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Top 15 Strongest Haki Users in One Piece

One-piece has come a long way from the power system which is used to have. Now there are not just devil fruit there are three types of devil fruits. And to top that they have a haki system to define the strongest among strongest.

Top 15 Strongest Haki Users in One Piece.

There are three types of haki too. Armament haki, Observation haki, and Conqueror’s haki. There are very few characters who have all the three types of haki and apart from having that three haki’s it how you use them makes you strong. Today I have listed some of the strongest characters with the strongest haki in the One Piece world. This list don’t rank the characters.

1. Monkey D. Luffy

Top 15 Strongest Haki Users in One Piece.

Luffy because why not? He is the main character of the whole series. He always amazes us. We always knew Luffy was strong but when he showed his conqueror’s haki in the Marineford arc, even the enemies were amazed. Since then he just keeps getting stronger and currently, he is on Yonko level. Fighting Kaido and splitting heavens! He has an insanely strong haki.

2. Big mom

Top 15 Strongest Haki Users in One Piece.

Big mom! One of the strongest pirates in the whole series and she is a Yonko. So that goes without saying that she has a strong haki. She was also the part of infamous rock pirates. She uses haki to coat her arms and use it in hand-to-hand combat. Even Luffy had a tough time fighting her in the whole cake island arc.

3. Kaido

Top 15 Strongest Haki Users in One Piece.

Kaido of the beast. Literally the strongest creature in the world. He uses all three types of haki. You can imagine how strong he is after Luffy’s first fight with him. Luffy landed so many attacks but not a scratch and he made Luffy fly away with just a single attack. Luffy had to undergo training again just to get strong to fight him. He cannot even kill himself after trying so many times.

4. Red-haired shanks

Top 15 Strongest Haki Users in One Piece.

Shanks, one of the most hyped characters in the whole series. We are more than 1000 chapters in and still don’t know much about him and his goals but what we do know from the start of his series is that he is strong. The first-ever foreshadowing of haki was done by him. His haki is so strong that he himself cannot control it. During the fight with whitebeard, the sky split into two just like other yonko’s.

5. Whitebeard

Top 15 Strongest Haki Users in One Piece.

Edward New Gate aka Shirohige aka Whitebeard. Just like Kaido and Big mom he was part of the Rock pirates. And a friendly enemy of Pirate king Gol D. Rogers. His haki was on par with the pirate king. Although he had Conqueror’s haki, he couldn’t use it at will because of his old age and sickness. In Oden’s flashback story we get to see how strong he was. His battles with Gol D. Rogers were amazing. His back had zero scars which show he never ran from a battle.

6. Yamato

Top 15 Strongest Haki Users in One Piece.

One of the recent characters is introduced to the story. Daughter of King of the beast, Kaido. She proclaims herself as Kozuki Oden because of his influence. According to Manga Yamato could use her conqueror’s haki from childhood, which shows how strong she is. Also, she fought Kaido who is insanely strong. And most interestingly she could be the next addition to the straw hat pirates. 

7. Gold D. Rogers

Top 15 Strongest Haki Users in One Piece.

What can we say about this man? Who started all this. This great pirate era is his gift. If he wasn’t there it wouldn’t have started in the first place. The first time we saw him fighting was in Oden’s flashback. He made oden fly away like nothing and then he fought our old man Shirohige. We saw what their haki clash did. Even though the navy couldn’t catch him, he had to surrender to them.

8. Silver Rayleigh

Top 15 Strongest Haki Users in One Piece.

Silver Rayleigh aka the Dark king. He is the right-hand man and vice-captain of the pirate king Gol D. Rogers. When haki was newly introduced to the show, Rayleigh was the first to show the advanced armament haki. He trained Luffy for 2 years about haki in the time skip that can explain how strong his haki and his knowledge are. He has been to the last island Laughtale where even the strongest yonko have failed to reach.

9. Katakuri

Top 15 Strongest Haki Users in One Piece.

The second son of Charlotte’s family. The top commander of Big Mom Pirates. He is one of the strongest haki users in the series. His observational haki was so strong that he could see slightly in the future. This made him invincible. Even Luffy’s powerful attacks were nothing in front of his haki. Luffy had to run to regain his haki in the middle of his fight. He was the undefeated soldier of Big Mom pirates who never laid on his back.

10. Kozuki Oden

Top 15 Strongest Haki Users in One Piece.

Oden sama, what can we say. He deserves his own separate series. The way he lived his life. The things he accomplished as a kid are nothing less than amazing. He was already so strong that he was the only person who could wield Enma and Ame No Habakiri before Zoro. And when he came back from his sea voyage he was stronger than ever. He was so strong that he was able to cut through Kaido’s tough scale and gave him a visible scar. He would have won if that was a fair fight. Even in his execution he withstood boiling oil for an hour while keeping all his retainers over his head.

11. Don Doflamingo

Top 15 Strongest Haki Users in One Piece.

Doflamingo was a warlord of the sea but by birth, he was a celestial dragon stuck in the human world. His childhood was not luxurious like other celestial dragons because his father left the holy land of Marie Jois to live with humans and that decision led to the destruction of his family while he was being prosecuted he showed his conquerors haki for the first time. From there he started his journey as head of the Donquixote Family. Even Luffy had to use Gear 4  two times to defeat him. 

12. Don Chinjao

Top 15 Strongest Haki Users in One Piece.

Don Chinjao leader of the Chinjao family is one of the first few to be shown who has conqueror’s haki in the series. Apart from the conqueror’s haki, he is very efficient in armament haki. He became Luffy’s ally in the Dressrosa Arc. His Pointy head added with armament coating makes a strong offensive weapon. Although he was sad because Garp flattened his pointy head.

13. Boa Hancock

Top 15 Strongest Haki Users in One Piece.

Boa Hancock is another one of the strongest women in one piece world. Along with her amazing devil fruit powers she has very strong haki too. She can also use conqueror’s haki. She is also one of the warlords of the sea. People only take her as someone who simps on Luffy but she is more than that. She is the queen of Amazon Lily. she has full control of all three types of haki. She can turn the enemy into stone with her devil fruit and she is the most beautiful woman on earth in one piece.

14. Roronoa Zoro

Top 15 Strongest Haki Users in One Piece.

The vice-captain and right-hand man of Mugiwara Luffy. He is on his way to be the strongest swordsman ever. He trained himself under none other than the strongest swordsman Mihawk who is also a Warlord of the sea for 2 years. Zoro has defeated every enemy he has fought except Mihawk. After time skip there are many instances where he shows his haki. He even has conqueror’s haki. He uses armament hai to slash tough opponents. And his observation of haki has always been this good. But he is a lost cause quite literally.

15. Sengoku 

Top 15 Strongest Haki Users in One Piece.

Sengoku, the ex-fleet admiral of the navy. The only navy soldier who has conqueror’s haki. Yes, you read it right. According to his vivre card, he is the only marine to have a conqueror’s haki. Although he is not shown fighting much but there is a reason that he was the fleet admiral.


These were some of the best and strongest haki users in the One Piece world. If you think I missed someone, please do tell me. And also comment on your favorite devil fruit which you would like to have and why. Remember no invisible powers because Sanji will hate you then. Also, tell me what would you like to read in the next article. Kaizoku Ou Ni Ore Wa Naru!!

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