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Top 15 Most Iconic Anime Maid characters

Anime offers lots of unique characters and personalities to viewers to make them love the story. But not every character is loved by fans, some fans love to watch overpowered characters, whereas some get excited about the beautiful maid.

If you are one of those fans who love beautiful and gorgeous maids, then this list is for you. In this list, we have 15 most iconic anime maid charters for you.

1. Misaki Ayuzawa (Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama!)

Misaki Ayuzawa is the main protagonist of the anime named Kaichou wa Maid-Sama!. If you love girls with rough and tough personalities, then Misaki Ayuzawa would be your perfect maid. She actually hates men and has a tough and strict personality for boys. But the irony of the story is that she works as a maid in a cafe to support her and her sister.

2. Tohru (Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid)

What does think will happen if you have a maid who is a dragon? Yes, you heard right a dragon as a maid just for you. Well in this anime the character known as Tohru is actually a maid who is transformed into a human to serve Kobayashi. There are lots of fun and exciting elements in this anime, and Tohru is a dragon. She becomes a perfect fit for iconic anime maid characters.

3. Roberta (Black Lagoon)

If you think about a maid, what do you expect her to be like? Well if it’s her cooking and cleaning skills then you’re right but that wouldn’t make her an iconic maid character right? Roberta is a maid who works for Lovelace family, and she isn’t an ordinary maid. She is an assassin well to be accurate she use to be an assassin and is one of the most popular criminals in the world.

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4. Narberal Gamma (Overlord)

If you have watched Overlord then you must be familiar with Narberal Gamma. She accompanied Ainz the main character of the series in his adventure. The thing which makes her dangerous to humans would be her skills and hatred for humans. Her abilities and skills are perfect for the battle, she has fought with various enemies whenever needed or ordered and crushed them with her strength.

5. Mey Rin (Black Butler)

Having a maid is pretty useful because they can do all your cleaning and cooking work. But in anime cooking or cleaning skill isn’t something maids are for, there are a lot more than just that. Mey Rin is clumsy and has a goofy personality, so what is it that makes her iconic? Well, that would be her snipping skill, she can use sniper without even using a scope and all and will still hit her target accurately.

6. Rem (Re: Zero)

It would be a sin not to include Rem in the list of the most iconic maids in anime. Rem is one of the most popular and loveable characters of the Re: Zero series. She is adorable cute, and one thing which makes her dangerous to others would be her love for the people she cares about. If anyone dares to hurt people she cares about, then they might have to face a near-death experience at Rem’s hands.

7. Maid Chan

Until now in this list, we have talked about battle maids, assassins, and even dragons. But among all these maids we still have a unique maid who is extremely useful and that would be Maid Chan. Maid Chan is unique among all these maids. Basically, Maid Chan is an AI Program, she can check your emails, messages, and all. Not just that she even looks cute and adorable.

8. Tsubone (Hunter x Hunter)

Whenever we see some rich and powerful family in anime they all have a strong and reliable maid or servant. Which is cool and important, and fans do love those Op maids. Similarly, in HxH we saw how capable and strong Tsubone is, she serves her order without any hesitation. Her skills make her the perfect candidate for this list of iconic maids.

9. Lilith (The Maid I Hired Recently is Mysterious)

If you are busy in your life and want someone to help in your daily activity then hiring a maid would be a good idea. But what if that maid hides something from you? As you can guess from the name of the anime the maid in this anime is a mystery in herself. She is beautiful work hard have excellent cooking skill but have a mysterious personality.

10. Virgo (Fairy Tail)

Virgo is a celestial spirit, she is dedicated to her master and has a funny personality. If you have a celestial spirit it means you have a contract with the spirit. Which means you can call for the celestial spirit whenever you want. Doesn’t matter if you call her to protect yourself or just for fun.

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11. Rumiho Akiha (Steins; Gate)

There are various characters in anime who make even a sad and dark anime light-hearted right? In this anime, Rumiho is one of those characters fans love for her cute and funny behavior. She is actually a student and only works part-time in a maid cafe.

12. Kogarashi (Kamen no Maid Guy)

Whenever we talk about maids, the only gender which automatically comes to our mind is women correct? But what if I say there is an iconic maid character in anime who isn’t a maid? Kogarashi is a man, well not any man but a superhuman. His physic and face are enough to scare the hell out of others, but he is still a capable maid.

13. Ram (Re: Zero)

Ram is another maid character from Re: Zero series. We have already talked about Rem in this list and if you have watched the series then you must be familiar with both of them. Well, Rem is said to be the best in comparison to Ram but she is still dedicated to Subaru and has a loyalty that cannot be explained.

14. Tama (Gintama)

Having a robot maid might be a fantasy for some fans. If you have a fantasy like that look at our beautiful and perfect robot maid Tama. She has the skills of a maid and has pretty good knowledge of human emotions. Her appearance in the series makes it somewhat entertaining and fun for fans. Being a robot with human emotion makes her a perfect iconic maid in anime.

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15. Ai Hayasaka (Kaguya Sama: Love is War)

Kaguya Sama: Love is War is a popular anime with lots of funny moments. In the series, Ai Hayasaka is one of the main protagonists of the story and a maid who serves the Shinomiya Group. She is beautiful and has blonde hair. She is a character who is admired by all anime fans for his dedication and effort for Kaguya. Ai Hayasaka is more than a maid character who can become anything as per her master’s request.

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