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Top 15 Manhwa/Webtoon Like The Return of the Legend

(Last Updated On: January 28, 2022)

The Return of the Legend is a popular Manhwa (Korean comics) with a simple Slice of Life and Drama storyline. Well, if you catch up with the current episodes and want to read more Manhwa/ Webtoon then you are at the right place. Below you will get the list of Top 15 similar Manhwa like The Return of the Legend. 

Manhwa listed below is not in any ranking order of similarity percentage. Each Manhwa has something similar with a few changes to make that story unique and better. So, let’s start our list of similar Manhwa/Webtoon without further ado…

#01. Past Life Regression

manhwa Like The Return of the Legend

The first Manhwa on the list is Past Life Regression where the protagonist gets a chance to get back in time and start again from zero. Like The Return of the Legend, this Manhwa also has a time travel situation and improves your life. However, Past Life Regression focuses on Action instead of a simple Slice of Life. Moreover, this Manhwa is also running and only has 29 episodes which make it easier for you to catch up with the story. 

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#02. Wife After Love

manhwa Like The Return of the Legend

Wife After Love is a Romance and Slice of Life Manhwa which tells the story of two arranged married couples. In Wife After Love, instead of time travel like The Return of the Legend, You get a time skip where they got separated for three years. The story is about their relationship before and after time skip and from not giving a damn about their partner to finding themself attracted toward each other.

#03. A Gentleman’s Unique Taste

Are you looking for a Manhwa with an Office environment or Office Love? Well, The Return of the Legend takes place in a High School environment but A Gentleman’s Unique Taste is about the CEO of a company. Our protagonist is exceptionally handsome, intelligent, and a great businessman but still did not have a girlfriend yet. Do you know the reason why he did not get a girlfriend yet? It’s a perfect recommendation for someone who wants romance with the feel of The Return of the Legend Manhwa. 

#04. My Secret Daddy

manhwa Like The Return of the Legend

My Secret Daddy is one of the most unique Manhawa out there with an emotional touch and family theme. Same like The Return of the Legend is also about starting a new life but again few little changes to make the story unique and better. My Secret Daddy follows the story of two characters, where a Man lost his beloved girlfriend and a little boy who is lost on the streets of America.

#05. If You Give Me Flowers, I’ll Give You Myself

manhwa Like The Return of the Legend

Flowers, Romance, Adventure, Forming new life and running away from your previous life is the main theme of If You Give Me Flowers, I’ll Give You Myself. Where a girl has a deadly disease but also a dream to find a rare flower to register in books of Botany. Moreover, we also have our protagonist who is running away from his home and father to start a new life. Well, they both meet each other in a deadly desert and help each other to fulfil their dreams. 

#06. Again My Life

Again My Life is quite similar to The Return of the Legend where the protagonist dies and gets a chance to improve their life. In Again My Life, the protagonist is a prosecutor but dies with an encounter with the Don of a Korean reign. However, he got a charge to start his life again from 18 years back from High School days. Now, he is preparing himself to take down that devil in future. 

#07. Kill the Hero

Do you want to read a Manhwa like The Return of the Legend but with a twist of Fantasy instead of Slice of Life? Kill the Hero tells the story of a man who is killed by his own Guild Leader, however, he gets a new life and also changes his life. However, this time he did not want to be a Hero and save the world anymore but to take revenge by The Hero. Now, Woojin is improving his skill to reach the top and Kill the Hero. 

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#08. A Man’s Man

A Boy becomes one of the younger CEOs of one of the biggest tech companies but still feels an emptiness in his life? Because there is no one to celebrate with him and the cost of his position is loss of all sorts of relationships. However, one night he drinks too much and the next day finds out that he is now 20 years back in the past. Now, Yuhyeon is trying to keep all things together and improve his previous mistakes. 

#09. Lady Baby

Lady Baby also goes with a similar story like where get a chance to again her life but with an interesting twist. The story starts with an emotional scene where the family of the protagonist dies in an accident but she gets a chance to start her life again from the start. Unlike The Return of the Legend, Lady Baby got her life from the day she was born. Now, here you get the soul of an adult in the body of a baby.  

#10. Your Majesty, Please Spare Me This Time

The next Manhwa like The Return of the Legend is Your Majesty, Please Spare Me This Time. Same like The Return of the Legend here you get Slice of Life, Drama, Age Transformation, Time Travel along with Royalty and Romance. A woman and her family are killed by the emperor but get a chance to live again from when she was 12 years old. Will she be able to change the future by winning the emperor’s heart?  

#11. Miss Time

Miss Time follows the story of three best friends Sera, Gaon, and Jiho. However, Sera’s wedding run away from her wedding and Gaon helps her to do that. But Jiho thinks this all happened because of Gaon and they are not even friends anymore. Now, Sera wants those happy days back and suddenly she realises she is not an adult anymore. Sera and Gain are back in high school with all their memories but are they able to improve what they have done?

#12. From the Grave and Back

From the Grave and Back, Manhwa is similar to the Return of the Legend where the protagonist dies and gets a new life. However, in this Manhwa the protagonist did not get his own but someone else’s body, a body of a severely injured high schoolboy. Our protagonist comes from a wealthy family along with an incurable disease but one he got killed in a truck accident. Now, Han Myoung Woo got a new body and life but was he able to survive? 

#13. Medical Return

Medical Return

Medical Return is a medical Slice of Life Manhwa which follows a story of a surgeon who is poor and without any reputation. Well, like other protagonists on this list Kim Jihyun also gets a chance to go back to the past and start from the beginning. Now, he is in middle school and living his life to the full extent along with becoming a good student. His goal is to become rich and become one of the best surgeons in the world. 

#14. This is The Law

This is The Law is the story of a brilliant lawyer with a strong sense of justice, however, he has been murdered by the National Intelligence service. But the story did not end here because it is being reviewed by Emperor YeomRa because of his brilliancy. Moreover, this time he is coming back with a secret power given by Emperor YeomRa. What’s this secret power, will he be able to survive in this toxic environment, and change the future? 

#15. Killing Time

Last but not least we have Killing Time which is quite similar to The Return of the Legend. With one of the most unique and engaging storylines, Killing Time is going to make your day. Killing Time follows the story of two sisters from different times, however, they can talk with each other with the help of their smartphones. Yes, a smartphone that can connect two different times and with help of this our protagonist is going to save her sister’s life. 

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This is all similar to Manhwa/Webtoon like The Return of the Legend. You can also check our Manhwa section where you get articles about similar Manhwa, Reviews of Manhwa and many more. 

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