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Top 15 Strongest Pokemon Types, Ranked!

(Last Updated On: May 22, 2022)

There are a few anime that are famous all around the world and Pokemon is one of them. In Pokemon Anime there are different types of anime and 18 at the time of writing this article. Every Pokemon has its own unique identity but fighting their types matters a lot. Because some pokemon types are stronger than others and have some of the strongest pokemon in their category. 

Top 15 Strongest Pokemon Types, Ranked!

Well, Below in this post we ranked the Top 15 Strongest Pokemon Types. Furthermore, they are our just our personal preference but also the correct order. So, let’s read other details…

Note: Bugs, Ice, and Normal-type are the weakest Pokemons and that’s why I did not include them. This list only has 15 and is in ranking order (which is right). 

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Top 15 Strongest Pokemon Types

#15. Grass

grass type - Strongest Pokemon Types, Ranked!

The first strongest type on this list is Grass which is one of the weakest of all types. The reason is Grass shares the same stats and ability as Bug. However, they have some special and powerful abilities which make them stronger than Bugs like Bulbasaur. Bulbasaur is a start pokemon that is quite vulnerable to many types of pokemon. 

#14. Rock

rock type - Strongest Pokemon Types, Ranked!

The next strongest pokemon type is Rock which has the upper hand against many strong type pokemon like Electric. Furthermore, in anime and games when it comes to fighting against a specific type Rock type is the best. But still, it’s not the best because it’s vulnerable and can be defeated by many pokemon types. However, the Rock-type has one of the most popular types Pokemons. 

#13. Flying

flying type - Strongest Pokemon Types, Ranked!

When it comes to speed, no other pokemon type can beat Flying. Furthermore, flying is the most balanced pokemon type in anime. Not just speed but also attacks are quite deadly and powerful. However, like Rock, they are also quite vulnerable and take too much damage. For example, flying is no match for electricity and rock. 

#12. Fighting

fighting type - Strongest Pokemon Types, Ranked!

Now, we have the coolest pokemon type – Fighting Type. They are quite effective against five types and also have above-average attacks. However, there are types like Ghost who have a super advantage on Fighting and can defeat them in an instant. In anime, almost all gym leaders or Elite members have at least one Fighting in their team. 

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#11. Poison

poison type - Strongest Pokemon Types, Ranked!

Poisons are deadly and have some effect on every type of pokemon. There is also one of the most common pokemon from the first season. Furthermore, Poison has the upper hand against one of the strongest types, “Fairy”. But still, they are quite weak against types like steel, ground, and psychic. Poison is useful in battles but they are not the strongest ones. 

#10. Psychic

psychic type - Strongest Pokemon Types, Ranked!

Now, we have the most overpowered pokemon of the first pokemon types. They are weak against only three types – Bug, Dark, and Ghost. However, this type has one of the most powerful legendary pokemon. Even still in the Pokemon anime series Psychic maintain their reputation on the list of strongest pokemon. Physics are super effective against Fighting and Poison. 

#09. Dark 

dark type - Strongest Pokemon Types, Ranked!

Another strongest pokemon type is Dark with super cool Pokemon like Gengar and Darkrai. Does their scary look show how strong they are? Furthermore, because of them, Psychics are in control. Like fighting types, Dark are also strong physical attackers. However, they also have their weaknesses like Bug, Fairy, and Fighting. Dark-type Pokemon are quite rare in anime series. 

#08. Fire

fire type - Strongest Pokemon Types, Ranked!

Here comes an awesome group of pokemon with charming personalities. They are one of the three starter types along with grass and electricity. Furthermore, the Fire-type contains some most useful pokemon like Growlith and Charizard. The best part about Fire-type pokemon is they can fit into any team combination – no matter what. But still, super weak against three pokemon types. 

#07. Water

water type - Strongest Pokemon Types, Ranked!

There is always a debate about Fire vs Water? In Pokemon anime, the Water-type is stronger than Fire. Furthermore, they are also one of the starters and most common types (Squirtle). Water types pokemon have super resistance from 4 types and are effective against 3 types. Few Water-type pokemon have Ice attacks which can cause high damage on the Dragon-type (they are one of the strongest). 

#06. Ghost

ghost type - Strongest Pokemon Types, Ranked!

Ghost-type Pokemon are quite rare and have some special attacks. However, they are among the slowest and weakest in HP pokemon. But their attack causes real damage and tends to finish them in a single blow. Ghost types probably lose in most physical fights because they are ghosts. However, they are quite immune and effective against some strongest types like Psychic and ghost types. 

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#05. Ground

ground type - Strongest Pokemon Types, Ranked!

Ground-type pokemon are super common and one of the strongest of all types. They contain almost all characteristics of Rock and also have some of their own. Like Rock, they are also immune to electric and poison types. Furthermore, they are super effective against 5 pokemon types. Because of their above-average attacks and super high defence they are important for every team. 

#04. Fairy

fairy type - Strongest Pokemon Types, Ranked!

Fairy contains some cutest pokemon with deadly attacks. Furthermore, there are only a few pokemon who have both special attack and defence and Fairly is one of them. They are super effective against the Dragon-type pokemon. However, they are weak against Steel and Poison types. Every pokemon generation is incomplete without at least one Fairy type that’s why they have!

#03. Electric

electric type - Strongest Pokemon Types, Ranked!

Now, we have one of the top 3 strongest pokemon types – Electric Type Pokemons. Furthermore, every pokemon fan wants at least one pokemon in their team. Even in games, Electric dominates the whole match. However, Electric-type pokemon are always quite low in HP. They are quick and strong long-range attackers and immune to many pokemon types. 

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#02. Dragon

dragon type - Strongest Pokemon Types, Ranked!

Do you like Charizard and Dragonite? The second strongest pokemon type is Dragon-type pokemon. Furthermore, they are allrounder pokemon with the highest stats in the series. Even in games, they are quite overpowered in most of their battles. However, they are quite rare and hard to find (in both anime and games). 

#01. Steel

steel type - Strongest Pokemon Types, Ranked!

The strongest pokemon type is Steel Type pokemon – without a doubt. If there is a one-on-one battle then Steel type wins. They have speed, high HP, and special attacks which make them super powerful. Furthermore, they are weak against only three pokemon types: Fighting, Fire, and Ground. With Steels abilities, stats, and other immunities they are the strongest pokemon type. 


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