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Top 15 Most Popular Anime in India

(Last Updated On: September 23, 2020)

So Today we will be counting down our picks for the Top 15 most popular Anime in India.

Note: This List is based on the popularity of Anime , it doesn’t rank according which is better or worse.

Since Early 2000s there has been a huge viewer ship for Anime in India. There are few anime series that had made huge impact on the lifes of people of India.

This list includes the anime had aired on TV in India as well as the Anime which are watch online on streaming website and also which are pirated. This list is combined from anime forums , Indian anime fan groups as well as qoura and Reddit.

So let’s Begin……..

15. The 7 Deadly Sins (Nanatsu No Taizai)

This anime is officially on Netflix. It’s is based on the Manga published with same name. It’s quite popular around the world and India no exception.

7 Deadly sins

It’s popularity saw rise due to availability of Netflix in India. It follows the story of most powerful 7 knights who betrayed the Kingdom. No kingdom is in Danger.

A princess named Elizabeth is on the mission to get them together to save kingdom. It’s is a must watch anime. It happens in a magic world.

14. Beyblade Series

This Beyblade series was made in Japan to promote the sales of spinning tops called Beyblades. This Anime series in adapted from the manga having same name.

The story of Tyson in world of Beyblade matches to very much popular in India. All the sequel and spin off series like Metal Fusion and others are still popular and are aired of TV.

This is more targeted towards younger audience. Giving huge fan base in India.

Fun Fact: I cried for 2 days in front of my parents to buy it.😭😭 Then they bought it for me.😈😈

13. Black Clover

It’s a popularity charts has blown everything away. Black Clover is on top of suggestion list of Magic anime. It’s is having one of best present day Shonen storyline.

Black Clover - Top 15 Most Popular Anime in India

It’s is based of Manga named same. It flows the hardship and adventures of a boy name Asta who does not have magic in world magic is a everyday tool. He got power of anti magic and starts his journey to became the Wizard King with his Friend Yuno.

It’s magical action ride and one of my personal favorites. Go be sure to check it out.😏😏😏

Black Clover is becoming famous in India, among people watching anime online. It can even become more famous as it is ongoing anime and it’s manga is also ongoing. Now its also available on Netflix in India.

12. My Hero Academia

If I forget to include it into this list Hero fans will kill (Just Joking !!).

In recent time it got it’s fan base from Indian Dragon Ball Fans. It’s is quiet famous in Dragon Ball community. No doubt Dragon Ball community is very big in India.

It’s is an explosive action packed Anime. Our main protagonist don’t have any special power, In a world where every single person has sort of power and dreams to be super Hero. He got a number 1 hero All might as his mentor. Rest is Spoiler. He wants to be a hero.

It’s a go go and watch it. 😤😤😤

11. Fairy Tail

Do Fairies have Tails, Ha it’s a Mystery !!

Fairy Tail is one of best Action adventure anime with Magical Powers in it. In some ways similar to Black Clover.

Fairytail Top 15 Most Popular Anime in India (3)

This is my personal favorite after only Bleach anime. It’s popularity is rising in India as online streaming services are gaining momentum. No one can denie the fact that it’s is near level of Big 3 Shonen Anime.

It’s Diary of Lucy in the world of Magic, where people and things have magic. Mages make guilds and do small jobs and earn money. Lucy joins a guild named Fairy Tail and her adventures start with Natsu Happy and others.

Must Watch😏😏

10. Tokyo Ghoul

It’s is as popular as non other. A very dedicated fan base in India. Fans of series will argue and it must be on higher position.

But again anime above are even more popular.

It follows the story of our Protagonist who became ghoul ( Canable ) due to some incident . Spoilers Alert. It’s all about story of his survival in Tokyo among different Ideology of other Ghouls and himself.

Very different premises can watch it for different feel.

9. Attack on Titan

It’s is the anime that has best and most memes after Dragon Ball. This is enough to show it’s popularity in India.

It’s is anime with one of Best Animation , Action and Adventure. Which great story writing and one of best theme song in the history of anime. It’s very dark and bruttle anime. Not for people with weak hearts.

It follow the story of world where great mindless creator named Titans rule and loves to eat humans. The Humanity for its survival takes refuge inside 3 layers of great walls. Which Titans cannot pass through.

Rest watch it, I’m not gonna tell everything.

8. One Punch Man

The Legend himself Saitama

The anime with great fanbase just because the protagonist can defeat everyone in One Punch. One punch man is hilarious.

Anime with undoubtedly best animation , great story , direction and action scenes. It’s the first anime my Brother saw and he got surprised . He was unable to sleep for 2 days, because he was thinking about it.

It follows a world where only humans and monsters are there. Heroes save then form monsters. Our protagonist Saitama became hero JUST FOR FUN. He trained so hard that he became invincible. Anime has Two seasons go and check it out.

7. Death Note

The anime which is most rated on IMDB . Death note is always the first anime suggestion for a newbie in anime community. Especially in India.

It’s is having great story and the mind game b/w Light and L is just jaw braking. It not spoiler.

The light Yagami is student who got a notebook. When write anybody’s name the person dies. He started mass killing of criminals which and came under notice buy L and the chess begins.

6. Bleach

Best Sword fights you name it we have it. Action , comedy and great shonen powerup we have it all. The series which is part of Big 3.

Top 15 Most Popular Anime in India

Despite being never aired on Indian TV screens. The Bleach anime has a big fan base. They actively take parts in the community and petition to bring Bleach anime back.

It has story of People named shinigami with lives in a world named soul society. They have sword to bring back souls from earth and kill corrupted souls named Hollows. Our protagonist Ichigo can see them.

Must watch anime, Especially my most favorite anime of all time is Bleach.

5. One Piece

The mainstream shonen anime with highest number of episodes and manga still ongoing. Have great fans in India. They love the protagonist Luffy.

One Piece Top 15 Most Popular Anime in India

The anime once dubbed in Hindi aired for new weeks and then was cancel due to poor response by children. As it is anime for teenagers and a huge cuts were there in scenes.

It follows story of boy named Luffy who wants to be the Pirate King. In a world of ocean and pirate he wants to find the legendary treasure named One Piece.

Great action, adventure and story. Most Iconic fight scenes. Part of Big 3

4. Naruto Series

Fans will say the one piece is more popular but Naruto series have more fans as it aired in Hindi dubbed for a long time.

Naruto Series - Top 15 Most Popular Anime in India

It follows the story in the world of Ninjas. Child named Naruto wants to be Hokagay. The series packs a punch.

Fantastic fights , techniques and storyline with great direction.

3. Pokemon Franchise

Due you want to have strange animal like creature with strange powers. After watching Pokemon you definitely will.

It is one of most iconic , impackful and successful anime franchise in India. It’s game Pokemon Go was most talked and hyped game in mobiles.

It is targeted towards children. It is story of different world were anime like creatures named Pokémon lives with humans. Humans catch them and have matches among themselves.

2. Shinchan And Doremon

It’s a tie because both are as popular in India. You must have seen any one of them in your childhood on TV.

Shinchan is a naughty boy who create mischief around. It’s story about him and his family , their Daily lives.

Doremon is a Robot who comes from the future to help a dumb boy named Nobita. He gives him gadgets to make him cool and Nobita everytime gets stuck in problems.

1. Dragon Ball Franchise

Undoubtedly the King is Dragon Ball franchise. From Dragon Ball Z to Super, From Kamehameha to Super Saiyan. Dragon ball fans loves the series and masses supports it from India.

When I fans came to know Dragon ball super Broly movie was not gonna release in India. They stormed the petitions and social media. Finally they were able to get theatrical release but after 2 months of release.

Dragon ball is an iconic series. Every child from 2000s know it and most of them loves it. From Goku to Vegeta , from Freeza to Broly all characters are loved.

The series is full with Super Saiyan fights and great comedy. From vegeta’s hard training to defeat Goku, to study of Gohan.

Series have special place in the hearts of Anime fans in India. Hence

Dragon Ball Series is all together most popular anime in India.

So there you have it folks our list of Top 15 Most Popular Anime in India.

  1. Dragon Ball Series
  2. Shinchan And Doremon
  3. Pokémon
  4. Naruto Series
  5. One piece
  6. Bleach
  7. Death note
  8. One Punch Man
  9. Attack on Titan
  10. Tokyo Ghoul
  11. Fairy Tail
  12. My Hero Academia
  13. Black Clover
  14. Bayblade Series
  15. The 7 Deadly Sins

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Most Popular Anime In India 2020

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