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Top 15+ Most Strongest Women in Black Clover

(Last Updated On: June 4, 2022)

Black Clover has quickly become one of the most popular manga series recently. The story follows Asta, a young man who trains with the Clover Kingdom’s Magic Knights to become strong enough to defeat the evil wizard, Adonis.

Most Strongest Women in Black Clover

Along the way, Asta meets many strong women who help him on his journey. Some of these women are members of the Magic Knights themselves, while others are just ordinary people who help Asta out when he needs it.

There are too many strongest female characters when it comes to the world of Black Clover. This is evident from his successes and failures, how he interacts with others, and his overall demeanor. However, 15 women in the series claim to be among the strongest characters.

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15. Sol Marron

Most Strongest Women in Black Clover |

Sol Marron is one of the characters in the anime and manga series Black Clover. She is a young woman who was born in a small village somewhere in the clover kingdom. When she was younger, she was saved by a group of bandits by Charlotte Roselei.

She was taken in by the Wizard captain, who trained her to become a powerful wizard. After years of training, Sol finally becomes a member of the Magic Knights and sets out to protect his kingdom. Sol can use Earth Magic; Sol uses this magic attribute to manipulate and generate earth.

Sol Marron is a 3rd Class Intermediate Magic Knight of the Clover Kingdom’s Blue Rose squad.

14. Mimosa Vermillion

Mimosa - Most Strongest Women in Black Clover |

Mimosa Vermillion is a character in the manga and anime series Black Clover. She is a member of the Golden Dawn squad and is frequently partnered with Asta. Mimosa is a kind and caring person who always looks out for others’ well-being. She has a strong sense of justice and will not hesitate to stand up for her beliefs.

Mimosa Vermillion is a noblewoman of the Clover Kingdom’s House Vermillion, one of its royal families, and a 5th Class Intermediate Magic Knight of the Golden Dawn and Royal Knights squads.

13. Kahono

Kahona - Most Strongest Women in Black Clover |

Kahono is a character in the anime and manga series Black Clover. She is a member of the Black Bulls and is usually seen with her friend, Yami. Kahono is gentle and caring to everyone. She often teases her friends and is always willing to help them out. Kahono is also a skilled magic user and can use her power to heal others.

The sound of waves is soothing to Kahono. She is also extremely cheerful, with a bubbly demeanor. Aside from her energetic and lively personality, she is very supportive, as evidenced by her conversation with Noelle about her magic

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12. Fana

Fana - Most Strongest Women in Black Clover |

Fana is a rogue-mage from the Diamond Kingdom hiding out in the Clover Kingdom with other fugitives. She is also the former host of the elf Fana, one of the Third Eyes of the Eye of the Midnight Sun. Fana is a young girl who is a part of the Black Clover squad.

She is very passionate and driven and always works hard to improve her skills. Fana is also incredibly loyal to her friends and squadmates and would do anything to protect them. She is a powerful magic user and can use a variety of spells to attack her opponents.

11. Vanessa Enoteca

Vanessa - Most Strongest Women in Black Clover |

Vanessa Enoteca is a Black Bull Squad 3rd Class Junior Magic Knight and a witch from the Witches’ Forest. She is tall and has mid-back wavy pink hair in a loose lob hairstyle. She has angular features and purple eyes. Aside from her power, she is well-liked in the fandom for her appearance.

Vanessa has access to a three-leaf clover grimoire, indicating that she is capable of being quite powerful on her own, but she lags behind some of the higher-level mages. What she’s best known for is her fine control over her magic, rather than her mana pool, which can quickly deplete.

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10. Secre Swallowtail

Most Strongest Women in Black Clover |

Secre Swallowtail first appeared as an Anti-Bird named Nero but later revealed that she was a former servant of the first Magic Emperor, Lemiel Silvamillion Clover.

She is one of Black Clover’s strongest female characters with her rare magic ability. She is already a fan favorite due to her comedic interaction with Asta, and in her human form, she can be seen wearing and looking gothic.

9. Dorothy Unsworth

Most Strongest Women in Black Clover |

Although she’s always asleep, Dorothy is a powerful wizard. The captain of the Coral Peacock is rarely fighting, but once she’s involved in a battle, it will be a nightmare for her opponent. It’s because she has mastered dream magic that can drag her opponent into the dream world.

Dorothy becomes the ruler in her world. Whatever she thinks, it will come true. So far, only Yami has been able to destroy her dream world using a dimension-splitting technique.

8. Charlotte Roselei

Charlotte - Most Strongest Women in Black Clover |

Charlotte Roselei is a secondary character in Black Clover. She is the captain of the Blue Rose Knights and a Magic Knight serving in the Clover Kingdom. In the Japanese version, she was voiced by Y Kobayashi, and in the English dubbed version, she was voiced by Colleen Clinkenbeard.

Charlotte Roselei, the captain of the Blue Rose, is one of the Black Clover’s most powerful women. This tsundere woman has also appeared in a number of comedic episodes.

7. Noelle Silva

Noelle - Most Strongest Women in Black Clover |

In comparison to the other females on this list, Noelle is frequently seen fighting as one of the series’ main characters. Her magical power is extremely powerful, and despite her inability to control her magic at first, Noelle has evolved into a formidable fighter.

Her magical abilities are passed down from her mother, Acier Silva, who was once the captain of the Silver Eagle. Her Valkyrie Dress resembles her mother’s.

6. The Witch Queen

Most Strongest Women in Black Clover |

The Witch Queen is an expert in Blood Magic and well-versed in mana and magic. Her combat abilities are extremely effective, both when fighting and controlling the bodies of others.

The Witch Queen’s healing magic is also potent, having broken the ancient curse that had afflicted Asta’s arms earlier in the series. The Witch Queen is undeniably one of the series’ strongest women, evidenced by her fight against the Black Bulls.

5. Lolopechka

Lolopechka - Most Strongest Women in Black Clover |

Lolopechka is the princess and ruler of the Heart Kingdom, as well as the priestess of Undine, the water spirit. Megicula, the devil, has cursed the Princess. Lolopechka is a skilled fighter, and is able to take on opponents much larger than herself.

She is also very intelligent, and often comes up with strategies that help her team win battles. Lolopechka is described as an Omniscient Mage who sees everything that occurs throughout the Heart Kingdom. She is thought to be capable of defeating all of Clover Kingdom’s magical knights on her own.

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4. Megicula

Most Strongest Women in Black Clover |

Megicula is one of Black Clover’s most powerful women, both as a host and as her entity. Megicula is a curse-warding magic-user who provides similar support to her host. She can also use Acier Silva’s powerful Steel Magic because she possesses the latter’s soul.

Megicula, as a devil, possesses tremendous magical power and is so powerful that not even a Heart Kingdom Stage Zero-ranked mage can kill it. Megicula, according to Lolopechka, is more powerful than Zagred, a devil with more mana than the strongest elves and Captain Class Magic Knights.

3. Vanica Zogratis

Vanica - Most Strongest Women in Black Clover |

Vanica Zogratis’ Curse-Warding and Blood Magic abilities contribute to her strength as a fighter. She excels in a support role with the former attribute, assisting teammates and hindering enemies with her curses. The latter allows her to participate in frontline combat, creating nearly any weapon.

Vanica’s combat prowess and experience allow her to effectively use these attributes on the battlefield. She used up to 70% of her devil’s power; once the first gate to the underworld opens, she can access 100%. Megicula’s magical power exceeds that of Zagred, who is stronger than the captains of the Clover Kingdom and the apostles of the Elf Tribe.

2. Mereoleona Vermillion

Mereoleona Vermillion - Most Strongest Women in Black Clover |

Mereoleona’s massive mana reserves and her affinity for mana gained from spending time in the wild make her a lethal, never-ending force. Her limitations appear to be unclassifiable, as she rises to almost every challenge thrown at her by Black Clover.

Undefeated Lioness is, without a doubt, one of the most powerful characters on the show. She excels in almost every aspect of fighting, from combat to magical control and her actual mana pool.

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1. Acier Silva

Acier silva - Most Strongest Women in Black Clover |

Acier Silva was a noblewoman of House Silva, one of the Clover Kingdom’s royal families. She was also a former captain of the Silver Eagle squad of the Magic Knights. She passed away while giving birth to Noelle Silva. She was known for her beauty and being a fierce, strong-willed woman. She had angular features, long silver hair, and deep purple eyes.


So, without a doubt, she is ranked first. Even Mereoleona Vermillion, the Uncrowned Undefeated Lioness, claims she could never defeat Acier, despite the fact that Acier’s steel magic had an elemental advantage over Mereoleona’s fire magic.

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