked with infiltrating an elite private school. To accomplish this, he disguises himself as psychiatrist Loid Forger, adopts an orphan girl, and marries a city hall employee.

His daughter Anya, unbeknownst to him, is a telepath, and his wife, Yor, is an assassin. While working to complete Twilight’s missions and keep the world at peace, the three learn to become a family.

12. Allison and Lillia

It is an adventure/romance anime series produced by studio Madhouse that aired from Apr 03, 2008 to Oct 02, 2008.

The story takes place on a continent divided into two countries by the Lutoni River and the Central Mountains. The two countries, the Confederation of Roxche and the United Kingdom of Bezel Iltoa, have been at odds for over a century and have finally reached an agreement.

Allison is a Roxche air force pilot who one day reunites with Will, her companion from the House of Future, where they were orphans. They are thrown together in an adventure in enemy territory in search of a fabled treasure that will hopefully end the war and bring peace to both countries.

11. Najica Blitz Tactics

Best Spy Anime Series

It is an action/sci-fi anime series produced by Studio Fantasia and Amber Film Works that aired from Oct 5, 2001 to Dec 27, 2001.

This anime follows the life of Najica Hiiragi, a perfumer and secret agent who is dispatched on a series of recovery missions to apprehend rogue humaritts, androids with combat abilities.

Najica is given a humaritt partner, Lila, whom she is to train as an agent and receive help from along the way. As Najica comes to accept Lila, each new mission they undertake reveals more and more about the humaritts’ abilities and mysterious origins.

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10. Heavy Object

Best Spy Anime Series

It is an action/sci-fi anime series produced by J.C.Staff SANZIGEN that aired from Oct 03, 2015 to Mar 26, 2016.

This story follows Qwenthur Barbotage, an object design student, and Havia Winchell, a radar analyst of noble descent.

Heavy Object follows these two soldiers, as well as Milinda Brantini, the pilot of the Baby Magnum, and their commanding officer, Frolaytia Capistrano, as they travel the world fighting battle after battle.

9. Joker Game

Best Spy Anime Series

Joker Game is a mystery/thriller anime series that aired from April 5, 2016 to June 21, 2016. It was produced by Production I.G.

This story takes place in 1937, on the eve of World War II. The “D Agency,” a clandestine spy training organization, is central to the plot. The organization was founded by Lieutenant Colonel Yuuki of the Imperial Japanese Army.

His values drive him to recruit non-military academy graduates or personnel and train them to be excellent manipulators.

These agents would be assigned to a specialized team that would carry out tasks. Jirou Gamou, an antihero agent, sets out on a perilous quest to find secret documents known as “Black.”

8. Night Raid 1931

Night Raid 1931 is a Studio A-1 Pictures action/thriller anime series that aired on TV Tokyo from April 5, 2010 to June 28, 2010.

The plot takes place in Shanghai in 1931, following the recent First Sino-Japanese War, Russo-Japanese War, and World War I, when the Imperial Japanese Army is sent to mainland China.

In this cosmopolitan city of intrigue, there is a special military spy organization known as “Sakurai Kikan” that has been buried in history.

7. 009-1

Best Spy Anime Series

It is a spy/sci-fi anime series produced by Ishimori Entertainment that aired from October 5, 2006 to December 21, 2006.

This anime is set In a alternate world where the Cold War lasted 140 years, the world was divided into two factions: the West Block and the East Block. As the Cold War continues, tensions between the two factions rise, as does the number of nuclear weapons they possess.

Mylene Hoffman is a female cyborg who works for the West Block as a spy. Mylene, along with three other agents, participates in various missions assigned to her by her superiors.

6. Full Metal Panic

Best Spy Anime Series

It is an action/sci-fi anime series produced by studio Gonzo that aired from Jan 08, 2002 to Jun 18, 2002.

This anime follows the life of Sousuke Sagara, a seventeen-year-old military specialist working for the secret organization MITHRIL, who is assigned to protect the latest “Whispered” candidate, Kaname Chidori. Sousuke will have to deal with enemies from his past as well as the occasional panty thief in order to complete this task.

Unfortunately for Sousuke, the most difficult part of his mission is not only protecting Miss Chidori, but also adjusting to life as a typical high school student, which is no easy task for someone raised on the battlefield.

5. Mobile Suit Gundam : Iron Blooded Orphans

Best Spy Anime Series

It is an action/drama anime series produced by studio Sunrise that aired from Oct 04, 2015 to Mar 27, 2016.

This anime is set in Three centuries after the “Calamity War,” a woman named Kudelia Aina Bernstein embarks on a journey to Earth to advocate for the independence of the Martian city of Chryse, which is under the control of the Earth’s government.

Mikazuki Augus and Orga Itsuka of the private security company CGS are accompanying her. When the Gjallarhorn group attacks CGS and Kudelia, Orga sees this as an opportunity to rebel against CGS and launch a coup.

Mikazuki and Orga are thrown into a new battle. Mikazuki uses an old mobile suit from the Calamity War called the Gundam Barbatos to fight Gjallarhorn.

4. Darker than Black

It is an action/mystery anime series produced by studio Bones that aired from Apr 06, 2007 to Sep 28, 2007.

This story takes place in Tokyo, ten years after an impenetrable field known as “Hell’s Gate” appeared. Simultaneously, psychics who wield paranormal powers at the expense of their conscience emerged.

Hei is one of the most powerful of these psychic agents, and he works for one of the many competing agencies vying to solve the mysteries of Hell’s Gate with his blind associate, Yin.

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3. Eden of the East

Best Spy Anime Series

It is an action/mystery anime series produced by Production I.G that aired from Apr 10, 2009 to Jun 19, 2009.

Saki Morimi, a young woman on her graduation trip in the United States, is the protagonist of this story. But she gets into trouble right in front of the White House in Washington, DC, and only the unexpected intervention of one of her countrymen saves her.

This man, who introduces himself as Akira Takizawa, is, however, a complete mystery. He appears to have lost his memory, and he is completely naked except for the gun in one hand and the phone in the other. A phone with a digital cash balance of 8,200,000,000 yen.

2. Ghost in the Shell

Best Spy Anime Series

Ghost in the Shell is an action/sci-fi Japanese anime television series produced by Production I.G. This anime is based on Masamune Shirow’s manga “Ghost in the Shell.”

This anime’s plot is as follows: In the future, the distinction between the digital and physical worlds will become increasingly blurred. People now live their lives in both the digital and physical worlds, blurring the line between technology and humans beyond recognition.

As a result of the fusion of man and machine, a new cybernetic level of existence is being formed, an existence that continues to redefine mankind.

1. Golgo 13

Best Spy Anime Series

It is an action/drama anime series produced by The Answer Studio that aired from April 11, 2008 to March 27, 2009.

The series follows Golgo, an internationally known mercenary assassin known by law enforcement agencies, criminals, terrorists, and other factions all over the world.

He is well-known throughout the world because he is hired by a wide range of people, from individuals who can afford to hire him for an assignment to foreign governments and secret organizations.

The show depicts the various tasks he undertakes and his interactions with various people. Golgo 13 always gets the job done, no matter who the target is or what situations he finds himself in.


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